About mopreviewed.com

At MopReviewed, our passion is helping you find and use the perfect mop for your needs. We are a team of cleaning enthusiasts who want to share our years of experience using all kinds of mops in various settings.

Our founder John Lacy started MopReviewed after struggling to find unbiased information on mops. After wasting money on mops that didn’t work for her hardwood floors or tile kitchen, he decided to learn everything she could about mop types, fabrics, handles, and more. He partnered with industry experts like professional cleaners, hardware store owners, and manufacturers to create comprehensive guides.

Our editorial team tirelessly tests the latest mop models in our simulated home environment. We mop for hours, evaluating how well each one cleans, rinses, wrings, and more on surfaces like unfinished wood, vinyl, and concrete. We give you objective reviews on durability, ease of use, and performance.

And we don’t just write reviews. We provide how-to tips for DIY cleaning jobs and offer guidance to professional cleaners too. You’ll learn the ideal mops for cleaning bathrooms, walls, ceilings and even spills. We have detailed comparisons on microfiber mops vs cotton string mops and much more.

Here at MopReviewed, we make sure our readers have all the facts before choosing a mop . That way you can focus your time on what matters most – keeping your floors clean and home beautiful. Learn from our experience so you get the ideal mop for your floors the first time.