Best Mop for Restaurant Kitchen of 2021 (Expert Guide)

It’s the most important question for any restaurant owner: what is the best mop to use in a kitchen? It turns out that there are so many different types of mops, and each one has its pros and cons. Read on to find out which type of food service establishment might benefit from using a specific style of mop and why! 

After a long day of cooking, the last thing you want to do is mop your floor. But with all those pots and pans, it’s not easy to keep your kitchen clean without one. That’s where O-Cedar comes in! The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop features an innovative spin wringing mechanism that makes mopping quick and effortless while still producing up to 5 times more water than other leading brands. 

10 Best Mop for Restaurant Kitchen

ITSOFT Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

You’re looking for a mop that has it all in durability, versatility, and ease of use. Our ITSOFT Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop does the job with less effort! The variable length reaches high corners or deep under furniture which makes cleaning hardwood or tile an easy task. Choose our innovative floor mop over competitors because you’ll get far more uses out of it before needing to get another one. Lastly, unlike other companies who’s lackluster quality means you have to try twice as hard for half the results*, ITSOFT delivers up front with durable stainless steel handles and aluminum construction that ensures your floors are left clean every time.

We all know how hard it can be to clean the ever-growing piles of crumbs, dust and dog fur off our precious hardwood (or whatever) floors. But say goodbye to backaches with this wonderful product that is both high tech and easy on your wallet. The ITSOFT microfiber hardwood floor mop aids you in getting rid of dirt, grime, paw marks, mud marks, juice stains – without having to use harmful chemicals! The silicone non-stick blades deserve credit for cleaning up stubborn spills like old milk or juice; the included extension pieces make reaching under furniture a cinch! If there’s one thing we love more than cleverly engineered products like this one… It’s an unbeatable price point.

SWOPT Premium Straight Broom

Did you know that the dust and dirt on your hardwood floors can be a breeding ground for bacteria? Regular sweeping with our SWOPT Premium Straight Broom is so much more than just keeping things looking pretty – it speeds up the sanitation process and greatly reduces your risk of respiratory problems such as asthma. Not only can this save you time, but also help keep these tiny invaders away from not only yourself, but also your children and pets!

Are you ready for a speedy cleanup? The soft bristle bristles of the SWOPT Premium Straight Broom are perfect for hardwood floors or other smooth surfaces. And with an EVA foam grip, it gives stability and comfort to any household chore. Get the job done faster with this durable wooden handle, interchangeable with all SWOPT cleaning heads!

MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

It’s time to ditch your old mop for this Professional Microfiber Mop. It includes 3 reusable flat mop pads and 1 dirt removal scrubber that can be used on all types of floors, making it easy to clean any flooring in your home. The stainless steel handle is durable and will help you complete the job with ease.

How much better can your life be when one of the most dreaded tasks is now a thing of the past? This mop from MR.SIGA is not your ordinary bucket and sponge, don’t even bother with those any more because this go-getter will take care of all your floor cleaning needs. In addition to being durable and easy to use, it also comes with 3 reusable microfiber cloths and 1 dirt remover scrubber for complete versatility in terms of what type or surface you clean. Plus it saves you time because only a few steps are needed: wet microfiber cloth pad, spray water onto floor, sweep debris away! Time saver product at its best!

VENETIO Premium Spray Mop

Our reusable wet microfiber mop set will never leave any residue behind. The pad is water resistant and washable. Soak it in your bucket or sink, run under warm water to rinse the floor, then hang to dry for future use!

With one purchase of our microfiber mop set you can make cleaning spills easy! Have an over spilled dish soap bottle? Just spray the nearby washrag with cleaner like 409 or Fantastik Kitchen Cleaner-No Rinse Spray & Wipe. After finishing up scrubbing the spill, toss away the rag after washing out both items in your laundry tub. Say goodbye to ugly streaks on floors too with this reusable solution that leaves surfaces sparkling fresh afterward!

Is it time to take your cleaning up a notch? Clean efficiently, no matter the surface. The VENETIO Premium Spray Mop for restaurant kitchen has long been in practice in kitchens around the world because let’s face it, when you work in a kitchen, there is always some spill that needs washing!

Tired of scrubbing with an old rag or struggling to wring out excess moisture? It doesn’t have to be so hard anymore! Make clean-up easy and get this powerful microfiber mop head on the job! With 360 degrees rotation capability and plenty of space for refills/water – this professional quality perectly suits any situation.


Save time, sweat, and money from cleaning ever again! The Youshangjia wet mop for restaurant kitchen is an innovative idea to save the environment while keeping your flooring looking its best. You can easily clean up any mess on a variety of surfaces with this system that includes 4 pieces of premium microfibers good for use in both dry and wet mopping. Hang it over a door handle or the back of a chair when not in use, saving you both time and space.

Tackle the everyday busy work of tidying up your floor with Youshangjia’s 24″ microfiber mop heavy duty floor mop. Featuring durable aluminum part and stainless steel handle, this 4 piece wet-dry cloth includes package also comes with an adjustable hook so you can set it up in any way that suits your needs. Say sayonara to lugging around buckets, mops, vinegar rinse or harsh chemicals that are dangerous for kids! With our 4 wet & dry floormop cloth system included in one pack makes sweeping, washing & mopping floors easy as 1-2-3?

BHANU Heavy-Duty Broom

The most powerful restaurant broom on the market! BHANU’s heavy-duty broom makes cleaning up spills, dirt and debris from your kitchen quick and easy. Made with a sturdy steel handle and bristles that won’t bend or break under pressure, this broom will last for years. Perfect for wet or dry situations!

Office cleaning staff needs to clean their workplace with different products. Today people are always thinking about the environmental protection, avoid pollution of natural resources and waste unused items which will damage life quality of humans or other living things, so new products like this BHANU Heavy-Duty Broom for restaurant kitchen is created.

This broom for floor cleaning with 19-inch wide angle broom can be widely used to clean tile floor, the hardwood floor, glass surface and cement floor like tub, bathroom, kitchen shower walls etc. The bristles are made of tough steel wire that is durable yet they’re EASY TO ASSEMBLE. 

Yocada Looped-End String Wet Mop

The Yocada Looped-End String Wet Mop for restaurant kitchen is perfect for heavy duty clean up in the toughest of environment. Safe and cleans floors without leaving toxic fumes. The heavy duty cotton mop kits are designed to get into the nooks and crannies that other often leave behind.

So let’s talk about a kitchen area that NEEDS the most help with regards to cleanliness! Mother may have been wrong when she told you not to play in the kitchen as a child. Now, it sounds like good advice from mom. The Looped-End String Wet Mop for restaurant kitchens is made for any eatery or commercial establishment with high volume cooking and work areas. It features a heavy duty cotton mop head that reaches into corners and tight spots better than microfiber alone, an iron pole that doesn’t bend or break under weight of large pots and pans (yes we’re talking about those pesky cooks too), and don’t forget 3 times more abrasion resistant than conventional nylon: meaning less time needed on maintenance scrub.

DSV Standard Professional Floor Scrubber

Parka Design Allows For Easy To Use Wet And Dry Scrubbing On Floor Surfaces. With The 360-degree Metal Handle, You Can Easily Reach Under Equipment and Unparalleled Durability Maintains A Long Life. This Professional Quality Floor Squeegee Coat Is Rust Resistant and Portable Weighing Just 5 Lbs.

The DSV Standard Professional Floor Squeegee does it all! Whether you are looking to dry your wet garage floor, windowpane shower door or car windshield, this is the squeegee for you. This High-quality silicone rubber blade easily removes sand, hair and debris while still having the flexibility of a traditional squeegee like changing directions quickly. The long steel pole can reach high spots that would otherwise be difficult to get to. 

Real Clean 16 inch Commercial Microfiber Mop


You can give your home or workplace a deeper clean with these reusable 16 inch Microfiber mop pads. These squeegee mops are best for washing and drying shower windows, garage flooring, windshields. The natural silicone rubber blade is perfect for graffiti removal on walls while the steel head stands up to years of washing– without rusting or bending.

Microfiber Mop that’s durable and can be used in many different applications; perfect for any messy job.

Packed with cloth material and efficient squeegee, Microfiber cleans quickly and thoroughly – Even for those hairs you wish were gone!

Easiest to use, the anti-static cleaning pad picks up dirt like a magnet. What’s more? You don’t have to replace over time as it is washable and reusable!

Yocada Sponge Mop

The Yocada Sponge Mop is a fantastic kitchen and commercial use tile floor bathroom garage cleaning solution with 2 sponge heads for using on all kinds of surfaces. The extendable telescopic long handle allows this mop to be used by anyone who wants to make their home or workplace sparkle. It’s easy-to-use features include two buoyant protrusions that protect walls, furniture and pillars from falling into wet areas as you clean. With replaceable sponges available in 5 different colors, the textured head as well as the waterproof rubber squeegee allow for various levels of moisture absorption or dry mopping depending on your needs at any given time!

You cant help feeling clean when you clean the kitchen using a Yocada commercial-use sponge mop for restaurant kitchens. It has two sponge heads, a squeegee and an extendable telescopic pole. The handle ranges from 42.5 to 52 inches long and can be easily adjusted by hand according to your desired length preference. Plus, the water squeegee is sure to make floor quick drying day dream clean up a breeze!

Ditch the dirty old sponge and ditch the smelly bucket. We all know that traditional mops are not good for your health or for maintaining a tidy home. Simply use our Yocada Sponge Mop to let clean water run down your floor, trapping dirt underneath this innovative microfiber pad! This professional-grade mop provides you with two sturdy palms perfect for scrubbing tile, laminate, linoleum floors effortlessly. The telescopic handle adjusts from 42 inches up to 52 an increase in length of 50%! Making it simpler than ever before to reach places even your old bucket couldn’t get you too – without risking any elbow injuries. 


With the help of a little science, you can find the best mop for your restaurant kitchen. You need to consider what type of flooring it is and how much water pressure there will be when mopping as well as any potential spills that could occur. To make sure you have enough water on hand at all times, we recommend always having a backup plan in place with a spray bottle or bucket as an alternative to using paper towels to clean up messes.

Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a durable mop that will last, the e-cloth is an excellent option. It’s made from microfiber which can withstand high temperatures and heavy duty cleaning without being damaged or wearing out. The e-cloth only requires water to clean so it lasts longer than traditional cotton towels or rags!