Best Mop Pads of 2021 (Expert Guide)

Have you ever been in a public restroom and thought to yourself “I can’t wait until I get out of here so that I don’t have to smell this for the rest of today”? Well, if you didn’t know already, your problem could be solved by switching to mop pads. These wonderful pieces of fabric trap all the dirt and grime at your feet and prevent it from being spread throughout the bathroom. Not only does it keep things cleaner, but it also makes cleaning up much easier!

Mops are a familiar sight in most households. They’re an essential tool for cleaning our homes, but they can get dirty and dusty too! Fortunately, there’s a solution to make your mop last longer: put on some new mop pads! Mop pads are inexpensive and easy to replace–and you’ll enjoy the fresh smell of clean every time you use it. 

The best part? You don’t have to be a pro at sewing or know how to install velcro because these come with straps that attach them directly onto your handle bar. It couldn’t be easier than this. So head over today and grab yourself some new mop pad replacements so you can keep on mopping until everything is streak-free and sparkling clean.

10 Best Mop Pads

Mooerca 6pcs Microfiber Spray Mop Replacement Heads for Wet/Dry Mops

Forget using an old, dingy mop that has been around for far too long. Bring your home to life with the Bona Spray Mop Pad Replacement Heads! Keep surfaces spotless and looking like they were just installed yesterday. These dependeworthy features are perfect for any kind of surface in your home- be it laminate, tile or hardwood floors!

The Mooerca 6pcs Microfiber Spray Replacement Heads for Wet/Dry Mops are the perfect replacement to your old wet and dry mop heads. Recovered from 100% high-quality microfibers, this head replacements give you an unwavering clean that lasts. These replacement heads also contain fabric pockets specially designed to hold water and dirt so you can spray dirty surfaces without needing a bucket! Made of lightweight material, these heads will not scratch delicate floors while giving you a streak-free shine in no time.

VanDuck Microfiber Cleaning Pads


VanDuck Microfiber Mop Pads are designed to clean hardwood floors. These pads also work great for tile, laminate and stone floors thanks to the woven microfiber construction that is durable and absorbent. The anti-static fiber alleviates static electricity so you don’t have any trouble getting dust off your hardwood flooring! 

The VanDuck Microfiber Mop Pad Replacement Compatible with Bona mops fit most types of mops on the market today from Ecloth, TurboMop, Norwex, or other spin scrubber models. This mop pad refill will not only get your floors squeaky clean but it will leave them dry naturally without a bunch of chemicals being used.

Give your floors a proactive tune up with our reusable replacement pads compatible with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. The VanDuck cleaning pad is the perfect size for any hard floor mop and machine washable, making it the only floor cleaner you need!

The sturdy construction features three layers of microfiber designed to lift, trap and lock in stubborn dirt while providing superior cleaning power. The layer on top grabs onto dust mopping away while also polishing to give your floors that all-important shine. Our one of a kind pads are tailored specifically for professional use so you know they will do an amazing job no matter what type of fabric they encounter on the job.

VanDuck Reusable 100% Cotton Mop Pads

Keep your floors sparkling with a new VanDuck Reusable 100% Cotton Mop refill for Swiffer sweeper mops. Made from cotton, these extra thick, reusable wipes are strong enough to remove the toughest dirt from all types of flooring surfaces. Designed without buttons or zippers, they can be easily washed in a washing machine and dried overnight. The VandyDuck Floor Mop is perfect for any type of surface and is available in different colors for more than just cleaning your home: use it on gel coat fiberglass boats to achieve that just-waxed look, use it around the workbench to erase smudges and spills before paint dries on wood furniture or walls get covered up by white primer–now.

VanDuck Reusable Mop Pads offer a solution for those looking to avoid buying disposable mops! These pads are 100% made out of cotton and fit the size 10,3″x4,4.” They can be used on all floor types (not wet) and because they don’t absorb water like the scouring pad does it won’t slip or fall off like most other reusable mop pads. The refills are guaranteed secure with double-sided elastic that is strong enough to hold up during use without being too tight that it catches dirt into its fibers. These terry cloth pads are soft against your feet but still have maximum cleaning efficiency. 

Solimo Dry Floor Mop Pads

Solimo Dry Floor Mop Pads are a multi-layer pad for cleaning power, safe for floor finishes. Includes 36 pads and satisfaction guarantee from Amazon’s Solimo Brand!

Solimo dry floor mop pads are a practical, inexpensive way to clean and protect your finished floors without spreading chemicals or refilling. Solimo dry floor mop pads fit Swiffer WetJet mopping systems, which means you can attach them in place of the worn-out pad easily. The textured all-fabric construction is non-woven for high hold power and tight fiber distribution—keeping dirt on the mat instead of saturating your kitchen linoleum with chemical cleaners. Amazon brand Solimo’s 36 disposable pads offer convenience that lasts indefinitely: just throw them away when they’re too dirty to use again!

Shark VMP30 VACMOP Disposable Hard Floor Vacuum and Mop Pad Refills

These multi-layered pads are your one-stop shop for sparkling floors. Made with tough, absorbent layers that stand up to messes, these pads are perfect for all sealed floors—even the toughest of jobs. The innovative built-in dirt chamber locks away debris, leaving nothing but clean pores on your floor. When you’re done vacuuming your home’s carpets and hardwood surfaces, toss this pad in the trash or place it in a sealed plastic bag until its next use!

The VACMOP disposable pad vacuums up and locks away debris in an innovative built-in dirt chamber. Featuring absorbent mopping layers to clean stuck-on grime, these pads are perfect for your sealed hard floors including stone, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile marble or linoleum. A no touch disposal feature means you never have to dirty your hands again when the job is done!

Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloth Multi Surface Refills

You have those mornings where you’ve been up for hours and now it’s finally time to clean your messy house. But all of a sudden, as if God has heard the request of someone who needs some help with their task load, your phone rings. You answer, expecting to hear from one of our favorite people but instead you’re met with this: “Hi. It’s me.” The person on the other end pauses for a moment before continuing – they’re going to need more than your signature friendliness because they want an extra set of hands or offers that adding a little excitement is what life needs sometimes. Helping is something you know how to do well so without hesitation offer them “Help with dry sweeping my floors!” 

Bring out your creative, witty side when you’re in charge of writing the product descriptions. For Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloth Multi Surface Refills, the textured wet mopping pad cloths get yet another upgrade to trap and lock dirt deep in the fabric. Safe for all floors*, these new cloths are perfect for faithful sweepers who like to keep their floors clean without too much fuss or mess – especially because they don’t require any extra chemicals to do so! Try them today; before long, you’ll be saying that home is where you WANT TO BE, because it’s oh-so clean!

Swiffer Sweeper Compatible, Reusable, Durable Microfiber Mop Pads

We all hate when icky, little bits of dirt gets in the grooves between our floorboards. That’s why these Swiffer Mop Pads are meant to last longer than your one-time use disposable alternatives. These washable pads fit onto most standard dry and wet mops with ease and they’ve got 2 adjustable fabric straps that will help you get into those hard to reach places without making a mess! You know what else makes it easy? The thick microfiber pad picks up dust with ease, is absorbent for light spills (think drool!), AND is non abrasive so it won’t scratch up your floors like nasty old sponges do. 

If you’re tired of spending your hard-earned money on disposable sponges that can’t be used more than once and only get the job done part way, we’ve got a better solution: use our Swiffer Sweeper Compatible reusable mop pads! They’re designed with 2 adjustable fabric straps so you can attach them onto most standard wet and dry heads, and they won’t scratch up all your expensive floors. Choose from an assortment of 12 colors to match any decor!

Pro tip: why buy when you could rent? Our Swiffer Sweeper Compatible reusable mop pads are fully washable which means four lifetimes worth for less clutter around the house or office. 

VanDuck X-Large Reusable 100% Cotton Mop Pads

If your old mop pads are falling apart, invest in our reusable sponges to keep any dirt away while you work.
We know the best way to dry anything off is by using a disposable cloth that’s less wasteful than other products on the market. We have got you covered with an absorbent, machine washable option that will be there for them long-term!

Long gone are the days where you have to buy a new mop head for every room. VanDuck’s reusable Mop Pads will withstand one full swipe with your brand new Swiffer Sweeper XL and won’t rip or fray. Finally, we’ve figured out how to keep those pesky wet refills dry with this handy-dandy reusuable cloth pad that fits snug around the broom head and collects all that dirt and mess like a pro! Plus, they’re machine washable and reusable so you never have to worry about running out of pads again! 

Reusable Mop Pads Compatible with Swiffer Wetjet 


Let’s break out these 12 ounce Swiffer mop pads and get started on the floor. When you use a heavy-duty dry pad, it picks up dirt and debris from across your messiest floors. And when you need to clean up a wet mess, just switch over to our microfiber pads. They excel at trapping dirt and pet hair that can be hard to get with other cleaners. These reusable mop pads come in a two pack so you have twice as many options to tackle any surface!

Cleaning with our reusable mop pads is simple. Wet or dry, just throw down a moistened pad and get to scrubbing! When you’re done mopping up the mess of spills, dirt, dust, and pet hair on your flooring, just toss the wet or dry mop pad in the washing machine for optimal washing performance while still reusing it time after time without losing its durability or absorbency. These microfiber mop replacement pads are compatible with Swiffer WetJet spray moppes as well as other 12” micro-cleaning devices that use interchangeable 10″ (length) x 2 3/8″ (width) refillable Velcro backed cloths like SharkNinja’s Dirt Grip system.

Evelots Mop/Sweeper Pad

For a mess-free, cost-effective and environment-friendly solution to your floor cleaning burden , try our reusable microfiber sweeper pad! With six pads per pack and one size fits most popular mop heads, there’s no need for expensive replacement refills. It goes without saying that our high quality sterile polyester cloths will not scratch hardwood floors; but did you know they also dry quickly?

Evelots Mops and Sweepers is not your typical dust cloth. They’re antimicrobial and soft as a baby bunny, and they manage to last longer than the palm trees at the beach! These versatile cloths work hard to keep your floors squeaky clean. Attach them to any dry flat based sweeper head for quick cleaning on one floor, or use multiple heads for faster sweeping of multiple rooms- up against furniture, into corners or underneath tables. Our lightweight fabric won’t scratch tile or wood because it’s non-abrasive! Get six reusable microfiber mop washable wet fast drying bundles with this set– at a much cheaper price than the original refills you need by 6 fold.


Have you tried any of these neuroscience principles? If not, we can help. We’ve created a list of the best mop pads that will get your hard floors sparkling clean with minimal effort and without sacrificing quality–no matter what type of surface or flooring material they’re made from! Did you know that for some people, having a variety in colors is important when shopping for household goods like laundry detergent or cleaning products? Check out our roundup below to find one (or more!) perfect pad(s) for every home while taking into account their environment and desired level of scrubbing power. Let us know if there’s anything else about which you need advice on how to make your housekeeping experience easier!

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the best mop pads. If there are any other products or topics that you would like to see us write about, please let us know in the comments!