Best Mop Water of 2021 (Expert Guide)

Have you ever been in the middle of mopping your kitchen floor when it starts to rain? It’s a pain to stop what you’re doing, wring out the mop, and then start all over again. But if you have this one simple trick up your sleeve, there’s no need to put down your bucket! Simply fill a large pot with water and place it on top of your stove. Turn on an electric burner set at low or medium heat. The hot water will instantly evaporate any moisture that was left on the surface of the mop head while also providing some extra warmth for those cold winter days ahead!

What’s the most important thing you need to clean a floor? Well, if you’re going to go with a mop and bucket then it has got to be water. But what kind of water is best for mopping? This blog post will answer all your questions about which water is best for mopping.

10 Best Mop Water

Bissell Spring Breeze Demineralized Water

Fan the fires of Spring with a bucket full of fresh smelling and sparkling clean! Fanning away all dirt and grime, take time to turn your thoughts to those flowers bursting from the ground adding color to your world. Make Spring last as long as possible by keeping every surface nice and shiny. Be like an April morning dewdrop against that green grass that is now preparing itself for any spare sunshine it can soak up as we head into May. Who cares about cold water when we have Bissell?

Get your home sparkling clean without all the harmful fumes that come with traditional wet mopping. Bissell Spring Breeze Demineralized Water is designed to leave behind a refreshing Spring Fresh fragrance, no dulling residue, and leaves nothing but cleaned floors!


 With a unique, eucalyptus mint scent, this steam mop water is designed to clean and sanitize in one easy step without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s safe for virtually all sealed surfaces including ceramic, vinyl, laminate floors and tiles. This product takes just seconds to dry so you can clean anytime and anywhere!

Clean over-floor surfaces with ease while eliminating dirt or other grime with this easy-to-use steamer that’s specially formulated for above floor cleaning. Easily add 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar per quart of water while powering on your steamer for enhanced results.

 Imagine all the things you and the family love to do around the house: cooking, playing games, giving toddlers under-the-couch kisses. Things that give your heart a break! Well now imagine how nice it would be to clean them up in not time at all – with just steam! You might even get creative and pick some plants outside while waiting for the floor to dry. One of these “Greatest Home Moments” is about to happen when you sit down on your couch for game night or another activity that brings joy into your home. Hop out again once they’re done because there are boundless quickies just waiting at your fingertips right now with this natural way of disinfecting surfaces with only water. 

 Bissell Citrus Scented Demineralized Water

 The Bissell Citrus Scented Demineralized Water has gone green! Lose the harsh chemicals and take your cleaning to the next level with this innovative steamer that sanitizes while it cleans. Imagine never having to worry about what you will clean up after yourself again because steam gets it all! It dries just seconds after being used, so there is no need for waiting or wasting water before getting back on with your day. The natural power isn’t limited only to floors—the steam helps tackle tough grime on countertops, showers, windows…you name it.

 Clean in a flash. Clean up in a jiffy. Deminished, you’ll be delighted when using our Citrus Scented Steam Mop water for mopping that is infused with natural fragrance oils from just squeezed citsiprioos – it’s the perfect way to add your own personal scent to any space!

Bissell steam cleaners are safe on virtually all surfaces without harsh chemicals and they dry quickly which makes them easy for cleaning anytime, anywhere…minutes instead of hours. Our new Citrus Scented Water can’t leave your home or business sparkling clean without including this fresh-from-the-minerals scent!

Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner Solution


 The WetJet floor cleaner is a safe and easy way to totally refresh your home. With the 1.25 liter bottle, you’ll have enough solution left over for two full mopping pads so you’ll be able to keep cleaning until your entire house sparkles.

Just wet the pad with water from the refillable tank, add one of 5 Febreze fragrances or unscented solution, then swivel it across any hard surface for powerful scrubbing action that cleans any variety of dirt.* Advanced cleaning power helps remove tough sticky messes without damaging surfaces*, while pre-mixed formula leaves no messy rinsing behind*. Compare that to spending hours on hands-and clear knees* just trying valiantly not to spill

 Febreze Lavender & Vanilla Water WetJet Floor Cleaner Solution is the easiest way to clean your floors. Safe to use on all types of surfaces, this pre-made solution will leave behind a refreshingly clean smell after mopping up dirt, tough stains and sticky messes. After picking the perfect Swiffer WetJet pad for your floor type—be it wood, vinyl or tile—keep one thing in mind: inspect the seal before every cleaning cycle because water damage isn’t covered under warranty (lol!).

Pledge Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrated Liquid

 Pledge is a handy way to make all your home’s floors shine. One gallon of convenience and diluted for extra dilution leaves your floors gleaming.

Pledge Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is versatile and convenient, with Streak-free performance on sealed surfaces like wood (laminate, hardwood), tile, marble tiles, slate tiles, stone (linoleum) and concrete floors.

 Pledge Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrated Liquid Water for mopping brings the refreshing scent of rain into your home. Ideal for use on all finished, sealed surfaces in homes, this concentrated floor cleaner removes dust and dirt with one quick squeeze.

Pledge Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrated Liquid Water for mopping is perfect to clean floors before guests arrive or any time you want richer, glossier floors that are free of streaks or residue. After using Pledge Multi-surface Floor Care Powder Daily Shine & Scuff Resistant Restorer Firm Grip Mopping Pads for easier wringing, use the power of our scientifically proven freshness formula Rainshower to take care of even tough jobs like heavy crusted cereal spills.

Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner Vinegar Wash Concentrate

 It doesn’t get better than this! Aunt Fannie’s essential oil blend floor cleaner has got you covered when it comes to floors. The best part about Aunt Fannie is that she not only tackles tough messes but also leaves behind a light, soothing scent in your home. She knows what you need too- safe for kids and pets, available in recyclable packaging, EWG A rated with 100% natural ingredients…say “yes” to Aunt Fannie!

 Aunt Fannie’s Multi-Purpose Vinegar Floor Cleaner Concentrate is the natural way to clean your home. This plant based floor cleaner will neutralize dirt, grime and stains on all sealed surfaces. The concentrated formula means that you only need a small amount for each use, saving you time and money! It’s also safe for people, pets and the environment.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner – Spray Mop Solution

 Bastion Hardwood Floor Cleaner is specially formulated for hardwood, bamboo, laminate, vinyl floors, and more! It gently tackles deep set stains while providing a long-lasting smell that will delight your nose.

EASY TO USE: Bastion’s Misting & Mopping solution is easy to use. Simply add 4 oz (120 ml) of product into the included spray bottle and then add 4 ounces (120 ml) of water. Shake well to mix it up and the misting sprayer should create an ample amount of natural cleaner onto whatever surface you want to clean. Once desired surfaces are cleaned, pour out dirty water and dispose in accordance with local regulations and laws.

 Bastion Hardwood Floor Spray Mop Solution, with Tea Tree and Lavender ingredients, removes dirt, grime and odors from your wood floors. It can also be used to dry off furniture such as chairs that you’ve just brought home from Ikea or picked up at a garage sale. Plus it has an awesome smell!

Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

 Mop & Glo is the perfect all in one cleaner for hard floors! Clean, shine, and protect your hard surfaces with this new cleaner that leaves behind a fresh citrus scent. Mop & Glo multi-surface floor cleaner does that’s it – clean, shine, and protect without any of the mess. Keep on mopping; don’t stop gloing!

 Don’t have time to mop? Mop & Glo is a one-step floor cleaner that cleans, shines and protects hard surfaces. For use on wood, vinyl, tile and most other hard surface floors! You’ll find it fresh with a citrus scent that will leave your home smelling incredible. No need for mopping anymore– just spray the product on the floor in any direction using the easy pump handle for nonstop use. Best part – no buckets or cleaning chemicals needed!

BISSELL, 17891 MultiSurface Floor Cleaning Formula


 The BISSELL 17891 MultiSurface Floor Cleaning Formula is uniquely formulated with a spring breeze scent for smooth, long-lasting cleaning. This premium floor cleaner gives your floors the look and feel of just being professionally cleaned! A 500 mL bottle will yield 116 mops or 256 sq. ft. Every purchase helps save pets by supporting BISSELL Pet Foundation in its mission to help homeless pets find their forever home.

 Dissolves dirt and grime like you never imagined. The virtually streak-free clean leaves your floors with a fresh, springtime scent. Get tough on messes without working too hard: BISSELL PowerCleaners get deep down, so stains don’t stand a chance! Plus every purchase helps save more homeless pets with BISSELL Pet Foundation*. Cleaning just got cooler than ever before…