Best Scrub Mops for Tile Floors of 2021 (Expert Guide)

The best scrub mops for tile floors are the ones that can withstand harsh stains and nasty crud. They should be sturdy, but light-weight enough to handle easily. And they need to be easy on your back when you’re scrubbing away at those hard-to-clean corners! 

What’s the best type of floor cleaner? It’s one that is safe for kids and pets, tough on grease and grime, doesn’t leave streaks or residue behind, smells great (or not), cleans up quickly…and it needs to do all these things without costing a fortune. 

The truth is there are many different types of floor cleaners available in stores today – from soap scum removers made with natural ingredients like citrus extracts. 

I know that you’re looking for the best scrub mop to use on your tile floors. I’ve done the research and found the top three picks for you! Check them out below. Which one would be best suited to your needs? Let’s find out together.

10 Best Scrub Mops for Tile Floors

BOOMJOY Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle

 This stainless steel handle brush is great for cleaning in tight corners. The long, stiff bristles are perfect for getting into the grout and crevices that a regular broom won’t reach when you’re trying to deep clean your bathroom or any other spotty location. The heavy duty construction also helps get stubborn dirt off so you can finish the job without having to re-do it a second time!

With the BOOMJOY floor scrub brush, you can easily go from gentle to tough with a snap of the handle. The 50 inch stiff broom is perfect for scraping hard surfaces and tough corners then transforming into a soft bristle carpet cleaner. With this handheld cleaning kit, there’s no need to stretch yourself far from your comfort zone! It has been designed as one tool that can be used for all laborious household tasks from dirty sidewalks and driveways to floors and laundry. For those tight spots like ceiling fans and BBQ grills where it’s impossible to get in close using conventional equipment, its telescoping pole can extend up to 4 ft., attaching conveniently right onto the head of the awesome scrambler/scraper brush combo! 

JIGA 2 Pack Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle

 Two-pack of floor scrub brushes with telescoping handles so you can adjust the length according to your task. The bristles are firm enough for strong scrubbing while gentle on delicate surfaces like tile and grout; great for decks, bathrooms, tubs, kitchen counters too! And when the job is done, just fold up the brush head and start over again! Come find out why almost all our customers report that one or two of these is all they need around the houseto keep it clean.

 Save your back and knees with this handy floor scrub. It’s little brushes are perfect for scrubbing any hardwood floors, tile, grout or anything else that needs a good old cleaning.

THE SIMPLE SCRUB Tile + Shower Scrubbing Mop Brush

 Clean Craftsmanship with a Creative Twist, The Simple Scrub Tile + Shower Scrubbing Mop Brush is the only stainless steel scrubber that doesn’t bend or break. Our unique design features a swiveling head for easy access into those tight corners and hard to reach places. Simply insert your chosen head from our 16 interchangeable heads, including squeegee, wisk brush combo pack set for Granite, Tile & Grout Cleaning. Finally extract without any fuss long poles long enough to keep you and your hands away from harm’s way while still providing a deep clean. Plus it reduces waste because each aluminum head can be used again!

Have a headache? Sore Knees? Stop Struggling.

The SIMPLE SCRUB Pole is the eco-friendly, easy to use answer for those who want a happy home without costly store-bought chemical cleaners. You’ll save your knees from bending as you scrub, and save the money on overpriced chemicals as well as spend less time scrubbing. It’s so simple–just put on some tunes and enjoy a hand job with our ergonomically designed brush! With three different heads that attach to your favorite pole length, you can tackle any surface imaginable with ease!

Floor Scrub Brush Bathroom Bathtub Shower Tile Grout Scrubber

 You know all those hard to reach spaces that are always the most difficult to clean? We don’t envy you, but now you can confidently take on these tough jobs with our Floor Scrub Brush. It easily fits in tight spaces and tough corners without giving up its sturdy bristles!

 The Broomsandbrushes Floor Scrub Brush Bathroom Bathtub Shower Tile Grout Scrubber is a handy brush with bristles on the ends to scrub your floor. With an overall length of 22.8inches or 35.4 inches you can use it for many jobs around the house!

Say goodbye to the mess in hard-to-reach spots with this chic, quality floor scrapper brush! The flexible length makes cleaning easier when you have different spaces needing attention, but it’s also great for reaching between fingertips on uneven surfaces. This sturdy tool removes tough grime from showers/tubs/grout without straining your muscles thanks to its flower stainless steel handles and stiff bristles made in China.

Mengku Scalable Rotatable Tile/Scrub Brush


This flexible extendable handle is great for any cleaning job. The attachable brush head can be used separately to add versatility and the durable bristles get into corners, along walls and other tough spots.

EXEGO Carpet Scrub Brush Scrubber for Cleaning

 EXEGO Carpet Scrub Brush Scrubber for Cleaning is a great solution for any homeowner to keep your carpets and rugs clean and fluffy. Simply use this ergonomic carpet scrub brush on the stiff bristles to scrape away dirt and grime from deep in the fabric–making it easy to remove ground-in foot prints, bugs or household spills that may have left stains behind. The heavy duty design can also be used as an effective cleaner tool for shower stall, bathtub, tile flooring and sink basin.

 Are there doilies all over the place? Scuff Marks on the entryway tiles? Are you trying to get that baked-on doughnut residue into the cracks between your cupboards and baseboard? Have no fear, The Exego Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning Brush is here. Just grab this brush with its clever swooped design and scrub away at any dirt or stain for a pristinely clean living space.

ITTAR Scrub Brush with Long Handle

 If you’re looking for a housekeeper’s helper, the ITTAR scrub brush is here to help. Cleaning all those high-traffic but low-reach corners, from tile grout to bathtubs to windows and beyond. Stick it on a bucket handle or tumble over any surface to let your creativity shine!

 The scrub brush is 3 times bigger than the conventional one and features a long handle so you can clean your floor and kitchen with ease. It’s stiff bristles also make it ideal for cleaning up caked-on stuff like grout on tiles or old sealant in tubs, while its V Shape design makes easy work of intricate jobs such as scrubbing between tile lines on walls or corners on floors. Soft bristle head works great for gently bringing back to life worn-down fibers of carpets. Connector allows quick swapping between different brushes to tackle most household tasks from laundry room detail cleanups to muddy outdoor messes at a moments notice with no added cost!

Qaestfy Shower Scrubber Cleaning Brush Combo


 Do you need an extra pair of hands to scrub your tub, but don’t want to pay for a second person? That’s where the Qaestfy Shower Scrubber Cleaning Brush Combo comes in. This handy scrubbing combo includes everything you need when it comes to cleaning the toughest messes in your bathtub and tiles. With its 51” long pole and detachable head that rotates in 3 angles-plus a resilient brush, this one-of-a-kind product will efficiently remove every bit of soap scum for any size bathroom or soak area.

You’ve been looking for the perfect way to fully clean your shower and bathroom without straining your back or kneeling on the floor. You have found it with this bathtub tub tile scrub brush combo kit! The pole is detachable if you need more space, but extendable enough that long cleaning jobs are still possible. It is just as simple to use as a traditional brush, but if you’re feeling extra ambitious, there are even three different angles for your head depending on where in the tub/shower you are scrubbing!

Yocada Sponge Mop

 No cleaning tool will make the chore of housework any more enjoyable, but having a sleek and sturdy sponge mop that handles both wet and dry floors is something to smile about. With its easy adjustment length extension telescopic pole, you can clean up water or dry dirt in won’t time at all! The yocada spongy flexible design absorbs spills much better than old fashioned options so no worries when accidental spills happen!

 Working out of the home and cleaning spills can be a mighty task. With Yocada Sponge Mop, scrubbing and drying tiles clean is easier than ever before! Its sponge-like design makes it more absorbent, easier to dry and stronger breathability – with an easy adjustible handle that is 41″-53″ long. The squeegee also helps you make quick work of dirty floors in your bathroom or garage, making the job quick and easy. Give this amazing gadget a try today!

YONILL Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle


 Keep your shower deck a sparkling clean space with the 48″ stiff bristle scrubbing brushes for cleaning tile floors. Clean toilet bowls, bathtubs and patios too! Not to mention your classic household chores like dirty laundry or grimy corners. Get this extendable and adjustable brush that is great for both hard-working men, busy moms, economical dorm dwellers, casual homeowners and everyone in between!

Kickhandles love to be on their hands and knees scrubbing the shower, while we mop the floor. While I clean, you scrub with a gentle motion from the top of the tile down. With this super stiff YONILL Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle, there’s no need for compromise!


We hope that our guide to the best scrub mops for tile floors has helped you find a new favorite. If not, don’t despair! Keep browsing and we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your needs in no time at all. Happy shopping!

We’ll help you find the best scrub mop for your tile floors. Have you tried any of these tips?

We recommend using a scrub mop with rotating bristles for the best results on tile floors. The spinning action will help remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated in your bathroom floor, while also helping to evenly distribute cleaner and sanitary products throughout the space. While you’re at it, make sure you are regularly cleaning up spills before they happen by lining your shower walls with non-slip mats!