​There are a lot of different steam mops on the market, so we’ve decided to write a little buyer’s guide about one of our favorites.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a great tool to get your floors sparkling without chemicals, hard work, or taking up too much of your time.

It’s priced reasonably and gives a competitive clean compared to other steam mops.

​Review Summary

How do you clean a dirty kitchen floor without breaking your back and working up quite a sweat? 

Easy: You use a steam mop. Steam mops clean floors by using heated water coupled with a mopping pad, using the steam to eat away at dirt and picks it up with the pad.

Steam mops don’t require hard work at all; they glide across the floor and clean your hard surface without all the work of mopping over and over again.


  • Chemical free sanitization (uses distilled water)
  • Double sided mop heads
  • Swiveling mop head
  • Quick Warm-up time
  • Washable cleaning pads
  • Long power cord (20ft)
  • Quick drying


  • Semi-complicated assembly
  • Picks up loose dirt “just ok”
  • Non-detachable water tank
  • Only includes one cleaning pad

Unfortunately, the Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a little bit of a hassle to put together. There’s nothing actually difficult about it; it’s like any other piece of equipment you have to assemble.

The problem is that most of the pieces are in separate boxes, and you have to take everything out and sort through it to get the things you want. This process took about 10 minutes, with actual assembly time somewhere around 3 minutes.

Fortunately, after we put it together, the Pocket Mop heated up in about 30 seconds. This is exciting because there’s nothing worse than waiting around for your steam mop to heat up.

You can’t actually do anything because you have to keep checking it, and sometimes it feels like they’re never going to heat up. The Shark Steam Pocket mop addresses this problem with a super-quick heat-up time.

The mechanical design of the Pocket Mop is great. The rectangular head swivels in a ball joint, allowing you to keep the mop flat as you navigate furniture and other obstructions in the path of your cleaning.

A swiveling mop head helps you get under chairs and kitchen cabinets, guaranteeing you’ll get your entire floor clean.

The mop heads on the Pocket Mop are something special. As with most Shark steam mops, these cleaning pads are double-sided.

This allows you to clean to your hearts content on one side, then with a simple flip, you get an entirely new pad to mop with. The cleaning never stops, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Power cord lengths can literally make or break the usability of a steam mop. Luckily, the Pocket Mop has a long cord, about 20ft, allowing you to move all around your house without switching outlets.

The cord is kept on the side of the mop by being wrapped around a few hooks, which makes storing the Pocket Mop incredibly easy.

Out of the box, the Pocket Mop only comes with one cleaning pad, which is machine washable. This is a small problem, but a problem none the less.

A machine washable pad is great, but if you’re only given one of them, then there’s possibility of it being in the wash when you need to clean. A better solution from Shark would have been two cleaning pads, but alas, that will not be happening.

The actual cleaning of the mop head is great. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop glides easily around the floor, getting under chairs and cabinets and anything in the way.

The steam easily picks up stains and caked on dirt in just a few passes, and doesn’t leave a nasty “stickiness” when you’re done. After cleaning, the floors dry quickly and are ready to be walked on (even in bare feet!).

One problem we ran in to is large, loose dirt. The Shark Pocket Steam mop does a great job of picking up small particles of dirt, but bigger chunks seem to just get pushed around.

Also, the pressure of the steam mop seems to be at the center of the cleaning pad. When zooming around our test floor, we noticed that the majority of the dirt we picked up gathered towards the center and back of the pad.

We would have preferred the pressure be generally the same throughout the pad, but we got over it.

As with most steam mops, you should only use distilled water in the Pocket Mop. Tap water, even softened, contains minerals that can bog down the overall effectiveness of even the best steam mops.

The Pocket Mop is able to produce enough steam at the right heat that is cleans and sanitizes your floors with just distilled water. In fact, it is specifically stated NOT to use chemicals in the Pocket Mop, which makes our “green” hearts happy.

The water tank has a slight usability issue, but also a fantastic trait along with it. The Pocket Mop does not have a detachable water tank, so you can’t fill it up at the sink.

Shark addressed this problem skillfully by including a filling funnel in the box. The wonderful thing about the water tank is that it holds a lot of water.

Between the large water capacity, the double-sided mop heads, and the long power cord, you can clean multiple rooms in your house without having to take a break.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is a great tool to clean every hard floor in your house. The flip-over cleaning pads extend your potential cleaning ability while the extra-large water tank makes refilling too frequently a non-issue.

It’s priced great, reliable, stores easily in your home, and gets your floor cleaned and sanitized without harmful chemicals or too much hard work.

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