Are you also tired of scrubbing the hard floors of your house?

Continuous scrubbing of your hard coarse floors must have tired you out, gifted you with a frozen shoulder and muscular pain.

Well, will you like to use an electric steam mop which can clean the dirt and grime from your house, offices, and work area in no time?

At the same time, it can relief you from continuous tiredness and provide more relaxation time.

​I'm going to talk about the best steam mops for pet urine today. If you own a pet, you must be looking for something like this.

3 ​best steam mops for pet urine Reviews

This is one worth describing steam mop amongst many available in the market. Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer 313A has various notable features to attract its customers.

It can wipe off everyday messes and almost every kind of dirt droplets from all kinds of hard floors like laminate, stone, marble, sealed hard wood and provides its user with a clean workable atmosphere. Read: Best Steam Mops For Vinyl Carpet Available [ 2020 Edition ]

 The above mentioned steam mop has numerous attractive features to its credit.  



​This highly appreciable product uses only water as its fuel and necessity to work. Normal tap water can also be used while distilled water is preferable.

It has the potential to turn water into steam in a few minutes time and when applied to a dirty, grimy floor gives an excellent cleaned result.

Its efficiency can be checked on the grout on tiled


Kills germs

​The steam produced by this powerful steamer kills 99%harmful bacteria on the area it comes into contact with. It can be used to clean the area used by pets for sleeping.


Environment friendly

​As this steamer works without the help of any cleaning agent, it can be considered environment friendly.  


Magic cloth

​This steamer comes with a measuring cup, funnel and two magic cloths.

With the help of these accessories, water can easily be filled into its stainless steel tank and steam comes from both sides of the head.

The magic cloth is reusable, and machine washable.  


Swivel head for hard to reach areas

​The head of this steamer can easily be turned to move under furniture, and around difficult corners for exquisite cleaning.  


Adjustable removable handle

​The handle of this strong, powerful steamer can easily be adjusted by the user according to his or height.

Furthermore, the handle can be removed and the steamer head with magic cloth can be used to clean kitchen counters.  


Bottom positioned head

​The head is placed at the bottom so that as soon as the steam is generated, can attack directly on stains.

No steam traveling. Besides, it feels light in weight to the user. 


Simple switch button

​It only has a simple on and off switch. No need to push trigger continuously and suffer sore fingers.


Indicator light

​The head of this steamer is facilitated with indicator lights. The lights tell the user when the steamer is ready for usage. 


Cooling Tray

​When not in use, it can be safely be set on the cooling tray.


Easy maintenance

​To ensure its working capability for a longer time, the head should be rinsed with water once a month.  


  • Environment friendly
  • Equally effective on all kinds of hard floors
  • Adjustable, removable handle
  • Bottom positioned head
  • Economical
  • Indicator lights
  • Cooling tray


  • Some users suggest that the quality of the mop pad should be worked upon. A few say it starts giving a few problems after the warranty ends.
Eureka Hard Surface Floor Steamer 313A is suitable for all kinds of customers. It can be used on multi flooring except carpeted floors. 

If you want to buy multifunction steamer within a limited budget, this is a really nice option.

Another worth possessing steam mop popular in the market is Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop. This product is in the state of readiness in the scarce time of just 30 seconds.

It is tough on dirt and grime and neatly deals away with stubborn surfaces. It works efficiently and requires minimal maintenance.  

Following is an overview of some wonderful features of this worth possessing product.


Germ free environment

​It does not need any kind of soap, surfs, or any kind of cleaning agent.

No antibacterial liquids are required, just simple, cheap, easily available distilled water to generate steam and provides a clean, germ free floor. 

The powerful steam generated by this product is capable of killing nearly all the bacteria coming in its way.


Powerful, built-in scrubber

​Its powerful scrub brush and two kinds of machine washable mop pads can clean away dirt from narrow cracks in hard marble floors, and thin gaps in tiled floors. With its moveable head, it can easily reach out to difficult corners also.

The plain mop pad is for smooth surfaces, and the one with treads is for hard stubborn patches.  

Furthermore, this scrubber can easily flip up to down by your foot movement as per your need plus, it is easily manageable.  


Adjustable steam setting

​Bissell Power Fresh offers you steam setting as per your need. You can alter the steam pressure from, low to medium or high with a slight finger push.  


Effective on dried stains

​This particular product of Bissell is effective on dried out stains of different kind like nail polish, ketchup, old scum, wax, grease etc.

With continuous contact of powerful steam by this mop on any tough stain for about fifteen seconds gives you a much shiner clean behind. Read: Best Steam Mops For Laminate Flooring For 2020 [Top Picks]

You cannot feel any sticky residue or dirty water.


Fragrant scent discs

​An additional feature of fragrant discs is also included, while these are optional.

If you want to have a nice enjoyable cleaning, insert one of those discs in the mop pad pocket before you start mopping.

If you dislike perfumes, don’t use the discs. Both ways, the cleaning result will be the same.  


Lightweight steam mop

​Unlike other heavy, difficult to drag steam mops, this product is light weight, easy to use, and easy to store because of its compact body.


Removable water tank

​The removable water tank can be easily removed and refilled.


  • Powerful scrub brush
  • Two kinds of micro fiber pads
  • Adjustable Steam Control
  • Requires no cleaning solutions
  • Highly effective on stubborn stains
  • Lightweight Optional
  • fragrant discs
  • Removable water tank 


  • Only one buyer complained about the decrease in the glossiness from his kitchen floor, otherwise working fine with hundreds of buyers. Few complained about quick fill ups.

​This product is especially designed for hard floors like marble, laminate, stone, and ceramic tiles.

It is particularly helpful for those people who have the habit of spilling things while working in a hurry, who do not have carpeted floors, and for those who like fragrant cleaning while mopping.

If you are among any of the above, Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop is the best steam mop for you!  

​Another superb option in steam mop category is Hoover Twin Tank Disinfecting mop WH20200. As its name reveals, it has an extra bacteria attacking capability.

It allows the use of an antibacterial cleaning agent for extra sanitation and mental satisfaction of its customers. The company challenges that this product outclasses every other steam mop. How?

Go through its features.


​Disinfecting Capability

​It provides 100% biodegradable and non toxic cleaning, so it can be used without any hesitation in a house with young kids or sinusitis patients. If you have pets, still it is equally good.

In places such as farmhouses, this product is highly effective. When used with Hoover SteamPlus solution, it provides protection against Swine Flu (H1N1), Salmonella, MRSA, E.Coli etc.


Twin Tanks

​It is optional for the customer whether he or she wants to use only steam or use the disinfectant solution, while operating the steam mop.  


Removable Tanks

​Both the tanks can be removed for refilling or washing purpose.  


Control Dial

​The control dial automatically adjusts the level of distilled water and disinfectant solution according to the type of stains.


Swivel Mop Head

​The mop head of this product can swivel, and can easily be turned and manipulated for hard to reach areas around heavy furniture and thin, narrow gaps between tiles.

Moreover, it can be used on variable surfaces like linoleum, glazed tiles, sealed wood, hard stone etc.   


Micro fiber Pads

​This product contains three micro fiber pads for extensive cleaning, which can be reused several times, and are also machine washable.


Lengthy Power Cord

​Hoover Disinfecting steam mop has long extensive power cord of 30 foot which offers the facility to reach farther, as there are not necessarily numerous or reachable switchboards available in every room that requires to be cleaned.    


Carpet Glider

​Hoover Twin Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop has an additional feature of a carpet glider.

So, those customers who have carpeted rooms in their house also get the facility to give their carpets and rugs a fresher, cleaner look by using the carpet glider available with this amazing product.  


Ready to use Indicator

​This indicator tells the user when the unit is ready to be used. It saves user’s time and irritation to check the steam readiness again and again. 


Cooling Tray

​This cooling tray helps to protect the flooring surface, when the unit needs to cool down after usage or for storage purpose.


  • Eliminates 99.99% germs
  • Twin Tank System offers optional cleaning
  • Automatic control dial
  • Steam indicator light
  • Carpet glide
  • Moveable mop head
  • Long wire
  • Cooling Tray 


  • The user continuously has to push the trigger while operating the steam mop which is tiresome. The sample cleaning solution was not liked by a few users.

​This product is especially helpful for those buyers who have young children, or people having breathing problems.

It is highly effective for places like farmhouses, or places having different kinds of pets. Even if you are a cleanliness freak, this product will satisfy your desires.

Secret formula to find the best Steam Mop

​The basic purpose which should be fulfilled by the steam mop which you will decide to buy is to provide cleanliness according to your requirements. Also think about these points while you make your decision.

Type of floor: If you have concrete hard floors, think about Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop. If you have carpeted rooms or plenty of rugs in your house, go for Hoover Twin Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop.  

Area you live in: If you live in a pastoral place, or in an area facing dust storms every now and then, think about Hoover Twin Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop.  

Type of water for usage: If you want to use tap water, Eureka Hard Surface Floor Steamer 313A will be a better choice as its head seems to handle tap water. If you want to use distilled water choose one from the other two models.   

Price difference: Needles to say, you will definitely compare the prices of these steamers before taking a decision.  

Maintenance cost: Also think how long will the micro fiber pads of which steamer will last longer for you? Which company can provide extra micro fiber pads easily?  

Trigger or switch: What will you like to push, continuous trigger or simple on and off switch?  

Final Words

​We have reviewed three top most rated steam mops available in the market. Read these steam mop reviews carefully keeping in mind your requirements and preferences.

​You, as a buyer know your needs, your wish list, and the money available in your pocket. Think and decide for yourself which is the best steam mop for you!

Remember to write your worthy customer review for other confused buyers.

Good Luck!

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