​The Bissell Lift-Off 39W7 Steam Mop is a powerful steam cleaning equipment from one of the most trusted cleaner manufacturers in the market, Bissell.

The machine is available with Removable steam pod, steam mop with hose, Microfiber Pads, Grout Brush and Circular brushes which can easily and quickly help you do the cleaning job.

The review gives you a glimpse into a number of features and benefits of the cleaner and also find out whether or not it is able to stand up to similar cleaners from other brands in the market.


  • Multiple Attachments – The machine comes with a number of attachments such as grout brush, circular brushes and double microfiber pads.
  • Powerful Steam Mop – The cleaner is available with robust steam mops. The steam mop with a hose.
  • Removable Steam Pod – You can clean a number of surfaces like carpet, upholstery and car interiors with the help of the steam pod that can easily be removed.


  • Easy Assembly – A lot of buyers have loved the fact that various parts of the cleaner can be quickly and easily assembled together.
  • Ease Of Operations – The lightweight cleaner can reportedly be used in an easy manner and without encountering any complications during the operations.
  • Fully Natural Cleaning – The cleaner has been praised for its ability to clean various types of surfaces in a fully natural manner without making use of any toxic chemicals.


​When it is tested against same types of cleaners in the indutry, the 39W7 is able to stand head and shoulders above its competitors in various respects but fall below the mark in some aspects. Read: Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner 31N1 Reviews

You can understand this by the highly positive ratings and reviews for the product on websites like Amazon and Walmart. When the machine is compared with similar types of products, it fares thus:


  • Detachable Steam Pod – The equipment also comes with a steam pod which is detachable and can extend the steam cleaning ability of the floor.
  • Hard Floor Cleaning – The product is able to clean various hard floor surfaces such as ceramic, marble, vinyl and stone.
  • Low Cost – The machine costs only a little when purchased online and you would find it a budget buy for your home.
  • Natural Cleaning – The machine allows you to clean only with water and not use any chemicals that can be harmful for your home.


  • Not Easily Operable – Some of the customers, especially old ones, have disliked the fact that the cleaner needs you to be quite healthy to operate it.

​Is It A Good Choice?

​The performance and functionalities of the Bissell Lift-Off 39W7 Steam Mop have been appreciated by a lot of customers.

It is able to clean a lot of hard floor surfaces, is easy to assemble within a short time, can be used very easily and can clean in a 100% natural manner.

When tested against competitors, it is able to fares very well in most respects. The lightweight machine has about all the things that you can anticipate from a cleaner of the low price tag that it comes with.

Much like many other similar offerings from Bissell, it functions very well and is worth the investment.

In the event that you are not looking for a very high-performance cleaner than works on any kind of surface, this is the one to buy. It is able to mop and clean hard floors with extreme effectiveness.

With most buyers giving their thumbs up to the cleaner, you will be more than satisfied with the performance and functionality of the machine.

It can do hard floor surface cleaning very well and the fact that it comes from Bissell makes it even more attractive for most buyers.

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