​The Bissell Deluxe 31N1 Steam Mop is one of the newest offerings from the house of Bissell, a top rated manufacturer of cleaning tools in the market today.

The product has been designed especially for cleaning hard floors and it comes loaded with power packed features like removable water tank, lightweight steam mop, carpet glide and ergonomic handle.

The review takes a glance at the features and benefits of the product, feedbacks of customers and how well the product is able to hold its own when pitted with other products of the same type in the market.


  • Carpet Glide – The machine is able to clean carpets and also has a carpet refresher attached with it
  • Floor Sanitization – The tool can sanitize the floors and get rid of 99.9% bacteria and other germs. It cleans without making use of any chemicals.
  • Great Design – The cleaner features a swivel head, ergonomic handle, hanging hook and a steam-on-demand trigger that allow you to use it well.
  • Lightweight – It is excellent for mopping and cleaning hard floors such as marble, tiles and ceramic.
  • Steam Cleaning – The efficient steam cleaning power of the equipment helps you to clean the floors without scrubbing it hard.
  • Swivel Mop Head – With a mop head that can swivel by 360 degrees, this cleaning tool does an able job with the cleaning of hard floors as well as various other surfaces.


  • Easy To Fill – The tank of the cleaner can be filled up with ease and you can even remove the high capacity water tanks to fill them up as and when required.
  • Deluxe Microfiber Pads – The microfiber pads of this cleaner can be used again and these are highly environment friendly.


​When pitted against other products of the similar type in the market, the Bissell Deluxe 31N1 Steam Mop is able to hold up more than its own. Read: Bissell Lift-Off 39W7 Reviews – Is It Perfect For You?

The product has been able to fare better than most competitors​.


  • Excellent Stain Removing Ability – The cleaner is able to get rid of oily and sticky stains from ceramic and vinyl stains.
  • High Steam Rate – The excellent steam rate of the cleaner helps it to clean hard surfaces very easily and you do not have to put in a lot of effort to clean them.
  • Portability – The low weight of the machine helps you to carry it around quite easily all about your home without encountering much difficulty.


  • Leaves Water On Floor – When compared with competing products from different other brands in the market, it has been able to leave some water on the floor.
  • Needs Cleaning Cloths – There are no cleaning cloths and you have to fix them on manually, which can be a downer for a few customers.

​Is It A Good Choice?  

​A few downers notwithstanding, the product can be a solid buy for your home. If you have hard floors, you may find them difficult to clean and with this excellent tool you can remove all traces of dirt and debris easily from the floors with ease.

The powerful steam clean, suction ability and mop of the cleaner helps you to get rid of all stains and spots without encountering any difficulty.

The fact that it comes in less than $49 online makes it even more attractive for buyers who are looking for a budget cleaning equipment. 

In case you are looking for an affordable buy, the Bissell Deluxe 31N1 Steam Mop can be the perfect equipment for your house.

It can remove even pet wastes with ease and its perfect design takes care of the fact that you are able to use it for a long time to come without encountering any issues in gripping the handle.

With fragrant water containing eucalyptus mint, it can add a nice aroma to your floor and make them smell good. With most customers raving about the item, it can be a great buy for you.

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