​The Bissell Select 80K6 Steam Mop comes from the stable of Bissell and it is one of the most advanced steam-based cleaners from the brand.

With two washable microfiber mop pads, a large removable tank, dual side swivel mop and other robust features, the steam-based cleaner has endeared itself to its customers.

The review allows you a peek into the various features and benefits of this cleaner and find out how well it is able to stand when tested against some similar type of products available from various other brands.


  • Completely Chemical-Free – The machine allows you the ability to clean without using any chemicals and you may simply use tap water for the cleaning purposes.
  • Large Tank – With a 17 oz. removable tank, you do not need any funnels or cups.
  • Steam Trigger – With an easy to use steam trigger, this machine lets you control how much steam you may use for cleaning purposes.
  • Two Washable Microfiber Mop Pads – The machine arrives with 2 triangular microfiber mop pads which can be washed; one comes with in-built scrubbing strips and the other is a soft pad.


  • Hard Floor Cleaning – The product has also got good reviews for its ability to clean hard floor surfaces with ease.
  • Improved Germ Cleaning – With the mop and the steam working together, you can effectively kill bacteria as well as germs.
  • Large Water Tank – The big water tank lets you easily clean a large area without needing to go to the sink over and over again.
  • Lightweight – Buyers have also loved the lightweight cleaner, which is portable and can easily be carried around the house in an easy manner. Read: Black & Decker Steamer BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop Review
  • More Surface Cleaning – The swivel mop head lets you clean double the area before you need to change the pad.
  • Swivel Mop Head – The swivel mop head allows you to clean various areas easily and with clean sweeps, thus saving your time.


​Due to the great performance and features, the Bissell Select 80K6 Steam Mop has been able to score over many of its competitors in the market.

When it is tested against many other cleaning tools of the same kind in the market, it is able to stand thus:


  • Easy Assembly – You can easily assemble various parts of the cleaner in only a few minutes and be able to make it ready for cleaning purposes in a short time.
  • Easy To Maneuver – The machine can also be maneuvered quite easily and given the fact that it is lightweight you can use it more comfortably.
  • Inexpensive – You can buy this machine ​at a very affordable price and it is the right solution for home owners who search for an affordable cleaner.


  • Time-Consuming Mop – For excellent cleaning, you will need to mop over a dirty area for a minimum 15 seconds of time and with constant steam.

Is It A Good Choice?

​The Bissell Select 80K6 Steam Mop appears to be a good choice when compared with offerings from other brands. ​

If you live in a dusty home, you may trust this cleaner to be able to make cleaning easier for you. You can use the Bissell Select 80K6 Steam Mop to your satisfaction and clean even the difficult to access areas of your home.

The product comes from Bissell, one of the high quality cleaning tool makers and you can be assured of the quality. If you live in a dusty area with high pollution levels, you can rest assured that the cleaner will be very useful for you.

The fact that it costs so little makes it even more attractive. You may purchase it without having to worry about your budget. This is the perfect cleaning tool for owners of small and middle class homes around the world.

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