​Have you ever thought of producing 50% extra steam for tough stains with just a press of button?

Yes, it is possible with Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop having Digital SmartSelect Technology to handle your specific floor type and the amount of steam required for it.

With a push of button you can decide the steam power and retain system to work for long time with right balancing.

​Review Summary

The Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 steam mop has something for everyone. This 2-in-1 machine you can use as the cleaner in the form of an upright steam mop or simply detach it and use it as a hand held steamer.

The cleaner and shinier your floor is, the happier you will feel like. It’s new, innovative design made with high quality materials turns in to efficient and suitable usage for long time no matter what type of flooring you want to clean.

​It is an incredible steam mop for cleaning your home. It cleans exactly the way you want it to and disinfects without the use of harsh chemicals.

The detachable handheld steamer is a great little tool that can clean almost any hard surface in your home without damaging it, and the cleaning pads are reusable and washable.

The Black & Decker 2-in-1 would be a great addition to any cleaning arsenal.

​Know Your Manufacturer

​Started as a small Baltimore machine shop, the brand has worked out hard to reach this level when everyone does have knowledge and preference level to shop from.

Being steadfast to understand and work on customers’ needs, the brand has always grown over its reputation for quality, ingenuity and value.

This model from Black and Decker help you have a clear insight of those spaces that are difficult to reach such as beneath the bed or behind the toilet. Just plug in and end up all your worries on sanitation. Read: Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T Review [Buyer Guide]

​Award Winning Feature

​Flexibillity is th strongest part of this model. Like you get removable water tank to fill it with ease and an extra handgrip in the middle of the handle to move it flexibly as per your need.

Leaving this steam mopin the upright position turns off the steam for the time, so that you wont end up with excess water on the floor.

The Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop is a great steam mop that features a handheld steamer that you can use on above floor surfaces the clean and disinfect. Here’s a review of why we think it’s right for you:

The Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop heats up to maximum temperature in a record-setting 15 seconds. By the time you plug it in and walk back to it, it will be almost ready.

This is amazing, because if we wanted cleaning a floor to take a long time, we’d use a mop and bucket.

Right away on the handle, we notice some great features. The first is the floor type selection.

Digital SmartSelect Technology allows you to set the type of floor you want to clean (wood-laminate, stone-marble, and tiles-vinyl), and the steam mop produces the appropriate amount of steam to effectively clean your floor. 

Variable steam settings on a steam mop are incredibly useful, as they save water during your cleaning.

The second feature on the handle is the bright red “Burst” button. By hitting the burst button, you release a powerful blast of extra steam (about 50%) to tackle those tough spots.

Cleaning caked-on dirt and grime is now extremely easy in just a few passes, instead of rigorously mopping over the same spot several times.

The Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop features a detachable water tank that doubles as a handheld steamer. Just click on the 4ft hose included in the accessory pack and you can clean any hard surface above your floor.

As with most steam mops, you should only use distilled water with the Black & Decker 2-in-1. Regular tap water contains minerals that can reduce the effectiveness of any steam mop when used over time.

The benefit of using distilled water is that you get a chemical free clean that still sanitizes and disinfects your floor.

Actually cleaning with the steam mop is a little tiresome, however. While most steam mops gently glide across the floor, the Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop seems to require a little more work to push around.

It still cleans great, but after several minutes, our arms started to go a bit sore. This isn’t a huge issue because of the effectiveness of the steam mop, but could be a concern for elderly users.

If you need to take a quick break from cleaning, the Black & Decker 2-in-1 shuts off when in its upright position. 

You don’t need to unplug it or anything; once it’s standing up, no steam will come out. It’s a nice feature for those times when we get interrupted while cleaning.

The Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop comes with two reusable, washable cleaning pads. The cleaning pads should be hand cleaned for best results, allowing them to last longer, but will also survive being machine washed on the delicate setting.

Try not to put them in the dryer; let them hang dry, as the heat could damage them. Cleaning around your home is incredibly easy.

The long 25ft power cord means you won’t have to constantly switch outlets as you clean every room in your house.

The mop head is rectangular, and is positioned on a very versatile swivel that makes getting in to all the nooks and crannies incredibly easy.

In the accessory bag, you get a detail brush, a grout cleaner, the 4ft hose for handheld steaming, and a carpet glider. Using the detail brush and the grout cleaner, we managed to clean out every little inch of our test floors.

Our grout was as clean as it ever was, and all the little spots we didn’t manage to get with the mop we got with the detail brush.

The carpet glider is great for disinfecting your carpets and steaming out tough stains, but is less effective than an actual carpet steamer.

​What you love about Black & Decker BDH1850SM?

​You may wonder how come one mop pad could differ in various floor types and the steam part works so well!

Undoubtedly, this is BDH1850SM’s SmartSelect Technology that enables safe cleaning according to different floor types by sensing the right floor with the right cleaning need.

Moreover, the steam part has its magic with the automatic controls so that you could have a safe use on hardwood floors where less amount of steam is needed.

Let’s get closer to what you’ll like more than anything in this product, probably:

Chemical Free Cleaning

​Using water along and not chemicals is what makes it one of the unique products you will find here.

Even then you’ll receive 99.9% sanitation against germs, bacteria and diseases that are likely to spread over because of the dirt or grime.

Hand-held operation

​Hand-held operation is easy to use and is not heavy for long hours clean-up. You just have to command it and a push of button resolves everything for you.

Like you can decide where to move, what floor to clean, how much steam needed and so on!

​A Quick Peep On Highlights

  • Hand-held steam cleaner is easily removable – ideally used in living areas floors, cooking surfaces, bathrooms and more.
  • Eliminates bacteria or germs up to 99.9% and confirms maximum hygiene without using chemicals.
  • Great for homes with kids or pets.
  • Digital SmartSelect Technology help you have all controls on fingertips.
  • Steam button releases up to 50% more steam for tough stains


  • Rectangular, swiveling mop head
  • Easy to control
  • Dries up very quickly
  • Release 50% more steam with burst of steam button
  • Chemical-free floor cleaning and sanitization
  • Floor type selection
  • Steam burst button
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Includes 2 cleaning pads
  • Cleaning pads are washable and reusable


  • Leaves wet streaks afterwards.
  • Requires a little more effort to push around


Product Dimensions: 26.2 x 6.1 x 12.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.2 pounds

Brand Name: Black and Decker

Color: White


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If yes, then start looking for this time-savvy buying within your reach by paying ​online.

Though your budget plans would have been different than this but Black and Decker features the best served policies and warranty which makes it worth of paying the money.

​Where to Buy

​Besides the price thing and features you will like, another big time issue is where you choose to buy and if the source isn’t that trusted enough, you may have to face uncertain issues that definitely be upsetting on the whole.

So make sure you choose the right seller ​online.


Lovely one!

The reason why this product make you fall for it is its hand-held operations. You can turn it anywhere you need or lay down with bend-it-like-versatile-one or produce steam as you require.

Isnt it great! Like there is nothing which is out of your management. Feel yourself a super-queen or king with one hand mop handling.

Price may take a while of you to think but surely wont go wrong anything. Its:

  • Easy
  • Versatile
  • Cleanses chemical-free
  • Operates conveniently

Still have doubts? Go through the verified customer reviews below.

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