Ways To Hide Mops

Ways To Hide Mops

Mops are an item used incessantly on an everyday basis. We have to take proper care of them to make sure they last long. They are not something that need to be seen all the time. It is important that we store them in a place that hides them well and provides a sanitary environment. […]

How To Hang Mops That Makes Them Long Lasting (2x Times)

How To Properly Hang Your Mops

Having all the cleaning tools you need for your home is always a great feeling. Most of your cleaning supplies can fit under your sink. Out of sight out of mind, right? However, that bulky mop can sometimes tend to get in the way. Where should your mop go? How should you store it?  How […]

How Much Do Mops Cost – Traditional To Robot Mops ($15-$500)

How Much Do Mops Cost

Previously, mops were simply a handle and a towel that helped wipe off floors and surfaces, but as everything else has changed, so has this. Mops are now different types and have various features, making the cleaning process more efficient, effective, and much quicker. ​There are a lot factors that decide mop’s cost. ​Robot Mops […]

How Long Do Mops Last (3 Months To 5+ Years)

How Long Do Mops Last

Planning to buy a mop? It is important to choose a mop that is functional and durable. That means the mop has to last long and provide value for money. If you choose a mop that is priced heavily and only lasts like three months, that isn’t the best buy. Here is how long each […]