Having all the cleaning tools you need for your home is always a great feeling. Most of your cleaning supplies can fit under your sink.

Out of sight out of mind, right?

However, that bulky mop can sometimes tend to get in the way.

Where should your mop go?

How should you store it? 

How to properly hang your mops?

​Why You Should Hang Your Mops

Some tend to set their mops on the floor in the corner of their closet. Others take them to their garage to leave there because the mops are considered “dirty”.

However, these are the worst ways to store your mop. The best way to store your mop is by hanging it.

By hanging your mop, it keeps the mop head off the floor. This will keep your mop head cleaner and extend its life.

If your mop is slightly damp hanging it allows the mop head to have more airflow; ensuring your mop doesn’t get smelly. Hanging it also ensures it will be dry the next you’re ready to use it.

Hanging your mop is a great way to save space. Mops are relatively small but when they are sitting on a floor, they take double the square feet to store.

All mops, brooms, and even dustpans have a hole at the top for a hook. Because that is it’s intended method of storage!

​How to Hang Your Mop

When looking to hang your mop. Make sure the mop head is facing down. This allows you to grab your mop more conveniently and allows better airflow.

You want to hang it high enough that no part of the mop head touches the ground.

If you have a string/rope mop before hanging the mop, you will want to brush out the strands to keep them from knotting up.

You definitely want to make sure no part of the strands touches the floor. That will help maintain the integrity of the fibers.

In addition to extending the mop’s life. If you have an expensive mops, you must try to take all precautions to make it durable.

If you have a flat mop face the bottom part of the pad outwards and not against the wall.

If the flat mop is slightly damp, having it rest against the wall will affect the airflow and potentially cause bacteria growth.

Strip mops should also be stored with the bottom pad facing outwards. Usually, with these mops, you change out the pad after every use. So, moisture isn’t as large of an issue.

If you own a steam mop, you may be in the clear on hanging it. Check your owner’s manual for that companies preferred storage technique.

When spacing your mops to hang try to keep the mop heads from touching. By not letting them touch will allow better airflow. Airflow is critical when you are hanging and storing your mop.

If you own a dust mop you will really want to keep it spaced further away from the wet mops.

Some dust mops do not work as well if they have been exposed to moisture.

​Tools to Use When Hanging Your Mop

Knowing why and how to hang your mop is an important foundation to have. It gives an understanding of why this is important.

You want to also have the best hanging option for you. Everyone lives in a different household some with more or less space than others.

​Permanent Hangers

There is the classic “mop clip” which range in price of $3 up to $40. There is no specific advantage to the more expensive ones they usually are more aesthetically pleasing.

They also will hold more mops or brooms. nonetheless, this can cause you to have a mop spacing issue which we discussed above.

If you need an example of what a standard mop clip looks like, click here.

After purchasing your mop clip. Find a door such as the inside your utility closet or inside your bathroom door. Screw-in the broom hooks, and voila the compact way to hang your mop for quick access.

If you have a closet that has a wire rack. You can go to your local hardware store for several “S” hooks. The top of the “S” hook will loop over the wire rack. The bottom of the “S” hook will be for your mop.

You can also purchase your own wire racks at your local home store. This will allow a more personalized option for someone looking to have a specific cleaning closet.

As well as some wire racks have existing hooks for your mop.

​Temporary Hangers

If you live in an apartment or a temporary home. The thought of drilling holes in the wall isn’t very appealing. You also probably want that deposit back.

If you have multiple mops or have extra storage space in a closet. Go to your local hardware store to purchase a curtain rod.

Install the curtain rod between the two walls in your closet. Pick up some “S” hooks as mentioned above. Loop the top over the curtain rod and the bottom of the “S” hook will be for the mop.

The curtain rod technique is useful because it is a simple fix to adjust how high or low you need to hang the mops. No drills or screws are necessary.

Many companies offer adhesive strips that have hooks. The adhesive strips also have been tested to handle the weight of your mop.

If you purchase one of these just to get home and realize your hook is too large or small for the broom hole. No worries.

Take a simple zip tie through your broom handle hole, pull the zip tie through but keep the zip-tie loose enough so it reaches around the hook. Just like that problem solved.

If you want a prettier look than zip ties. Pick out your favorite fabric, cut out a few strips to tie through the broom handle hole that gives you enough slack to put over the hook.

This will beautify your cleaning closet

​Final Words

Hopefully, now you are more equipped on how to hang your mop.

How no matter where you live can find the perfect for your mop that is out of the way but is properly stored.

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