A steam mop is a very convenient and wonderful cleaning tool. However, making use of it brings a huge difference in revealing the cleaning efficiency. An innovative floor mop is the steam mops. It saves time but requires you to do some prep work before beginning cleaning of floors.

Steam mops heat water to nearly 250 degrees F temperature using a fitted reservoir inside the mop and send it out as steam down into the mop pad head. The stem soaks the pad, thus helps in loosening floor grime and dirt.

The mop head absorbs the dirt, and the steam heat kills the dust mites and bacteria on the floor. Thus, it proves to be a faster way of cleaning and also a sanitary method of cleaning.

The steam mop is convenient compared to a bucket and mop cleaning system as it cleans the floors quickly. However, because they are fast and easy to use, the temptation to overlook simple and necessary guidelines such as removing stains from steam mop pads is common.

Steps to Removing Stains from a Steam Mop

Simple steps to removing stains from steam mop pads that are a must-know:


Disconnect your steam mop from the power outlet

The first step is to unplug the steam mop from the power outlet. It is a must to keep you accident-free. Bear in mind that the steam water heats up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and any mistake or carelessness may cause skin blisters.

At the same time, if you are using the steam mop for mopping, give it time to cool for 15 minutes. Then start cleaning.


Empty water tank

Emptying the steam mop water tank is a must. While it is common to leave the water in the tank, you may soon be using the steam mop for mopping. There is always unused water remaining in the tank.

It is not possible to use all the water in the tank. But, leaving the water in the tank is a wrong idea. The water that is left inside may damage your machine, resulting in corrosion and shortening of lifespan.


There is a risk of developing mold within the water tank, and it is possible because mold grows well in damp and warm area combinations. Besides, it will also create spores to spread and, after some time, emit a bad smell.

Thus, the best is to empty the steam mop water tank after use each time, even if you notice very little water is left inside.

After cleaning the floors using a steam mop, the mop is full of nasty dir. Now your home is certainly clean. Even if you use a steam mop eco-friendly variety, throwing the pads away is not possible. It means you must know to clean steam mop pads and remove stains.


Washing of steam mop pads


A walk-away stride to cleaning steam mop pads

Storing and drying the mop pads is equally important. You can hang-dry the steam mop pads. Suppose you do not have a proper place to lay them flat or line-dry, use a dryer, tumble on low heat.

Inspect the pads after they are dry to ensure they are perfect for next use. Store the steam mop pads in a dry clean place so that there is no residual moisture. A damp area may develop mildew growth on the mop pads.

Why clean steam mop pads?

Some steam mops feature a detachable water tank. If so, the cleaning process becomes a lot easier. You can take a cloth and clean the tank. Clean the water tank using vinegar, diluting it with water. Also, clean the nozzles periodically using the nozzle cleaner.

Always unplug before cleaning the steam mop pad, and begin with water tank cleaning. Scrubbing and emptying it does not take long as you do it every time as a habit.

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