Mops are used to clean floors, and to wipe either wet or liquid substances on the floor.  There are three common types of wet mops depending on the choice of work or desires.

These are:

Cut end wet mop head, Looped end wet mop head, and Microfiber wet mop head.

1. ​Cut end wet mop head

​Cut end wet mop heads are the most common type of mops because they are least expensive and can be easily disposed of.

End wet mops easily absorb liquids (absorbent) but can be used to cover a limited space. They are not durable and cannot be laundered.

2. ​Looped wet mop head

​Looped wet mop heads are considered as the type of wet mops that have a moderate price and are durable.

This quality of looped wet mops makes it more accepted by users than cut-end wet mops head. 

Looped wet mops easily prevent unraveling of thread across the mopped surfaces.

They are washed by machine apart from other products such as cotton and poly cotton looped wet mops types.

3. ​Microfiber wet mop head

​Microfiber wet mop head is the best type of wet mops. They are made from polyester and polyamide for easy collection of specks of dirt until they are washed.

They can be used multiple times without degrading. They are hypoallergenic to users. Microfiber wet mops usually absorb liquid up to seven times its normal weight.

Microfiber wet mops are of light weight and are not designed to handle heavy cleaning works.

There are various wet mop accessories to ensure proper organization, cleaning, and convenience for the safety of the users.

Wet mop accessories are mop buckets, wet floors signals, mops, and broom racks and mop handles.

Colored coded wet mops heads have some cleaning advantages due to its excellent ability to prevent contamination of others surfaces by gems and bacteria.

Bear in mind that, ​the process of storing dry mops is different.

​Care and Storage of Dirty wet mops

Mops are effective tools for cleaning the surface (floors) with a clothed mouth attached to a wooden or steel long-handle.

Wet mop heads are exposed to germs and bacteria if not properly washed and maintained before and after use.

Thus, there are needs for proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage of wet mops. Wet dirty mops are mops that are used as well as mops that are not yet washed after use.

​Procedure for Proper Mopping

​Final Words

Wet mops are effective tools in ensuring a clean and dirt-free area. The need to know the procedure to mop, the types of wet mops available and proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage of wet mops is paramount.  

The ways dirty mop needs to be cleaned before and after use are carefully explained with the right procedure to store in a place devoid of germs and bacteria of any kind through the use of wet mops.

Hence, it is hereby concluded that dirty wet mops are not to be kept in a dirty state. Always strive to keep wet mops clean at all times.

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