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How This Young Woman Revolutionized The Cleaning Industry With One Idea

Romi Haan, you might be not familiar with her name, but she has revolutionized the whole Steam Mop industry. How? You might ask. By inventing the Steam Mops. Romi Haan is the inventor if Steam Mop.

The idea of steam mops came to her in early 1998, the time she invented Steam Mops she had a huge mortgage. But she had faith in her idea and thought that it was so revolutionary and leaving a secure high paying job to pursue the idea of Steam Mops.

South Korea have a tradition to keep the floors warm; people walk barefoot, and during the cold time it was little hard to keep them warm. This task was often done with hands and task was assigned to woman. Romi Haan didn’t like this at all.

She developed a steam mop with which it was not only easy cleaning and sanitizing floors but also she found a way to make money with it. She left the job and founded a new company named Hanyoung Electric in 1999.

Her journey started with little issues, getting a loan and running a business as a woman turned out to be little complicated. Her spouse had bad credit, and that made her more struggle for the loan.

According to BusinessInsider the loan officer asked about the industry her husband got bankrupt in, her loan officer also thought that “Why would a woman start appliance business.”

She took a huge mortgage on her and her parent’s home. Her husband supported her with her venture, and Romi was prepared to work endlessly to support her family in case her venture failed. Even with so many hurdles and issues, she managed to get success with her Steam Mops.

She started selling mops on Korean TV Shop, on her first appearance on TV she sold around 2000 mops in just an hour. Big players in the industry like LG started manufacturing the mops but Haan holds the 80% market share.

“One thing that kept me up was that I never thought of giving up,” Haan says. “I think it helps to be more confident. I was young, and I always thought I would push to the end.”

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I am a stay at home mom who loves to have everything spotless. The story behind this site is that I wanted to buy a mop and I did lots of research for it. I found that I could provide a better voice to this subject as there are no or very fewer people talking about the mops.

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