​Mops are one of the essentials to keep your home scintillating.

Have you ever yearned for a mop that would exactly do its job as per your requirement?

Although the market floods you with varieties of home improvement accessories, it is hard to find the right product.

What if I show you the most possible mop that you can buy right now in just a few dollars?

Excited? You should be.

Let me introduce Spin Mop and Bucket System by Moprite.

This product is not only durable, but also convenient in cleaning dirty surface areas.

​Features that would force you to take a look at this wonder mop

  • The mop has dual spinners. So, what is its use? It basically saves time and makes cleaning a child’s play.
  • An agitator is fixed in the water reservoir. The agitator loosens the dirt from the mop and at the same time spins it in order to keep your floor away from ugly water marks.
  • Wondering which floors would be safe when you use this mop? You will be happy to know that this mop is suitable for all types of floors (hardwood floor, ceramic tiles, laminates, marble, stone, glass, granite, vinyl and linoleum). Read: O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop Review – Buy It Or Not?
  • The bucket might seem light, but the sturdy material ensures that you get the best use for years. The combination of having a light and a durable material is exactly what everyone prefers. It is easy to fill and dump water whenever required. Therefore, your floor will have no spills!
  • The handle of the mop rotates 180 degrees in order to reach the most difficult areas that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
  • The Spin Mop and Bucket System by Moprite include 1.75 gallon dual chamber bucket, mop plate, stainless steel mop pole, scrub brush and one micro fiber mop head.

​What are the pros and cons of Spin Mop and Bucket System by Moprite?

​Every product is born with its own set of pros and cons. The only difference is “how do you see the product”.

Ask yourself questions like “is the product matching your requirement”, “Is it in your budget”, “will it keep your house clean”, “is the brand trustworthy”.


  • The mop is washable and deters you to dirty your hands in any means.
  • The product can be used wet or dry on any type of floor. It has unique fibers built to keep the surface scratch free.
  • Ultra durable stainless steel mop pole that will never form rust even after heavy usage.
  • No batteries or foot pedal required.
  • It has a self washing and wringing mechanism which means that no physical effort is required.
  • No water marks left after mopping the surface.
  • The dirtiest of marks are removed with the help of this product.
  • Less utilization of water.
  • Budget friendly.


  • There are not much accessories included with this product. An extra microfiber mop head would have been useful in case the first mop head retires after continuous usage.
  • It can be used only with the accessories provided in the tool kit. No other tools can be attached with this mop.

​How to use Spin Mop and Bucket System by Moprite?

  • Assemble the handle and ensure that it is tight enough. Once tightened there should be no room to unscrew the handle.
  • The best part is the spin mop comes attached with the handle. So, there is no such effort to put in when you buy the product.
  • Do not fill the bucket till the top. This might result in overflow when you insert the spin mop.
  • Just press down on the handle to spin or wring it. You are done!

​Final Thought

​Undoubtedly the Spin Mop and Bucket System by Moprite is one of the best home cleaning tools that you can ever have.

It has been inundated with innumerable features and at the same time the price is kept minimal to help all the buyers purchase this product.

This is a necessary product in your house. Spending a few dollars will offer you relief for years!

About the Author

I am a stay at home mom who loves to have everything spotless. The story behind this site is that I wanted to buy a mop and I did lots of research for it. I found that I could provide a better voice to this subject as there are no or very fewer people talking about the mops.

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