A great choice as it features eco-friendly skills and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria without any cleaning chemicals!!

Life would have been easier if it’s that easy to change the outlook.

Most of us are at a standstill with the same old way to clean and buff our floors with cleaning cloth or a mop that is least high-tech. 

Just your efforts and valuable time needs a break. And, there you go.

Now an adoring option like O-Cedar will get the comfort of lifetime whenever you pick a mop to clean floors.

It’s like you will feel like moping it not like you have to. It’s that easy.


Superbly designed with great features, reasonable pricing and simplified cleaning solution, this steam mop will simplify your cleaning DIYs, especially when you have a busy lifestyle and need an instant to-do thing.

It has microfibers that take off all dust streaks that are tough to scrub in case you are still believing in traditional moping style.

​Know Your Manufacturer

O-cedar brand has been offering durable and eco-friendly steam mops range since it has started offering and now even its that reliable.

Cleaning in tight areas like corners or under furniture is not a problem anymore since we have O-Cedar in our top 10 collection.

​Award Winning Feature

​Like you always wanted to have one-stop source to clean all dirt and grime from your beautifully-build hardfloors, the O-Cedar brand has made that ever-desired results possible.

Taking cleaning to the next level, the brand has come up with Microfiber Scrub Zones this time in this steam mop which is great to have when you need to work out on tough spots.

And, the one-touch bottle release for easy fluid replacement so that a clean floor will retain to its goodness for long period. Read: Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System Review – [Guide]

​What you love about O-cedar?

​Still looking for a matching option to fulfill your cleaning expectations?

If so, look no further than O-Cedar microfiber steam mop which is not only apt to cleaning hardwood floors but compliments your time-savvy usage like washable microfiber pad refills are there.

To check further, we have:

Microfiber Scrub Zones

​If tight corners and under-furniture areas have been problematic for you to clean, simplify it with O-Cedar Microfiber steam mop that achieves total sanitation by picking both dry dust and filthy stains.

This is a great choice for all sealed hard floor surfaces including tile, wood, vinyl and laminate.

For another stain free cleaning round, you need to get all-new mop pads.

Thankfully, O-Cedar mop pads enable you to have machine washed leverage rather buying new and putting overheads in your monthly spending.

And if you need to freshen up your carpet, just snap on the glider and look how it restores your carpeting looks.

Even the corners are covered.

Finally, O-Cedar is among the finest purchases if your choices like cleaning, scrubbing and complete sanitation are fulfilled.

A Quick Peep On Highlights

  • Ready with great steam up within just 20 seconds.
  • Flexible steam level settings.
  • Removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria without using any cleaning chemicals.
  • Lightweight designing.
  • Includes a snap-on glider to refresh carpets plus an extra microfiber pad.


  • Helps in removing tough stains
  • Its washable and refills are available
  • Eco-friendly and kills 99.9% bacteria


  • Mop pads may not look good after washing.


Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 13 x 43 inches

Shipping Weight: 7.5 pounds

Brand Name: O-Cedar

Color: Red and black

Maximum User Weight: 300 pounds


​​This product ​features a wonderful amalgam that you wanted to have in your steam mop.

May be, you find it out of the budget in case you are looking for something in initial or intermediate range or possibly find it not a right fit.

But, the one who is just baffled up with the options available in the market and not able to find the one meant for the purpose, this is one of the best choices to make among top 10 steam mops here.

Where to Buy

​You will love it when you buy it but right now what is on highlight is the right source selection so that botherations like hidden charges or shipping charges won’t get on your nerves in the end when you are about to make payments.



Not just the price or features matters, but here the depth of stains or how frequent you need to clean really does matter.

With O-Cedar, you will get all-clean look just like that by putting your time in a valued manner and not scrubbing for all day and achieving 50-50 results.

The review on O-Cedar Microfober Steam Mop will take you through relaxed yet informative search on how the dust grabbing power of microfiber will help you deep clean your floors.

The new engineering standards provide exceptional cleaning performance that you had been looking for so long.

No pesky particle can escape from the reach of the innovative from the snap-on glider and give your carpets the refreshing, clean looks.

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