​​​​​For cleaning floors and your carpets, the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop stands out for some great reasons.

This mean machine is a hard floor steam mop that cleans and sanitizes floors.

It’s perfect for cleaning floors and has some great benefits.

The Bissell PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop is a robust steam cleaner from the stable of Bissell, one of the most reputed steam mop makers in the market today.

The cleaner comes with Removable Tank, Easy Scrubber, Microfiber Pads, Compact Mops and SmartSet Steam Settings which can help you do the cleaning job ably and quite quickly.

This review comprises of various features and benefits of the cleaner and also takes a look at whether it manages to match up to its competitors in the market or fares better than them.

Is the Bissell Powerfresh Hard Floor Steam Mop Made For Sanitizing?

​According to many customers, this is a great product but is the Bissell Powerfresh Hard Floor Steam Mop made for only mopping or can it sanitize the floors.

Firstly, it is a great device for mopping all hard floors but compared to other brands it does not give off enough hot steam to sanitize the floors.

If you do want to cleanse your floors with this model, you will have to use it in one place for at least up to, 20-minutes to get the floor completely disinfected.

On the other hand, this model has some significant other advantages to make your cleaning tasks a little easier.

You still need to vacuum or sweep the floors before using this model, as it does not have extra attachments and you receive in your purchase the mop, a soft microfiber cleaning pad, a scrubby microfiber cleaning pad and two scent disks.

What Type of Floors and Carpets does the Hard Floor Steam Mop Clean?

With the Bissell 1940, you can clean different sealed or treated hard floors from tile, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, and hardwood.

You can use it to freshen up the carpets in the home, but you need to buy the additional carpet attachment.

It works with a rectangular mop head and fits under furniture with ease.

It can reach into corners as the provided cleaning pads inflated enough to wiggle around these corners.

The cleaning pads made from an antimicrobial material that leaves it without that bad smell when cleaning and you can wash them.

For tougher jobs, you use the scrubby cleaning pad, and it has elastic bands to secure it on the mop head.

The mop head swivels, making maneuvering a little easier.

Another significant characteristic is the pockets available on the inside of the cleaning pad to tuck in the fragrance discs included.

The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop white 1940, steams up these fragrance discs and leaves of a fresh smell while cleaning.

Another stand out feature is the flip down scrubber to clean tight spots, and all you need to do is to step on the mop head.

And the units has one vent at the bottom to disburse the steam.

The water tank holds up to 15 oz water and lasts up to ½ hour of use with standard mopping and may require a refill for sanitizing.

Using the mop is super easy; as you only need to plug it in, wait for 30 seconds as the indicator light tells you that the unit is on.

You can select from three different settings low, medium, and high and all that happens is that the appliance emits more steam with each setting used.

You do not need to hold on to a trigger or use pump action as you find in most of the Shark mops.

The hard floor steam mop does not have an on/off button and care needs to be taken when unplugging and best not to leave it standing in one spot as the heat can ruin the floor.

The only extra attachment you can buy for this model is a carpet glider. Read: Shark 2 in 1 Steam Mop Review – Is It Perfect For You?


  • The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop weighs 6 pounds and measures 43 x 13 x 9.5-inches
  • It has a 23-foot power cord that is relatively long for small apartments and homes
  • The power cord wraps around the unit to keep it out of the way when stored
  • The mop stands up by itself and does not fall over
  • It has a flip down scrubber for cleaning hardened surfaces
  • It has three settings to use for different steam cleaning, low, medium and high
  • Includes a soft microfiber cleaning pad, a scrubby microfiber cleaning pad and two scent disks
  • It is a chemical free mop with a 15 oz water tank


  • The hard floor steam mop stands by itself
  • It is lightweight with a low profile that easily cleans under counters
  • Easy to assemble with one screw to secure the handle as it snaps into place
  • Needs no pumping or holding a trigger and works automatically as you move the unit
  • ​2 Scent Discs – The Spring Breeze fragrance disc inserts function like air fresheners which leaves great-smelling aroma on your floor after cleaning.
  • Easy Scrubber – It can go down and help you get access to the crevices and grout with ease.
  • Microfiber Mop Pads – The cleaner is available with and 2 microfiber mop pads. You can wash the cleaning pads in machines.
  • Removable Water Tank – You can easily remove the water tank and fill it in a sink quite easily.
  • SmartSet Steam Control – It can help clean light to heavy dirt.


  • It leaves some streaks on dark colored flooring
  • It does not have a cooling pad and care needs taken
  • The elastic found on the cleaning pads wear out
  • Does not include the carpet glider and would have made a great added help

The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop 1940 is worth buying if you are looking for an appliance you can use on a regular basis for cleaning floors.

It’s not recommended for sanitizing as it will take quite a while to disinfect the floors.

The fast heating feature of this equipment allow consumers to use it without much delay and do the cleaning within a short time.

The machine ​is not expensive and it can be purchased by even budget buyers, from middle class or lower middle class homes.

It helps you clean without leaving any streaks on your floor or other surfaces. 

The equipment also boasts of as many as three steam control settings, which give you the ability to regulate it better.

The cleaner sanitizes surfaces with water and also uses scent disks that act similar to air fresheners.

If you are looking for an appliance that does not use cleaners, this is the best one to buy.

It’s easy to use and does a great job at cleaning floors.

Once you use this appliance, that old manual mop will be a thing of the past.


​Customers have mostly nice things to say about the Bissell PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop and many of their responses have been extremely positive on web stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Buyers have mostly praised the following things about the cleaner:

  • Easy Assembly - Many people who have purchased the item have also appreciated the fact that its different parts can be assembled together in an easy manner.
  • Easy To Use – The cleaner is light in weight and can be operated quite easily. The fact that it can be pushed quite easily and stored compact makes it even better for use.
  • Multiple Hard Floors Cleaning – The cleaner has been reported to clean hard floors and sanitize them properly. You can clean hard floors like vinyl, marble, laminate, stone and ceramic tiles.

Customers have been found to applaud the ease of use and able performance of the Bissell PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop.

Although it cannot clean surfaces such as grungy grout, it can be effective for cleaning hard floors and does a good job of it for sure. 

The fact that it is easy to assemble and use within a short time makes it a winner all the way.

When pitted against competitors, it fares better than can be expected.

The lightweight cleaner has about everything that you may expect from a cleaner of this price range.

Like most other products from Bissell, the cleaner is able to work very well and is great value for money.

If you are not looking for a very versatile cleaner than works on any type of surface, and are merely looking for one that can mop and clean hard floors only with effectiveness, this can make for a good buy.

With the majority of consumers giving their thumbs up to the machine, you can expect to be satisfied with the quality and functionality of the item.


​When pitted against other similar cleaners in the market, this machines more than holds up and even fares better.

This can be judged by ​4.3 star ratings ​from our editors. When it is compared with products of the same type, it is found to fare in this way​.

​Final Words

​When you look at the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop reviews online, they are positive, and many of the customers are pleased with their purchase.

This model has received an average rating of 4.3 stars from the editors.

They love the fact that it puts together quickly, the reasonable price, filling up the water tanks comfortable, and the steam remains on. 

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