Shark has one of the widest collections of steam mops available online.

One of the popular models is the Shark Lift Away Profession Steam Pocket Mop.

You may know it as the S3901 model and is a tad bit more expensive than the other models in the range.

However, with this more expensive price compared to cheaper models on the market how effective is it at cleaning.

To know more, read our Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop review and find out if you would spend your money on this mop.


If you are looking for an appliance that can clean your floors without using any chemicals and want a handheld steamer included in the deal – look no further than the Shark Lift Away Profession Steam Pocket Mop. 

Is the Shark S3901 Worth Spending Money On

​The Shark S3901 steam mop is a handheld and floor cleaner.

The controls and the water tank is housed within the handheld cleaner unit that is detachable. 

This model comes highly recommended and one of the best available online. It is lightweight and has a durable build.

It has a swivel head that is great for moving around in the home when cleaning and it reaches awkward places where other brands do not reach.

With the included double pocket pads, you are able to clean an area more efficiently than with other brands.

You can reuse the pads, as you can wash them in the washing machine and you can replace them once needed to.

This is superb as it makes cleaning carpets and floors so much easier.

You receive a carpet glider included, but you need to remember this appliance does not clean your carpet but only refreshes it.

Both the steam mop and the handheld cleaner has three different settings you can use the mop for washing floors, the scrub for cleaning tough stains, and the dust setting for removing light stains.

It has a 22-foot power cord and may require an extension lead to reach the whole home when cleaning, depending on how big your home is.

The steam mop is powerful when used as holding the switch for lengths of time makes the steam hotter for cleaning things. Read: Reviews On Bissell 1940 Power Powerfresh Steam Mop – [Guide]

​When buying the steam mop you receive a:- 

  • Surface cleaner
  • Steamer attachment
  • The carpet tool
  • A window squeegee
  • A rectangle mop head
  • One all-purpose scrub pocket
  • A handy bag to keep all the belongings in one place
  • The all-purpose flat scrubber pad lasts up to 20 steam-cleaning tasks

Using the Steam Mop on Floors

​The pads included with the package fits well at the bottom of the mop and there is really no need of changing them all the time.

With one flip, you use the pads for different functions and the appliance is clever enough to figure out which way it is facing for the required steam.

Furthermore, it does loosen all the dirt off the floors to make your job simpler but may not remove hard work completely.

You can use the unit on hard to tiled floors.

The Handheld Steam Cleaner

There have been some minor feedbacks from clients saying that it is not as powerful as some other brands available.

While other clients feel it still does a superb job.

With the handheld steam cleaner, you receive different attachments such as a flat surface scrubbing tool, a direct steam nozzle, and a one-meter hose.

The main selling point of this steam mops and handheld cleaner is that it removes tough grease stains from tiles and the oven.

You can steam your curtains, upholstery; clothes as it comes included with the garment and upholstery accessories.

Another great task you can do with the S3901 is clean doors, conservatories, windows much quicker as you know how long this job can take.

It does help to remove creases out of curtains depending on how creased it is.

While cleaning windows with it is great, you are not able to pick up the dirty water with it.

The only concern while using it for steam cleaning on the floor and as the handheld steamer the water tank is not that big and you do need to do some refills.

While using the appliance for steam cleaning floors you only need to press it and it does the rest.

While with the handheld section removed, you need to hold on to a trigger all the time to get the steam going.

Quality Features

  • The Shark Lift-Away Profession Steam Pocket Mop is a two-in-one device that you can steam clean floors and use as a handheld steamer to steam upholstery and garments
  • It has three levels of steam control dust, scrub, and mop
  • There is no need of using chemicals
  • Included is a washable two-sided steam pocket cleaning pad you can use to scrub and sanitize
  • It has an 180° swivel steering to move it around with ease
  • It has a 300ml water tank capacity and heats up in 30 seconds and has a 22-foot power cable


  • Using the appliance is fast and does not hurt your hands while using
  • The attachments turn over with a flip of the hand is great and moves around without any problems
  • It has a long cable
  • It sanitizes well
  • You do not need chemicals
  • It does not take long to heat up


  • The water tank is a bit small and you may need to do some refilling

Customer Feedback

​When looking at the different Shark Lift Away Profession Steam Pocket Mop reviews from different clients they are more than satisfied with the appliance.

They have good things to say about it with some minor negative remarks as not receiving all the attachments, but great to use for cleaning wood and tiled floors.

Final Thoughts

​If you are looking for an appliance that can clean your floors without using any chemicals and want a handheld steamer included in the deal – look no further than the Shark Lift Away Profession Steam Pocket Mop.

It is a great package deal and worthwhile spending your money on.

The days of going on your hands and knees to clean floors and using hard work to clean windows are over with this appliance standing in your home.

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