​When it comes to cleaning floors, it is a horrible task, as you need to go on your hands and knees to scrub away dirt leaving you with back pain and takes forever.

Now you can solve this problem with the Shark S3250 Quick and Easy Steam Mop to get this daunting task done in half the time you spend on your hand and knees.

The Shark S3250 Steam Mop Makes Cleaning an Easier

​With the Shark S3250 steam mops, you can do your hard floor cleaning easier and faster and the best of all is that you do not need to keep the dogs and kids away while you are busy.

Using the steam mop is easy and has a lightweight so no more back pain for you.

Assembling the steam mop is fast as you receive all the required items to do it in a jiffy.

From fitting the two extension tubes together and with a simple placing of the mop head on the cleaning mop pads it grips to the base easily with the fastener strips in place.

Place some water in the provided tank using boiled water left to cool or distilled water plug in the mop wait 30 seconds, push the handle towards the mop head using a pumping motion and you are ready to clean. Read: Shark S3251 Steam Mop Review – Should You Buy It Or Not?

In addition, as a bonus, you can use the S3250 in a back saver position for reaching tough areas by pressing the available release button on the handle locking it into place.

Moreover, to straighten it again, you only need to press the release button.

Included with your steam mop you receive the steam mop base, two extension tubes, one all purpose cleaning pad that you can wash and reuse, a heavy duty cleaning pad, filling flask and instruction manual.

You can buy additional accessories such as the replaceable cleaning pads and a carpet glider.

The only important thing is to make sure that you sweep or vacuum the floors before using your steam mop.

The cleaning mop has a quick release cord holder that is great keeping the power cord neatly in place.

When powered it has a blue indicator light showing you that the steam mop is functional and ready to use.

The Shark S3250 Quick and Easy Steam Mop automatically operate the steam needed as you move it backward and forward.

With the back saver, you can clean under furniture and tight spots.

If you decide to buy the carpet glider with your purchase, it is great to use on your carpets to freshen it up with warm steam as it sanitizes at the same time.

The steam mop, you can use on any treated hard flooring and will help to keep your floor clean and sanitized at all time.

Unique Features

  • The steam mop has a swivel mop head and automatically controls the steam with movement
  • It takes up to 30-seconds for the cleaning mop to warm up and uses pump control action for steam build up
  • For the power cord, it has a quick release cord holder
  • Included with your steam mop you receive a filling flask, one reusable cleaning pad and one heavy duty cleaning pad
  • With the back saver available on the mop, you can reach under furniture and into tight spots
  • You can buy additional interchangeable mop heads, cleaning pads and the carpet glider extra


  • Lightweight
  • Steams and sanitizes treated hard floors from tiles to wood
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Warms up in seconds and has automatic steam when used


  • Minor complaints that the steam mop stops making steam – could be that it is clogged up if using normal tap water
  • Some fuse issues that is not replaceable except for taking the unit apart

Customer Feedback

​Some love the mop while others are not too pleased with it. Those who love it say it is an affordable and easy to use mop without the frills.

While others feel, that Shark should look into the fuse problem causing the unit to stop by maybe making it easy to replace.

Final Thoughts

​Although there are, some minor concerns commented by different clients there are many of them who just love the Shark S3250 Quick and Easy Steam Mop.

If you are looking for an affordable way to keep your floor clean without using the old-fashioned hand and knees or the spaghetti mop that drips water everywhere this is definitely the right way to go by getting yourself one of the many available Shark steam mops.

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