​When you look at the Shark steam cleaner brand, they have different types from the steam mop to a combination of both steam mop/handheld steam cleaners.

The “Shark S3251 Steam Mop Light And Easy” may not be a two-in-one machine but is powerful enough to clean hard surface floors.

What Makes the Shark Steam Mop S3251 Different From the Rest?

​The Shark S3251 is very similar to the other models available and is easy to assemble.

All that you need to do is fit together the included extension tubes, place the microfiber cleaning pocket that fastens with strips, remove the cap of the water tank, fill it with water, and plug it in and you are ready to start cleaning the floors.

It has an extending handle that you can adjust according to your height and done with the lift of a latch.

Once plugged in you wait for +- 30 seconds for it to warm up, push the handle towards the mop with a pumping action and start moving back and forth.

Included in your box when buying the S3251 the different parts included for assembling is the upper/lower extension tube, the steam mop base, an all-purpose cleaning pad, and the filling flask.

You can use the steam mop to clean all sealed surfaces, and you may find that it does remove the old wax buildup used previously on the floors.

Also, before using the steam mop, it is required to vacuum or sweep the floors.

The steam mop has a long cord released from a quick release cord holder. Once plugged in, it has a blue power light that comes on. 

Also, for ease of storage it has a big hook to hang it on saving you loads of space.

The included all-purpose pads you can reuse as it is washable and we recommend when buying your steam mop to buy additional pads as you only receive one.

This model is very lightweight and only weighs 5.8 pounds and measures 6.5 x 10.8 x 22-inches.

Once you have primed the steam mop, it has on-demand steam that takes place with your mopping motion.

The floors dry immediately and are great, as you have no wet floors after cleaning.

It also has a soft grip handle with a comfortable design to maneuver around without feeling the strain on your back. Read: Shark S3250 Quick and Easy Steam Mop – [An In-depth Review]


  • The Shark S3251 steam mop is lightweight compared to the other models in the collection and only weighs 5.8 pounds and measures 6.5 x 10.8 x 22-inches
  • You have on-demand steam once you have primed the steam mop that works with your natural mopping
  • It heats up in 30-seconds, and you do not need any chemicals only water to wash and sanitize the floors
  • You receive a washable terry pad for all-purpose cleaning
  • It has a soft grip handle that you can extend to your height
  • It is safe to use on most hard surface floors


  • It leaves you without straining your back as the steam mop is lightweight and has an adjustable handle
  • The washable pads last a long time if taken care off as per the instruction manual
  • With one push downwards releases the steam and keeps steaming while using the mop
  • It has a lengthy cord that helps as you do not need to keep unplugging and to plug it in


  • Some minor complaints that the machine stopped working after six times of use while others have had their appliance for more than a year

Customer Feedback

​When reading customer reviews, they are more than pleased with the steam mop.

It is an affordable machine when you are on a tight budget.

Some clients found the cord to short but depend on how big the rooms are in the home.

They are more than pleased with the water tank, as you do not need to keep refilling it with water.

Another, item they like is the washable cleaning pads you receive included with the steam mop.

Final Thoughts

​If you are one of the many people with a tight budget, the Shark Light, and Easy Steam Mop S32451 is right up your alley.

The steam mop is easy to use and does not have many different controls you need to use.

With the on-hand, steam, it gives you the right amount of steam when moving the mop around.

The water tank is large enough to clean one room, and it has a long cord that needs no continuous plugin in and out all the time.

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