​With the Shark S3450 Slim Professional Steam Pocket Mop, you will be ready to start your floor cleaning tasks in 30 seconds.

This is one of the many steam mops available from Shark, and they have changed the world in cleaning for many.

There is no more need of grabbing that bucket of water or struggling with old traditional mops leaving water streaks all over your clean floor with this kitchen tool.

The Revolutionary Shark S3450 Steam Mop

​The Shark S3450 steam mop is quick to heat up, but has a small water tank meaning you will be going to the kitchen sink more than once to refill depending on how big your home is to clean.

While using the steam pocket mop you may be able to get about 10 minutes of cleaning with a full tank of water.

It is a great kitchen appliance to keep your floor cleans from daily dirt left by traffic moving through the home – but many users have said that it does not clean the touch stains left behind after a day or two when not cleaning.

It is very easy to use and includes a very helpful manual with instructions on how to assemble the mop.

The Shark Professional Slim Pocket Mop has a unique design, as you will see when buying your one.

It has a quick release swivel cord wrap with wire clips to keep the power cord neatly out of the way when stored. Included in the package you will receive the steam mop disassembled and included the filling flask, a two-sided microfiber cleaning pad, the all-purpose mob head, a screw, the water tank section with a steam control button & mop head release button, with the mop handle.

The manufacturer recommends that you should not use the cleaning mop on unsealed or unglazed floors as the heat and steam may damage the floors.

The microfiber pad is easy to attach to the steam mop as it has loops and slides onto the cleaning head and secures with quick fasteners.

However, before you do start using the S3450, you will need to vacuum or sweep the floors before using it.

Once powered the blue light starts flashing and all you need to do is press the steam control button to start up the steam action.

Once the steam has built up the blue light becomes darker, and you are ready to start your cleaning task. Read: Shark S3550 Steam Pocket Mop Review – Is It Worth Buying?

If you do, need the steam to stop you press the same steam control button until the blue light starts flashing again?

Cleaning with the appliance is super quick, and once the cleaning pad gets dirty you just flip the cleaning mop head over, and you can use the other side.


  • The Shark S3450 has continuous steam that you regulate by using the steam control button
  • The steam mop controls the steam by keeping it at the right temperature for superb cleaning performance
  • It has a swivel steering design that you can easily maneuver around under furniture and into tight spots
  • It has a lightweight design and weighs 6.8-pounds while measuring 21 x 8 x 5-inches
  • You can use it on all treated hard floor surfaces as it sanitizes it kills off bacteria and germs
  • Additionally, you can buy the carpet glider and other cleaning pads for this model
  • It has a swivel release cord wrap to keep the power cord secure when packed away


  • Heats up quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves no water behind on the floors
  • Affordable
  • Has an adjustable handle


  • This model has a tough time cleaning stains
  • Only has a 10-minute run time of steam with the small water tank

Final Thoughts

The Shark S3450 Slim Professional Steam Pocket Mop is an affordable appliance that makes your floor cleaning tasks a breeze.

It may not be as robust in cleaning stains or grease but still gets the job done.

​If you feel that you do need a steam mop with more punch in it, feel free to look at our other available steam mops here.

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