​With the Shark S3550 Steam Pocket Mop, cleaning hard floor surfaces has not been easier.

When you think about all the different cleaning mops, you have used only once or twice it ends up in the junk bin on its way out.

However, with the S3550, it is a completely different story – wait a little longer to find out how this steam mop cleans well and still leaves something in your pocket.

Why the Shark S3550 Leaves More in Your Pocket

The Shark S3550 steam mop has a great design for floor cleaning.

It controls, steam with on-demand use, includes three by cleaning pads, a rectangular mop head, and a filling flask, and is easy to use.

As you expected it cleans the floors through the steam it produces, and only needs water.

This is the first saving cost in your pocket as you do not need to buy cleaning products and you’re ridding your home of harmful chemicals.

It works with high-temperature steam that cleans and sanitizes the floors at the same time.

With the right amount of pressure applied to the appliance, it gives you the correct amount of steam to clean the floors.

It takes up to 30-seconds to warm up and you are ready for action in cleaning the floors.

This specific model has a quick release swivel cord wrap, cord clips for keeping the power cord in place, a telescopic handle latch and a power-on blue light when the steam mops switched on.

The tank holds up to 15 oz water and Shark advises to use distilled or boiled tap water to prevent a build up chlorine in the tank.

You receive included the microfiber cleaning pockets and are washable for up to 20 washes before you need to replace them.

This is another great save in your pocket and when buying the extra cleaning pads to keep as spare saves you more money in the end.

The appliance weighs +-4 pounds and measures 14.4” x 12” x 5.9” and not too heavy to carry around.

The handle is adjustable to your height and another great thing is that it has a 12-inch cleaning path.

You can use it on sealed wood, marble, tiles, and carpets when buying the carpet glider. Read: Shark S3601D Professional Steam Pocket Mop Review [Guide]

The steam mop has a swivel steering making it easier to move around and you change the heads by pushing a button.

The S3550 is a manually pumped steam mop and does not have the auto shut off function as you find in the S3601 and S3901.


  • The water tank on the Shark S3550 can take up to 15 oz water
  • It heats up in 30-seconds
  • It works with push to pump steam on demand
  • The cord length is 20-inches
  • It has a swivel steering and weighs +-4 pounds and measures 14.4” x 12” x 5.9”
  • You receive included the rectangular mop head, 3 washable all-purpose pockets, the filling flask


  • The Shark S3550 Steam Pocket Mop is an astonishing appliance that saves you money on cleaning products
  • It cleans and sanitizes the floor
  • It has a 20ft power cord that is suitable to use in small apartments and offices without you needing to plug and unplug it all times
  • The two-sided pockets are great and save you time while cleaning
  • The water tank is large enough to clean one room
  • The head that flips is great and the additional cleaning heads you buy are great for cleaning different surfaces


  • You still need to vacuum or sweep the floor
  • It is made from plastic and there have been minor complaints about the handles breaking
  • It does not deep clean grout and does not have an on/off switch

Customer Feedback

​Overall, when reading some of the Shark S3550 Steam Pocket Mop reviews, customers are very pleased with the product.

There are some minor complaints that the steam mop doesn’t give off enough steam for deep cleaning, and other clients complained that the handle is flimsy.

While there are some that disagree that the steam mop is not that great, others find it to be a very helpful tool to use throughout the home or the office.

Final Thoughts

​No matter where you go online, the Shark S3550 Steam Pocket Mop makes an excellent impression on those who have bought the product.

They find it a helpful appliance that saves them loads of money on buying cleaning detergents.

It is a time saver and a great appliance that relieves your body from aches and pains when going on your knees, as you know how backbreaking that can be.

If you only have the basic floor, cleaning this model is sure to impress you.

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