​If you are like many of us, who does not enjoy going on your hands and knees to clean the floor the Shark S3601D Professional Steam Pocket Mop is going to become your best friend.

The Shark brand has a wide selection of steam mops available all stating that they can clean hard floors and we decided to look at this one a bit closer.


​The Shark S3501D Professional Steam Pocket Mop may not have an on/off switch, which would have been a great feature to have, but it is easy to assemble and use.

Is the Shark S3501D Steam Mop worth Buying?

​If you are sitting here, wondering if the Shark S3501D steam mop is worth buying the only way is to find out what it has to offer.

Firstly, it will cut down your time of cleaning your floors, as you do not need to go on your hands and knees anymore.

Another important thing you will save on is cleaning products, as you do not need chemicals and only water.

The other great thing about this specific brand is that it has a 2-sided cleaning pocket.

This means that it only requires a flip over and great to use the one side for cleaning and once it is dirty just flip it over.

The S3601D steam mop is easy to assemble and once you switch it on, it heats up in seconds.

Assembling the steam mop requires only one screw to join the included parts together.

The cord is extra long about 25-feet saving you time to keep unplugging it to use in other parts of the home.

The steam mop has a superb design to steam clean, treated hard surfaces as the micro-fiber pockets loosen the dirt and lock it into the pads.

You have constant steam and the appliance includes three different settings such as the dust, mop, and scrub sets.

While cleaning the floors it leaves the floor dry and sanitizes the floors at the same time with the required steam.

It has a swivel steering to reach into corners and around the furniture in the home.

However, you still need to vacuum or sweep the floors before using the steam mop.

There have been some minor complaints that it does not give enough steam to wet the pockets and many customers suggest you should wet the pockets lightly with water.

You receive one set of washable pockets and best to buy extra ones when making your purchase leaving you with spare pockets to use.

The water tank is large enough and you do not need to keep refilling after using it in one area.

Compared to some of the other Shark models this specific model does not require you to keep pumping it. Read: Shark Steam Mop S3101 Review – Should You Buy or Not?

It has a long handle and takes up little space when stored.

The only thing that would have been great on this steam mop is an on/off switch as the steam keeps running at all the time.


  • Included with the Shark S3501D you receive the triangular mop head, rectangular mop head, two washable all purpose pockets, and the filling flask
  • You can buy additional accessories for the steam mop such as all-purpose cleaning pockets and the carpet glider
  • It weighs 8.3 pounds and has a cord length of 25-feet
  • Designed with three different steam settings scrub, dust, and mop
  • It has a 500ml water tank
  • The cleaning pads are double sided and only requires a flip over of the cleaning head


  • Has a two-sided cleaning design that saves you time in replacing the pockets
  • The water tank is large enough and gives you longer cleaning
  • The steam mop is easy to assemble
  • Safe to use on treated hard floor surfaces


  • Not as light as other models in the collection
  • Does not have an on/off switch

Customer Feedback

​The overall rating on the Shark S3501D Professional Steam Pocket Mop is good.

There is a mix of feelings when it comes to those who have bought the mop.

They love the fact that it has the intelligent steam control with the three different settings to choose.

Some had minor complaints that it leaves the floor looking dull with streaks but once looking closes they find that it is slowly removing the old wax used on the floors.

The positive feelings are much more than the negative ones making this an excellent buy if you are deciding on buying a steam mop.

​Final Thoughts

​When looking at the steam mop, especially the ones available from Shark you have a wide selection to choose.

The Shark S3501D Professional Steam Pocket Mop may not have an on/off switch, which would have been a great feature to have, but it is easy to assemble and use.

It requires no pumping of a trigger and with the intelligent steam control and settings, you can clean different hard floor surfaces with it.

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