We have looked at many different Shark steam mops that save you time and some pain than going on your knees to scrub the floor.

The same applies to the Shark S3101 Original Steam Mop review and we hope that it at least saves you some time and aggravation when looking for a steam mop for yourself.

To know more about the top features of the S3101 are the price and the reputation it has from many customers online.

Is the Shark S3101 Steam Mop for You

The Shark S3101 steam mop has no fancy features and is a hard floor steam cleaner.

You cannot use it to clean vertical surfaces or use it on a carpet.

Use is it in the same way you would use a traditional mop with the exception that it is power operated and gives off steam.

It only weighs 3 pounds and much lighter than the previous models reviewed by us.

You can use the steam mop on most treated hard surface floors accept laminated flooring.

The reason for this is that it could eat away the layers of the floor and will make it look old before the time.

The floor types you can use it on are:

  • Granite,
  • Marble,
  • Sealed hardwood,
  • Glazed ceramic, and
  • Sealed concrete

It has a thick cleaning pad that is superb for removing recent dirt build up.

You receive the steam mop with a rectangular cleaning head and can easily reach beneath the edges of the furniture in the home.

It does not have a swivel head compared to other models available.

Without this feature, you may have to go over certain areas more than once.

You receive one washable microfiber pad that lifts the dirt but has minimal steam emission and compared to some of the other models may not clean as well.

The great thing is that you can wash the cleaning pad in a washing machine or by hand and dries quickly.

The cleaning pads you need to replace after at least 20 washes, and you can buy the replacements online.

The majority of the Shark steam mops used to come with two of these washable pads but lately you only receive one.

Attaching the cleaning pad is fast as it has a Velcro strip and is easier than trying to attach the cleaning pockets sold with the other models.

After cleaning the floor, you have a dry floor and no more wet patches all over it.

The water tank is not that large, it only holds 7.8 ounces of water and requires you to do some refills.

You cannot remove the water tank, but it does have a funnel to fill up under a faucet.

It is easy to use and only needs you to plug it in and takes up to 30-seconds to heat up.

It does not automatically start steaming, and you need to prime the pump for the steam to come through.

With the handle pressed down it drives the steam to the base of the appliance.

It has on-demand steam, and when the steam mop is standing, still it does not emit any steam.

The steam mop works quietly, and there is no need of shouting to people forms them to hear you.

It does not have complicated controls and does not even have an on/off switch.

The handle is comfortable to hold with a curved fit, and you can buy replaceable handles for the appliance in case of breakage. Read: Shark S3450 Slim Professional Steam Pocket Mop [ Review ]

You do not receive any additional attachments only the cleaning pad and a tank refill funnel.

You can buy added accessories such as the washable pads, disposable cleaning pads, a carpet glider and spray cleaners to spray on the floor.


  • The Shark S3101 only weighs 3 LBS and has 20 feet power cord
  • Mop comes with a cord clip for wrapping the cord around the handle
  • S3101 has a 7.8-ounce water tank
  • It heats up in 30-seconds and has on-demand steam


  • Affordable price
  • Very lightweight
  • No need of buying chemical cleaners
  • The steam mop is easy to use and has no fancy features


  • The head does not swivel
  • It has a flimsy handle, but you can buy replacement ones
  • Needs priming before you can use it

Customer Feedback

​Although, the Shark S3101 is a basic steam mop it has received some excellent ratings from clients.

There are those who love the steam mop while others despise it.

When stepping away from the traditional bucket and water, this model is a step up.

Overall Thoughts

​The Shark S3101 Original Steam Mop is a basic appliance to help make your cleaning task a little easier.

There are many excellent reviews and ratings for this unit online.

If you have a limited budget, this steam mop will become your best friend, but if you have a little more to spend look at the S3501 that has a sturdy design with a two-sided cleaning pad. 

If you only have very little hard flooring in the home, the S3101 is suitable and works well if you have a small storage space.

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