There may be some of you who already own the Shark Steam Mop s3501 and if you don’t – we are here to help you make an informative decision to find out if you need one.

The days of going on your hands and knees to scrub the floors are gone with all the latest cleaning appliances available on the market.

They save you time and makes your cleaning task a little easier. ​

Therefore, for those of you who do not know the steam mop here is a detailed Shark S3501 review to make you see how effective this appliance works.

Cleanse And Sanitize Your Sealed Surface And Get Your Floors Looking Good Without Taking Much Time!

​Review Summary

The S3501 Shark Steam Pocket Mop deep-cleanses and sanitizes hard floors which include wood, tile, linoleum, and vinyl.

The dual-side microfiber pads in this model acts as a powerful weapon to curb all ground-in dirt, dust and grime.

You can’t go wrong with this product when you have kids in the house – like they generally fuss around you muddy shoes.

Moreover, their complete sanitation is your responsibility and the product performs it very well.

Your first attraction towards Shark Steam Pocket Mop is its two-sided microfiber pads that allow you to double cover the cleaning area with a quick flip of the pocket pad if required on the floor.

Plus, it has an XL water capacity that makes mop much effective for long hours without stopping.

​Know Your Manufacturer

​Shark brand offers a revolutionary trap with a technology that removes four times better dirt than any other product.

While competing with vacuuming alone, the brand enables unlocking and dehydrating stuck-on dirt that becomes easier to vacuum later.

Also, the steam pocket range of Shark brand bring the power of super-heated steam in cleaning that eliminates 99.9% bacteria and germs without leaving any stubborn marks ignored. Read: Sienna Vibe Steam Mop Review – Should You Buy It Or Not?

Floor Cleaning Jobs Become Easier with the Shark S3501

​The Shark S3501 steam mop may not be the ideal choice for everyone, however, works perfectly in small places.

It is a stick steam mop, and you can only use it for cleaning hard surface floors.

So remember it does not vacuum or clean carpets, and you can’t use it for cleaning vertical surfaces.

The great thing is that you only need water and can throw away your chemicals.

The steam mop is lightweight and similar to a traditional mop but not much heavier.

It is easy to use and takes away the time it takes to fill a bucket and squeezing out that horrible spaghetti mop.

What Floor Types you can Clean

​With the Shark Steam Pocket Mop, you can clean sealed services such as ceramic, marble, tile, concrete, hardwood, and vinyl.

The steam mop does not clean laminated floors and over time strips away the old wax buildup.

With the steam mop, you receive a rectangular shaped head, and you can buy the triangular shaped head separately.

​Award Winning Feature

Lightweight approach is something that influences almost everyone, Not neccessary that you need to have something specific in mind to own a product whih is light in weight.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop cares for your easy handling along with saving time as you will find it more handy when using it non-stop.

The chemical free property cleans easily with , providing 99.9% sanitization, so you can have a confident clean-up experience that your floors are germ-free as well as chemical-free.

What you love about Shark S3501?

​If you have a back sprain or a sensitive wrist handling then Shark Steam Pocket Mop is just right for you.

The lightweight is definitely a plus when you look around the top 10 steam mop options but you will surely find lot more things attractive. Some of them are:


For Extra Tough Messes

​Try the Shark S3501 steam pocket mop steam energized cleanser that combines with steam for superior deep cleaning.

If you have those stuck dirt, grime or filth marks on the floors then this could be the best product you will find ever.


Wide Cleaning Path

Around 12” wider cleaning path enables faster and safer cleaning.

Most of the floor types like sealed wood, tiles, marble, and even carpets are destined to have the best care done with Shark Pocket Steam Mop magic.

​In nutshell, Shark S3501 is an amazing appliance to have in your home with one year warranty and good amount of accessories such as 2 different heads: one is triangular and other one is rectangular shaped, 2 floor pads and 2 carpet pads (may vary as mentioned) and 1 water cup.

​A Quick Peep On Highlights

  • On-demand powerful steam to enable right mopping motion naturally within just 30 seconds, and it quickly dries up too.
  • Fight against germs and kill up to 99.9% of them through total sanitization.
  • Includes 2 washable microfiber pads those are best made to lift and lock in dirt. You need no more messy mops and heavy buckets.
  • With soft-grip handle, easy maneuver is possible without any physical stress
  • 25-foot power cord allows lengthy area cleaning. Easy to release and store as per the needs.
  • Hard-floor surfaces are offered with safe cleaning – including hardwood floors
  • Filling flask20’ power cord
  • It has a 15 oz water tank
  • The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 weighs +- 4 – 5 pounds and when the handle is fully extended is measures 51-inches tall


  • Steam on-demand
  • No use of chemicals
  • Sanitizes floors with both sides
  • XL water capacity
  • The steam mop is lightweight enough
  • It does lift dirt from the floors with the cleaning pad
  • It has a large tank and requires fewer refills of water
  • It has a telescoping handle
  • You do not need chemicals, saving you loads of money on cleaning products
  • works quietly


  • It may take your extra efforts on cleaning tough stains.
  • Using the on-demand steam takes some elbow grease to keep the steam coming out of the unit
  • The gliding process is not easy


Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 9.5 x 25.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 14.2 pounds

Brand Name: Shark

Color: Lavender

Maximum User Weight: 300 pounds

Makes Cleaning Super Fast

​Once the cleaning pad is attached, it has a 10.5-inch cleaning path.

The steam mop is versatile to use under furnitures such as a worktable, cabinets, and a buffet cabinet.

The head swivels so it maneuvers around easily into tight spaces and it flips over to use the other side of the cleaning pad.

Therefore, there is no need of stopping to remove cleaning pads or the need of replacing it with a second one.

The included pockets fit tightly over the entire top and bottom of the steam mop head.

Some customers have found the pockets a bit difficult to attach with the Velcro strips, and eventually you do get them on.

The Shark S3501 gives enough steam, but you still need to give some effort on your part when used.

The cleaning pads have two sides so you can quickly clean an 800 square feet place without the need of changing the pockets.

When used the floors dry quicker and leaves nearly no water behind.

The only thing you may find while using this particular model is that it does not do a great job at cleaning dirt in the grout.

You only receive one cleaning pad with this appliance. You will have to buy the additional pocket and available at an affordable price.

The pockets are reusable as you can machine wash them, however, would recommend washing them by hand. ​

t has a 15 oz water tank and helps a little when it comes to refilling and includes a water container with a funnel spout.

Once the steam mop is plugged in, it starts heating up immediately.

This model requires you to pump the handle up to ten times to prime the tank before you can start mopping the floors.

The S3501 is easy to use, and you only need to plug it in and pump the trigger. It also has a telescope designed handle to adjust the height while working.

With your purchase, you only receive two attachments the washable all purpose cleaning pocket and the filling funnel.

You can buy different additional accessories to use with this model the washable scrub pocket, the washable, clean and dust pad, the replacement rectangular pad, the triangular mop head, and a carpet glider.


​It is not expensive for what it offers ultimate expertise in cleaning arena.

Most of the steam mops cost a lot more in comparison to the features but if you really want to be lucky in your search for steam mop, Shark S3501 is the right choice.

Consumer Feedback

​When you read the available Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 review, users love this mop.

They prefer it to the traditional mop and are easy to set up and use.

You can buy the replacement pads online, and they hold up well when used.

There have been some minor complaints about the steam mop dying on them after a couple of months of use while others have used their steam mop for more than a year without problems.

Where to Buy

​You will love it when you buy it but right now what is on highlight is the right source selection so that botherations like hidden charges or shipping charges won’t get on your nerves in the end when you are about to make payments.

​Final Words

Happy Buying!

Things wont be in favor if the price would have taken a bit hike but thankfully its just the way you look for your ideal purchase experience.

XL water capacity and no use of chemicals saves time as well as overheads.

What’s more is you need not to spend more time on changing pads as it has two way cleaning.

​So you need not to use smelly cleanerst or trail a bucket anymore.

It’s the surface and the challenge you have so that your S3501 could perform as per your expectations.

A happy buying for everyone, whether a budgeted buyer or demanding one.

There are some Shark steam mop models available online. The Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop comes highly recommended if you have a tight budget.

While the more expensive models give you more features, the S3501 gives you enough power and steam to keep your floors clean without the use of chemicals.

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