​Today, I'm going to review Sienna vibe steam mop.

​Review Summary

Thanks to the make and design Sienna Vibe Steam Mop offers you will have access to all tinny spaces between the walls or corners left un-cleaned or under furniture space hardly swiped in last several months and alike places.

It comes with a carpet glider that you can use to achieve refreshing carpet looks.

It only releases steam over the fibers so that you can purge the carpet odors and puff up the carpet a bit.

Features are quite promising. Lightweight and easy fill up is something you will score on top.

Moreover, it steams up all time instead of manually pressing steam button which is a plus. Knowing further would be fun while you scroll further.

​Know Your Manufacturer

Sienna products achieve top ranking in competitive purchasing because of the greater insight the brand ponders to improve the cleaning lifestyle of consumers.

The design favors maximum efficiency and ease of use which is lightweight structure is given top priority.

Also, the brand performs consistent development standards so anything to do with market advances will have the best levels performed by professionals in this company. Read: Twist and Shout Mop Review – Is It Good Or Bad For You?

​Award Winning Feature

​The "Steam Stop Mode" is the uniqueness offered by Sienna Vibe Steam Mop making it stand out of the rest.

It turns the steam off when you will leave the unit in upright locked position. It reduces the risk of steaming more than your need.

A key feature that you won’t find in other mops in such an attractive price, this "Steam Stop Mode" will enable triangular head to work in really low profile knowing how to work out in tight spaces with right force.

​What you love about Sienna Vibe Steam Mop?

​If you really know the pain of bending and cleaning low profile spaces or pressing steam button manually is what you won’t prefer to stay occupied then Sienna vibe steam mop is the product just rightly designed for you.

Looking on further to its uniqueness, you will come to know that it provides:

3 adjustable smart settings

​While you come across things like whether you want to steam up less or high as per the cleaning need, Sienna Vibe has got 3 adjustable smart steam settings to dust, mop and scrub which is one-of-its-kind feature for every type of floor.

Properties like Vibrating, Steaming, Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Folding to almost half its size whenever you are done for storage.

Reduces Residue

​The unit’s steam leaves almost no moisture or least what is required, which shows that it dries almost that moment only and leaves no water residues.

And, the special vibration setting enables removing tough dirt from the floor.

​In nutshell, Sienna Vibe offers a wide range of features that cost you really less and works just like other high-priced steam mops.

​A Quick Peep On Highlights

  • Offers 3 adjustable steam levels for smart usage.
  • Lightweight enables easy clean up
  • Comes with a wide cleaning path and 180 degrees of movement
  • Has a swivel head to perfectly reach tight spaces or corners or open floor spaces
  • Least stress on hand and wrist with its ergonomic handle design
  • Steam produces little moisture and dries floor almost immediately
  • Changeable water filter prevents from scale build-up
  • Convenient storage with its sturdy, easy-to-hang hook
  • Electric cord with a quick-release cord wrap and wrap-around feature for easy storage


  • Environmentally safe
  • Unique triangular mop head
  • Steam mop mode to turn off the steam as per needs.
  • Least moisture enables fast drying


  • Quality concerns
  • Limited cord length


Product Dimensions: 6 x 16.8 x 9.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 5.6 pounds

Brand Name: Sienna

Color: Purple/White


​What brings your cleaning expectations to perfection is hard to know unless you have a steam mop like Sienna Vibe.

Also, the feature it offers has been reasonable to the body stress, or work schedule so that cleaning becomes fun and not a task to perform.

​Where to Buy

​Definitely, this has been a mission to accomplish for most of us but to ensure the right buying source is as important as finding the right product.

So before you go with the payment thing, just have the complete insight about the seller’s website and keep a background check.


​Offers Uniqueness!

Features like Steam Stop mode and 3 adjustable steam settings make it just right for people who loves multitasking.

A push button to stop steam while cleaning under tough area or as you need makes it one-of-a-kind product, unlike other steam mops featuring manual long press button for burst of steam.

What’s more, you will have the affordable price, chemical-free usage, triangular mop head and many more features to use and make your home look amazingly clean every time you invite your guests.

Needless to say that Sienna stood top ranked brand among all competitors.

You may have some queries regarding the long stay but the right way of using it is how it makes a difference in the stay.

Out there in the market, where you have higher possibility of being mislead and buy a wrong steam mop, Sienna Vibe Steam Mop is something that achieves great score on the whole and condemns those who have negatives to say.

For budgeted buyers, it is one of the ideal choices to make.

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