How To Store Brooms and Mops Without a Closet (5+ Methods)

If you lack a closet for broom and mop storage, consider these alternatives: use hooks and zip ties, invest in a wall-mounted hanger or repurpose a shoe organizer. Additionally, you can store them in a shallow cupboard, the garage, a stand-alone cabinet, or use an over-the-door storage system or a large storage container. To maintain their condition, ensure you clean and dry them thoroughly before storage by rinsing with water and letting them dry in a well-ventilated area.

​Many people store brooms and mops at ​the corner of their houses ​without knowing the ​damage it can cause to their brooms and mops.

With proper storage ​after use, you can increase the service life of the brooms and mops and use it for more than 2-3 times longer than you expected.

The utility closet for cleaning tools such as brooms and mops often called the broom closet, is an extremely important part of any household.

But it occupies huge space which is bad for small houses or apartments.

It doesn’t matter how frequently you use brooms and mops to clean your house; there is no excuse not to have a well-organized, clean, and pleasant way to store brooms and mops without a Closet

How To Store Brooms and Mops Without a Closet

5 Ways To Store Brooms and Mops without A Closet

When you have limited storage space, it makes sense to look for creative ways to organize the space you do have.

One of the most common household storage problems is how to store brooms and mops.

Sometimes you need a broom and mop in the same place . Other times, you need to keep them separate.

No matter what your storage needs are, there’s a way to make it work.

broom and mop holders

Storing mops and brooms can often be a challenge.

If you keep your brooms and mops in the closet, you may find that they are not arranged in the most efficient way of storing your mops and brooms.

A better idea would be to use a broom and mop holder.

broom and mop holders

A broom and mop holder will make it easier to store your broom and mops. A broom and mop holder can be used to hold your brooms and mops.

A broom and mop holder is a good way to store your brooms and mops. You can find more information at

broom racks

Storing a broom and a mop in the same place is quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of space.

Most of the time, they tend to take up a lot of room and clutter your garage or shed.

So, to solve this problem, you can use a broom holder. A broom holder will keep your broom and mop off the floor and out of sight.


To store your broom and mop on the clotheslines, you first need to make sure that the clotheslines are empty.

If you have already needed to hang more clothes on the lines, you can take everything down and then re-hang it all on the lines.

Then, you can take the broom and mop and hang them on the clotheslines.

You can hang them on the lines by hooking them on the clotheslines, using the broom and mop’s handles.

If you have a ladder, you can also hang them on the lines using the broom and mop’s handles and the ladder.

broom hooks

It is a good idea to store your broom and mop on hooks.

This way, they are not taking up space on the floor, but also it will help you from stepping on them or hurting yourself with them.

You can easily store your broom and mop by using a hook that attaches to the wall.

zip tie

Keeping a broom and mop handy on your property is a great way to keep your home clean. However, what do you do with them when they are not in use?

If you have an old ladder, some ratchet straps, and a little time on your hands, zip ties can be used as brooms and mop holders!

To store these items, attach a zip tie to the handle of your broom and loop the other end of the zip tie around one side edge of your bucket or wall-mounted mop holder.

Plan about what cleaning items you will have before storing them

Before storing your brooms and mops, it is recommended that you start planning which items you will be using in the first place.

Once you know are aware of which cleaning tools and supplies you will be using on a regular, the process of storing your brooms and mops will become all the easier.

If your cleaning closet is extremely simple and comprises only brooms and mops, then you might be able to store them in a shallow cupboard with only a few inches of space.

However, it is usually not that simple.

Most households will have several cleaning supplies that need to be stored along with brooms and mops, which can only be done accurately if you plan it properly.

The process for storing dry mops and dirty or wet mops is not the same.

​Throw away what you don’t need!

Often, it is tempting to just hoard whatever cleaning items we can get our hands on.

However, this is not a healthy cleaning habit and will cause problems when it comes to being able to store cleaning items such as brooms and mops effectively.

Most cleaning storages or utility closets will be filled with lots of old rags, pieces of clothes used as dusters, old bottles of cleaning liquids, and maybe some broken cleaning items as well.

You need to throw out what you don’t need!

Empty your entire cleaning storage and discard all items that do not work properly and others such as rags which you may have too much of.

It is recommended to switch to biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternatives too.

​Arrange other items in your closet in a way that complements mops and brooms​

Mops and brooms are perhaps the most frequently used items in any cleaning closet.

The utility they offer is far greater than what other cleaning items are used for, and their use is quite regular too.

You need to organize the remaining items in your cleaning closet in such a fashion that does not obstruct your access to the mops and brooms.

This means that you should keep any large and sturdy cleaning items in the lowest section of the cleaning closet or at the very back.

This is because they will occupy too much space.

Alternatively, if you can find another place to store these bulky items, that would be ideal too.

Next, you need to take care of any hoses by looping them around hooks in your cleaning closet.

You could use bike hooks or hose holders for hanging the vacuum.

Cleaning items such as dusting cloths, dustpans, and brushes can also be hung on hooks in your closet.

If you have any cleaning solution for bleaching items, it is recommended that you wrap them in plastic bags and make sure they are tightly sealed before putting them in the bottom corner of the closet.

Finally, the brooms and mops belong on a mounted hook immediately in front of the closet, where it is easy for you to quickly grab them and take them out for daily use – maybe even multiple times.

​Personalize your cleaning space

Being able to customize the arrangement and layout of your cleaning storage space will help you feel a lot more in control of what you are doing.

When it comes to mops and brooms, you could use a personalized hook board or a wall-mounted holder that can be used to store mops and brooms.

Make sure that the hooks or holders are well spaced out, leaving a lot of space in between so that the handles can rest easily without the cupboard toppling on you every time you try to open them.

Serious cleaning items that can be potentially dangerous to children should always be placed in the top rack of the cleaning cupboard, where they are difficult to access.

By personalizing and customizing the storage of your cleaning space instead of just carelessly throwing all the cleaning items together will help you experience stronger ownership of the space.

You will also be motivated to maintain your cleaning closet if this happens.

​Consider a storage space structural revamp

If you have some spare cash lying on you and your storage closet is a total mess – it might be time to make a wise investment.

Consider spending some of your money on addressing the structural issues of your cleaning closet.

You might want to get a subdivided cabinet so you can neatly tuck away cleaning items in your storage.

You could also pay to have partitions made as required to help organize your cleaning storage.

Create divisions where you place long-handled items such as brooms and mops on one end of your cleaning closet and heavy-duty cleaning items such as vacuums on the other.

With proper storage, you can use a mop for a long time. Even after when it is damaged, you can recycle those mops for other uses such as in DIY projects.

​The bottom line

The most important thing about storing brooms and mops is that it is something that needs to be done sooner or later.

You might be procrastinating and putting off cleaning your storage closet for quite some time now, but now is the time to get done with it.

If you don’t have a proper cleaning closet, take a look around your house and come up with unused creative spaces that could potentially be used to store your mops and brooms.

If nothing works, you could simply use a wall-mounted rack to place them in the corner of the house and the vacuum/dustpan/brush can find their place in a kitchen cabinet.

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