My Vax Steam Mop Is Leaking

My Vax Steam Mop Is Leaking

Are you concerned about the vax steam mop leaking? It will result in your carpets and floors wet. Many users like cleaning using a steam mop, and they are enjoying this notable device. Appliances are prone to issues, and it may impact their operational productivity. Many times with widgets, you may resolve the issues, but […]

Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying

Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying

Are you taking the best precautions of cleaning your home or office, yet dirt will find its entry into your spaces. Once it is in, the only resort is to look for good mopping. As cleaning is a relentless job, considering a bona spray mop is helpful to maximize your efforts. Sparkling floors does not […]

How Often To Replace Steam Mop Pad

How Often To Replace Steam Mop Pads

A steam mop pad is the best floor mops. It is identical to the floor cleaners. However, a steam mop offers a new spin, assuring the best cleaning convenience and robust power. A steam mop ensures convenient cleaning and is a wonderful tool bringing a world of difference. It is an innovative floor map saving […]

How To Remove Stains From Steam Mop Pads

How To Remove Stains From Steam Mop Pads

A steam mop is a very convenient and wonderful cleaning tool. However, making use of it brings a huge difference in revealing the cleaning efficiency. An innovative floor mop is the steam mops. It saves time but requires you to do some prep work before beginning cleaning of floors. Steam mops heat water to nearly […]

How To Care For Mops

How To Care For Mops

Mops are a fundamental part of household equipment and they should be maintained for longer and effective use. There are several aspects you can ensure for better care. These include cleaning and washing them. The way you store them also affects the lifespan and usage. It is important that you keep them hygienic and sanitary. […]

How To Store Wet Dirty Mops (+Prevent Gems & Bacteria)

Mops are used to clean floors, and to wipe either wet or liquid substances on the floor.  There are three common types of wet mops depending on the choice of work or desires. These are: Cut end wet mop head, Looped end wet mop head, and Microfiber wet mop head. 1. ​Cut end wet mop […]

Remove Hard Water Scales From a Steam Mop (2 Easy Methods)

Remove Hard Water Scales From a Steam Mop

Steam mops are one of the easiest ways to get a sparkling floor. However, when is the last time you gave it a closer look?  When did you last clean it? Have you noticed your mop doesn’t seem to build up as much steam anymore? ​What Are These Spots? That pesky hard residue is never […]

Softening Your Roller Mop Head Without Struggle (New & Old)

Softening Your Roller Mop Head

Have you ever grabbed your roller mop motivated to get that perfectly clean kitchen floor? Realizing its sponge head was hard as a rock with grime. Then thinking, no worries I’ll grab a new refill. But despite yourself, you find the new head almost has hard as the used one. This is the dilemma every […]

How To Re-use Or Recycle The Old Mops (& make them valuable)

How To Re-use Or Recycle The Old Mops

Mops are among the most popular cleaning items in the home, but they can wear off or become damaged if not handled with care. It becomes very disgusting to have a heap of old or damaged mops in your house and it can occupy lots of space.  You should not rush to throw away your […]

How To Store Brooms and Mops For Long Lasting (2 Times More)

Store Brooms and Mops

​Many people store brooms and mops at ​the corner of their house ​without knowing the ​damage it can causes to their brooms and mops . With proper storing ​after use, you can increase the service lifetime of the brooms and mops and use it for more than 2-3 times longer you expected. The utility closet […]