How To Clean Gun Cleaning Mops

How To Clean Gun Cleaning Mops

A gun cleaning mop is a thick mop in cotton, and it comes in the same diameter as the gun bore. You may apply to the gun cleaning mop the gun cleaner and push it front and back. It will soak the area and move easily. During this course of action, the mops also wipe […]

How To Wash Rubbermaid Mops

How To Wash Rubbermaid Mops

Rubbermaid is the manufacturer and provider of household items based in America. It is a subsidiary of Newell Brands and it specializes in household products like cleaning items and trash bags. Rubbermaid makes a lot of various items, especially different types of mops. Like all sorts of equipment, you must take some precautions in order […]

How To Disinfect Mops (From Harmful Bacteria & Germs)

How To Disinfect Mops

Mops do a great job cleaning your floors, but what happens after you finish using them?  Like other cleaning tools, mops also need to be cleaned.  Nobody wants to leave bad lines on the kitchen floor. ​Certainly, mops hide many pathogenic bacteria.  You might think twice about not sterilizing them.   Fortunately, there are many […]

How To Clean A Stinky/Smelly Mop (With Cleaning Mixtures)

Clean A Stinky Mop

Nothing feels and smells better than a clean home. But nothing is great about the smelly mop you have afterward.  Mops naturally retain moisture which is why we use them. But if they are not cleaned properly, they will become moldy and have mildew growth. Mold and mildew will cause an unsafe home and smelly […]

How To Clean Micro Fiber Mops (Hand, Machine or Drying)

Clean Micro Fiber Mops

When washing hardwood floors, tile floors, concrete floorings, laminate floors and all other hard surface floors, microfiber mops are fantastic. Modern Mops require the use of a bucket and a chemical cleaner, and they are messy to use too, unless you have more than $100 in a decent bucket and wringer!   On the other […]

How to Clean Mops & Make Them Neat & Odorless (+ Germ-free)

How to Clean Mops

Mops are one of the most important accessories in a household since they take care of everyday cleanliness. While regular sweeping or vacuum does get rid of the majority of the dirt, cleaning your floors with a mop is probably the most efficient way. However, this superb cleaning tool also demands and deserves a cleaning […]