Steam Mop vs. Hoover Floormate

Steam Mop Vs Hoover Floormate

Steam mop and Hoover Floormate are floor cleaners with a top rating that deciding the best mop is not very easy. With busy schedules, the need for such floor cleaners has become inevitable for homes and establishments. However, when it comes to determining or zero in a choice, a must to consider is steam mop […]

What Is a Bore Mop Used For?

What Is A Bore Mop Used For

A bore mop refers to a thick cotton mop. It should be in the same diameter as the gun bore. Gun owners require it. People owning firearms know about bore mop. The bore mops are gun cleaner mop that pushes front and back the bore. The bore mop works great as they soak the bore […]

How Sanitary Are Rope Mops and Floor Mops

How Sanitary Are Rope Mops and Floor Mops

Mainly because of their ease and convenience, mops are an item found in every household nowadays. Starting crudely as a basic invention, mops have been upgraded and made better throughout the ages. Being a part of basic domestic paraphernalia, there is much to know about them and their relating items. Rope mops and floor mops​ […]

Flat Mops – Are They Actually a Flat Flop? (Are They Good)

Flat Mops

We’ve come a long way from boiling water getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing the kitchen. We transitioned to our mom’s favorite raggedy mop with its dread like strands pushing the sudsy water around. To the new sleek flat mops with their minimalistic approach makes us wonder why we would ever go […]

How To Add Fragrances To Manual Mops? (Along With Cleaning)

Add Fragrances To Manual Mops

It is noteworthy to add fragrances in manual mops when using cleaning products for regular use and more than it, it costs too much than those which are made artificially. Mostly oils are used for putting fragrance. All-purpose Cleaner This instrument is used kitchen and as the name indicates. It acts as an all-rounder by […]

Types of Mops and Their Uses (One Mop For Multiple Purposes)

Types of Mops and Their Uses

Cleaning our floors every day and making them look neat isn’t an easy task. It requires good efforts and good tools. Mops are one of the cleaning tools which are used to dust off the floors, soak up the split liquid and get rid of the untidy floors. There are different types of mops according […]