How To Clean Gun Cleaning Mops (4 Easy Steps)

To clean gun cleaning mops, rinse them with rubbing alcohol to remove residue or debris, then let them air dry completely before future use. Bore mops, typically made of 100% cotton, can be washed and reused, but it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Periodic inspection for wear and damage is recommended, and replacing frayed or worn-out mops ensures effective gun bore cleaning and prolongs their lifespan.

A gun cleaning mop is a thick mop of cotton, and it comes in the same diameter as the gun bore.

You may apply to the gun cleaning mop the gun cleaner and push it front and back.

It will soak the area and move easily. During this course of action, the mops also wipe the barrels and lose fouling odor.

Mostly the bore mops are of high quality and come in good construction quality.

How To Clean Gun Cleaning Mops

They are useful for bore lubrication and quick cleaning. Mops are excellent while using lubrication oil in the bore.

It is because it creates foaming action, and assists in the process of lubrication.

Applying gun cleaner in a liberal amount is possible only by using a bore mop so that it reaches every inch of the gun bore.

As gun cleaning mops are used extensively to clean the gun, there is a need to pay attention to the gun cleaning mops.

gun cleaning mops

It would help if you used a dishwashing liquid to rub in full strength to the cleaning mop and rinse in hot water.

Importantly, allow the mop to dry completely so that it is of use again.

A gun-cleaning mop is a gun-cleaning rod. Your firearms can get easily damaged during the cleaning process.

If you buy the wrong cleaning equipment for the gun, it will result in damage.

The rods used for cleaning are the piece of equipment you should purchase and handle with care with cleaning the gun.

Purchasing a gun cleaning mop implies:

  • You buy a brush with softer metal than gunmetal.
  • Buy the best brush in bronze for cleaning guns as cleaning rods.
  • For high quality, you may consider a carbon fiber rod.

Buying a bronze or a carbon fiber rod as a cleaning mop is useful, yet it must get any brush that does not Knick the gunmetal inside.

How to clean a gun using cleaning mops?

Cleaning a gun is crucial to ensure smooth functioning and safe firing.

The small chamber for the explosion requires the trigger to get pulled while it leaves sediment and residue inside the barrel.

Thus, it becomes inevitable to clean the bore regularly to prevent malfunction hazards.

In case you are trying some target practice, it is a must that you clean every time after firing.

cleaning mops

Your gun requires cleaning to be done in a well-ventilated area.

The lubricant and the solvent smell foul, while the fumes are toxic, making you sick, so having a place with enough circulation of air while cleaning a gun is helpful.

Choosing to clear guns means you need a cleaning kit. Purchasing a cleaning kit as pre-assembled can be from a sporting goods store.

If not, you can also assemble it, but you require a few cleaning supplies.

What You Need

  • A bore brush
  • Gun or lubricant oil
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Flashlight
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cotton swabs
  • Patches and a patch holder
  • A nylon cleaning brush
  • Microfiber polishing cloths

On having the supplies ready, you can start disassembling the gun.

It is a must before cleaning, though it is not essential to take out a pistol apart, but for repairs.

You may disassemble the gun as per the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Cleaning rod

Go through the manual for instructions and get the gun ready for cleaning. On completion, you can begin the process of gun cleaning.

Use the patches and cleaning rod to clean the barrel

As the first step, soak the bore within the barrel. It is best to begin from the backside of the bore.

You may do it using a patch holder or a cleaning rod. Ascertain to use the cotton patches in the right size for your gun.

clean the barrel

In case you are not able to start working from the boring backside, use a muzzle guard.

It ensures the cleaning rod does not bang against the muzzle which may cause it to malfunction.

Clean the barrel thoroughly, push through the bore a solvent-soaked patch to the other end, and after 30 minutes, remove the patch.

Do not haul back the patch because it will leave the entire gunk inside that it has cleaned off just now as a redeposit.

The first step of gun cleaning is important, so do it with care.

Interchange the patches and bore brush

Swap the barrel looking for each detail.

Swap the patch holder such that it is convenient to run the bore brush front and back along the full bore length 3-4 times so that the debris loosens.

bore brush

Ensure the patch holder is reattached and run the solvent-soaked patches of cotton through the bore.

You can also remove them as they exit the front.

You may repeat the process until you come clean while you take out the patch from the inside.

The recommendation is to run a dry patch more than once and inspect it closely for any build-up.

Barrel lubrication

Attach to the cleaning rod cotton mop and apply gun conditioner or lubricant a few drops to the cotton mop.

You may push it through the bore to leave the gun oil on the inside as a light coating.

Use solvent to lubricate and clean

Applying the solvent to the gun brush and other parts is best after ensuring you wipe them dry using a clean cloth.

You may lubricate lightly the features that are moving and stay in action.

The coatings keep them from rusting but ensure give a light coating. If not, it will attract debris with a heavy layer.


  • For benefit, use a precise brush on specific calibers to ascertain full bore coverage.
  • Maximize absorbency; it decreases the overall cleaning time.

Make sure you use the gun after wiping it down. It is best to use a luster cloth so that you dab some silicone lubricant.

It will remove the debris left over and ensure shine.

If there is no particular designated cloth for gun cleaning, you may use socks and old shirts so that they work well.

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