How To Clean Sticky Floor Without Mop (3 Quick Methods)

No one likes to look at the dirt on the ground. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Sticky floor surfaces are notoriously difficult to clean, especially with a mop.

Mops are amazingly convenient when it comes to cleaning floors. They are easy to use, easy to wash, and generally efficient. But what happens if you don’t have a mop?

Worry not, there are several other things you can try. Here, we will guide you through some of those methods.

How To Clean Sticky Floor Without Mop

Using a suitable cloth without a mop

It can happen in a lot of ways but you can end up without a mop. Your previous one can break or get misplaced or lose its effectiveness etcetera. There are a lot of things that can happen that can leave you without a useable mop. In the event of that happening, you should be able to know how to clean your floors without a mop.

Using a suitable cloth without a mop

The best way to do this is to use a cloth of a suitable size. You can drench it in water or detergent to help speed along the process of cleaning. Afterward, you can clean it similarly to cleanse it of germs and harmful substances. Many people who use this type of method use an old pillowcase or torn piece of an old bedsheet.

But if you want to avoid spending any money on a new mop or an additional cloth, the best thing to do is to use a towel. If you have a towel that hasn’t seen much use in a while, you can use it for cleaning floors. The fibers and strands on the towel make it ideal for cleaning as it can scrub well.

Using towels has proven to be effective and efficient. In most homes, the towels that have thinned out and are no longer useful are turned into cleaning cloths. They are cleaned regularly and provide a result that is quite close to mops. If you use them with detergents, they can give a clean outcome with pleasant fragrances.

Except for the ease of use, there is not much difference in the result. You can use towels and old fabric-related items for cleaning without worrying about missing out on any ease and convenience provided by mops.

Scrubbing manually with your hands

Regardless of which cloth you use for cleaning, the best way to do so is to scrub manually using your hands. Some people just use their feet to scrub and that can result in a half-hearted outcome where some sort of grime or dirt remains. Some people act squeamish when it comes to scrubbing manually and it is somewhat understandable.

Scrubbing manually with your hands

You must always clean your cloth before using them. And several guidelines must be followed for a good cleaning. One of the most important aspects is the way you wash it and the water you use to wash it. This issue is not addressed as much but if you wash your cloth using hard water, it can result in some disfiguring outcomes.

If you wash your mops with hard water, which is the normal tap water in most countries, the cloth can leave marks and trails. This is due to the adhesive property of water. It can look very ugly and off-putting. Therefore, if you want a clean floor, you should always wash your mops with soft water.


Another tip to help you clean better manually is to always carry a bucket with you. You can put either detergent or warm water in it depending on your need. You can drench and squeeze out your cloth at intervals. Doing this will ensure that you don’t cause any smell or any repeated stains on your floors.

When you scrub with your hands, you can fixate on a persistent stain better. You can focus on the right spots and can get more cleaning done in less time. For some people, using a cloth manually is easier and more efficient than using a mop. Although it requires more effort, it has its pros.

Using makeshift equipment

Another option that can replace mops is the use of makeshift equipment. In most cases, this involves pegging a cloth at the end of a broom or a floor wiper. This is quite an efficient way that can substitute actual mops. A majority of homes usually prefer these over mops as the cloth is easily detachable and can be washed efficiently.

To do this you first cut a hole in the towel. Then you proceed to put the pole of the broom or whatever it is that you are using, into that perforation. The towel then comes to rest at the end of the pole, making a peculiar semblance of a mop. If you want to clean the towel afterward, you can just take it off the top and do so easily.

Another useful feature of this sort of makeshift tool is that you can use it without getting your hands messy or germ-ridden.

Tips for cleaning floors without a mop

There are a few things and items you can use if you don’t have a mop and you want to clean your floors. Additionally, there are some guidelines you can follow to get optimal results. These include the way you use your tools, the way you wash them afterward, and the way you store them.

Tips for cleaning floors without a mop

So, when it comes to using your replacement, you must use it in a way that doesn’t damage its structure or cleaning ability. That means you have to abstain from rough handling and careless measures. Excessive washing for no reason at all is also harmful. If you don’t wash them after cleaning, it can also damage the cloth.

You should always wash your respective cloth after using. You should dry them before storing them. One of the best ways to dry them is to put them in the sun but you can also tumble dry them. Cloths have a higher tolerance than mops and are tougher.

​Final Words

Cleaning floors doesn’t necessarily require a mop. You can do so by using cloths and makeshift equipment. There are a lot of homemade ideas and concepts that are used by a lot of people. There are, however, some guidelines and tips you should follow to get the most out of your items.

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