Mops are an item used incessantly on an everyday basis. We have to take proper care of them to make sure they last long. They are not something that need to be seen all the time. It is important that we store them in a place that hides them well and provides a sanitary environment.

Places to hide mops

There are several places you can safely store your mops:

Broom cupboards

Cupboards that are made specially for broom storing are called broom cupboards and they are one of the best ways to store your mops. Using broom cupboards can ensure that your mops stay out of sight and stay clean. It is important, however, to make sure that your broom cupboard is dry and safe.

Broom cupboards are specially made in small spaces to avoid being visually unpleasant to anyone. They are made in places like the space under the stairs, or in a small nook or corner of the house. You can put your mops and cleaning equipment without worrying about them being an eyesore to anyone.

You must check that there is no dampness in the cupboard because dampness can cause the presence of various bacteria.

Mounted racks

These are probably one of the most efficient way to store mops. When you store mops on a mounted rack, their strands and threads hang down, which causes constant aeration. Like broom cupboards, they can also fit in the smallest spaces, squeeze in nooks and corners. You can just clean, wash and hang your mops up easily.

When there is constant aeration, it makes the mop heads constantly dry. If this doesn’t happen, some sort of dampness can eventually find its way to your mops. The strands and threads adhere to any sort of dampness which makes it difficult to get dry again. It is better to keep them perpetually dry to avoid any sort of harm. Mounted racks are a great way for this.

Safe and sanitary storage

Whichever way you may wish to store your mops, the important thing to keep in mind is that the storage should be safe and sanitary. You can damage your mops if you show neglect and ignorance when it comes to hygienic storing situations. The most important thing is to watch for dampness.

Depending on how it’s made, your storage space can fall prey to various deteriorating situations. Insects and dampness are one of the most occurring examples. These things can not only damage your mops but they can sneakily spread around if you don’t notice them and keep on cleaning with them.

Stale and smelly water residing in between the strands and threads can cause the floor to create an odor after its been cleaned.

Ways to hide brooms and mops in garages

In any house, the garage is the place where all sorts of equipment and paraphernalia can be found. Power tools, cleaning equipment or anything you want to put there will not appear out of place. Therefore, garages are a great place to store your mops and brooms without eliciting a raised eyebrow.

If you have no other places to put your mops and brooms, you can choose a corner or a place to store your mop there. Garages are often built with such storage options in mind. You can always find shelves or closets which are built to provide you with ease. The best way to hide mops in garages are to put them in some suitable shelves or closets made for such purposes.

It is important to make sure that there is no moisture or harmful material left inside.

Ways to hide kitchen mops

Kitchen mops are used in more frequency than any other mops because the nature of the situation demands it more. Often times you can spill something or drop something on the kitchen floor. If you want to avoid persistent stains, it is best that you clean it at once. Now when situations like these are so common, it warrants constant use of kitchen mops.

But, despite having immense utility, they can become a nuisance if they are just lying or standing there in the kitchen. They can get in your if you are trying to walk across the kitchen. They can keel over and fall if you make them slip in some way.

Ideally, it must be so that you should easily get your mops when you need them but you should be able to store them conveniently when you are not using them. There are some ways to do this. Most kitchens have a storage under the sink, usually in the form of a cupboard. Other than this, you can put up a mounted rack behind the kitchen door. This is a good way to hide mops.

Tips to follow for better hiding

Hiding mops is essential if you want your home to look neat and clean. They can be an eyesore, cause smell or look generally out of place. Here are some tips you can use to hide your mops better.

Wash and dry them before storing. If you want to hide your mops, it is important that you do so after taking the proper precautions and measures to save them from harm. If you don’t wash your mops before hiding them, it is possible that some germs and bacteria stay in the strands and fibers.

Store them with other relevant equipment. It is best that you store your mops and brooms where they don’t look out of place. An example of such hiding can be in some sort of cupboard which is made specially for this purpose. You can store them with buckets, brushes and other brooms so they look in place.

Proper hiding can even enhance the orderliness of your home and look nice to anyone who sees them. You should always use a safe and sanitary space to store your equipment.

​Final Words

After using your mops, it is advisable that you store them in some way that they don’t remain in anyone’s sight. There are some methods and ways to hide mops that provides a symmetric storage as well as safe containment. These tips should be followed if you want to get the most out of your equipment.

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