12 Places To Hide Broom and Mop (Secrets Revealed)

To hide brooms and mops, you can use a closet with hooks or tension rods, a cabinet with hooks or grippers, a trash bin, a wall with hooks or a wall track, or the inside of a cupboard door for smaller brooms and dustpans. Make sure to clean them before storing to prevent dirt and bacteria buildup.

You can use mops for all sorts of things, but you can never show them to anyone.

Mops are an item used incessantly on an everyday basis. We have to take proper care of them to make sure they last long.

They are not something that needs to be seen all the time.

We must store them in a place that hides them well and provides a sanitary environment.

This article provides several places to hide your broom and mop to save some space.

How To Hide Broom and Mop

Where to Keep Brooms and Mops

There are several places you can safely store your mops.

Broom Cupboards (#1)

Cupboards that are made especially for broom storing are called broom cupboards and they are one of the best ways to store your mops.

Using broom cupboards can ensure that your mops stay out of sight and stay clean.

It is important, however, to make sure that your broom cupboard is dry and safe.

hide mops in Broom Cupboards

Broom cupboards are specially made in small spaces to avoid being visually unpleasant to anyone.

They are made in places like the space under the stairs, or a small nook or corner of the house.

You can put your mops and cleaning tools without worrying about them being an eyesore to anyone.

You must check that there is no dampness in the cupboard because dampness can cause the presence of various bacteria.

Mounted racks (#2)

These are probably some of the most efficient ways to store mops.

When you store mops on a mounted rack, their strands, and threads hang down, which causes constant aeration.

hide mops in Mounted racks

Like broom cupboards, they can also fit in the smallest spaces, and squeeze in nooks and corners.

You can just clean, wash and hang your mops When there is constant aeration , it makes the mop heads constantly dry.

If this doesn’t happen, some sort of dampness can eventually find its way to your mops.

The strands and threads adhere to any sort of dampness which makes it difficult to get dry again.

It is better to keep them perpetually dry to avoid any sort of harm. Mounted racks are a great way for this.

Under the Stairs (#3)

Hiding brooms and mops under the stairs is a great way without being an eyesore.

Sometimes, many people have no idea where to place their brooms and mops because they are not doing their job any justice.

hide mops Under the Stairs

There are so many places in your house, where you could put them to ensure they don’t take up space or look unsightly.

One of the best places is behind the stairs.

Under the stairs is a good and hard-to-reach place in any house.

A good place for keeping brooms and mops is underneath them so they stay out of sight, but still accessible when you need them.

Pro tip: if you’re like me, you live in a small apartment and don’t have space to store them elsewhere. However, there is a solution: Installing an interior door at the bottom of the stairs!

In a closet (#4)

It is important to hide your brooms and mops in the most clever way possible.

If you simply leave them out in a closet, they will be a source of annoyance for you when you cannot find them.

hide mops In a closet

Hiding brooms and mops in the closet save to save and keep these tools out of sight. You can use any closet or hall closet for this.

If you’re short on closet space, you can use a hidden closet organization technique to make brooms and mops seem like they aren’t there.

A trick of the eye is the best way to make brooms and mops disappear.

You can place a sweater or shirt over the broom and hang it up on a closet rod, and keep the mop hidden behind it.

Behind a Door (#5)

Often Oftentimesbroom and mop are left in the way to make it difficult to open many doors.

I’ve found that it is much more convenient to tuck them behind the door instead.

hide mops Behind a Door

It makes it easy to access them later and does not keep us from opening our doors.

The next time you start thinking about where you can put your broom and mop, try putting them behind your doors!

All you need is a door and a hanging rod, and you can hang up your broom and mop.

If you put your broom and mop in this area so it wouldn’t take up any room on the floor.

This way you could store the items without having to worry about them being in the way or blocking anything.

It’s simple yet genius!

Under a Bed (#6)

You can either place them both on their side or stand them pending on how much space you have.

Be sure to keep them clear of the headboard where they might interfere with movement at night.

hide mops Under a Bed

Using towel hooks or hangers to hang them will work, but it’s best if you don’t use those because your mop doesn’t get a chance to dry properly.

Before storing them under your bed, you should first slide off the top cover of the mattress so that nothing will get caught on it when you pull out the broom or mop.

On Top of A Cabinet (#7)

The broom and mop are easy to store with the right techniques! A simple cabinet with a shelf near the top is an ideal storage spot.

Place one broom against the back side of the shelf, then stack two mops on top.

hide mops On Top of A Cabinet

This prevents them from touching any other items in your closet or cupboard and is easily accessible for when you need them next.

Using Hooks and Zip Ties (#8)

If you have a ceiling beam in your garage or shed, you can attach hooks and zip ties to the beam and hang the broom and mop from them.

Hooks and Zip Ties

Using Wall-Mounted Hanger (#9)

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to store your broom and mop, you should purchase a wall-mounted hanger.

These can be purchased at any hardware store or home improvement center.

Wall-Mounted Hanger

Simply find the stud in the wall that is closest to where you want to hang them, use an electric drill with a screwdriver tip attachment, and make a hole in the drywall for the screw.

Using Shoe Organizer (#10)

In order to hide a broom and mop inside your home, try using a shoe organizer.

The modular design of the shelves is helpful because you can place the mop handle through the hole in one shelf, and attach it to either side of the other two shelves.

hide mops on Shoe Organizer

You can then put other household objects that you don’t want to be seen on the top two shelves.

Be sure to remove any headgear attached to the end of your broom before putting it in this hiding spot!

Hanging a Towel Bar (#11)

Hanging a towel bar in the kitchen may seem like an easy project, but it can be time-consuming.

When hanging a towel bar on the top of the door, it’s important to take into consideration the height of the door.

Towel Bar

It would defeat the purpose of having a towel bar if it was at floor level and nothing could be hung.

The towels won’t be accessible and no one will want to use them anyways.

Using a Cleaning Caddy (#12)

Cleaning caddy for your mop has many benefits. You can keep it anywhere in the house. It is light enough to carry with ease.

It is often used to keep mop brushes, squeegees, and sponges clean.

hide mops in Cleaning Caddy

Ways to Hide Brooms and Mops in Garages

In any house, the garage is the place where all sorts of equipment and paraphernalia can be found.

Power tools, cleaning equipment, or anything you want to put there will not appear out of place.

Therefore, garages are a great place to store your mops and brooms without eliciting a raised eyebrow.

Ways to Hide Brooms and Mops in Garages 1

If you have no other places to put your mops and brooms, you can choose a corner or a place to store your mop there.

Garages are often built with such storage options in mind.

Ways to Hide Brooms and Mops in Garages 2

You can always find shelves or closets which are built to provide you with ease.

The best way to hide mops in garages is to put them on suitable shelves or closets made for such purposes.

It is important to make sure that there is no moisture or harmful material left inside.

Ways to Hide Kitchen Mops

Kitchen mops are used more frequency than any other mops because the nature of the situation demands it more.

Often times you can spill something or drop something on the kitchen floor.

If you want to avoid persistent stains, you should clean them at once.

Now when situations like these are so common, it warrants constant use of kitchen mops.

Ways to Hide Kitchen Mops

But, despite having immense utility, they can become a nuisance if they are just lying or standing there in the kitchen.

They can get in you if you are trying to walk across the kitchen. They can keel over and fall if you make them slip in some way.

Ideally, it must be so that you should easily get your mops when you need them but you should be able to store them conveniently when you are not using them.

There are some ways to do this.

Most kitchens have storage under the sink, usually in the form of a cupboard.

Other than this, you can put up a mounted rack behind the kitchen door. This is a good way to hide mops.

Using kitchen cleaning supplies is another way to achieve this.

Kitchen cleaning supplies are designed to be portable and to have an organized set of features.

For instance, you will be able to store them in boxes or containers.

Tips to Follow for Better Hiding

Hiding mops is essential if you want your home to look neat and clean. They can be an eyesore, cause smell or look generally out of place.

Here are some tips you can use to hide your mops better.

Wash and dry them before storing them.

If you want to hide your mops, you must do so after taking the proper precautions and measures to save them from harm.

If you don’t wash your mops before hiding them, some germs and bacteria may stay in the strands and fibers.

Store them with other relevant equipment. You should store your mops and brooms where they don’t look out of place.

An example of such hiding can be in some sort of cupboard which is made especially for this purpose.

You can store them with buckets, brushes, and other brooms so they look in place.

Proper hiding can even enhance the orderliness of your home and look nice to anyone who sees them.

You should always use a safe and sanitary space to store your equipment.

  •  Move brooms and mops to another room of the house where they won’t be seen by guests.
  •  Place a piece of furniture in front of the broom when guests are in the room to block it from view.
  • Hiding cleaning bottles is very important as they could get damaged easily. Use a closet to hide your cleaning products.
  • You can use a mobile cleaning cart to hide them from public view at home or even outside. Mobile carts are available in a variety

Things to Consider Before Hiding Brooms and Mops

Whichever way you may wish to store your mops, the important thing to keep in mind is that the storage should be safe and sanitary.

You can damage your mops if you show neglect and ignorance when it comes to hygienic storage situations.

The most important thing is to watch for dampness.

Depending on how it’s made, your storage space can fall prey to various deteriorating situations.

Insects and dampness are one of the most occurring examples.

These things can not only damage your mops but they can sneakily spread around if you don’t notice them and keep on cleaning with them.

Stale and smelly water residing in between the strands and threads can cause the floor to create an odor after it’s been cleaned.

Reasons You Need to Hide Your Broom and Mop

  • It will remind you to dust. Due to the fact that it’s just not acceptable to walk around the house with a broom and mop in your hands, not to forget about the fact that it looks pretty strange. A lot of people just set the broom and mop somewhere in the corner and then completely forget about them.
  • The dirt and bacteria that can collect on the broom and mop
  • The discomfort of carrying a heavy, wet, dirty broom and mop around your house
  • If you have a broom and a mop in a place where they can be seen all the time, you will have a bad time. This is especially true if you have guests at the time.


How to Hide Mop Bucket

I don’t think it is a great idea to hide the mop bucket for hygiene and safety concerns.

If it is placed in the corner and not easily seen by a visitor, I think it won’t bother him.

But if you really want to make it less visible, you can try some options. Try using a cabinet or pantry.

You can also place it in a corner of the room or even under a table so that it’s out of sight.

How to Hide Mop Head

You can hide a mop head by wrapping the cord.

Take a thin sheet of fabric and wrap it around the mop head as tightly as you can. Make sure that there are no wrinkles or gaps.

How to Hide Mop up Water

A lot of times it’s hard to get the mop water all up and off the floor after mopping.

I do two things to make it easier to get the mop water up. For one, I always use a wet vac right after mopping.

Second, before I take out the mop, I take a bucket with about an inch of water in it and I go over the floor pushing the water with the mop .

It’s harder for the water to spread out when the floor is slightly wet.

How to Hide Mop and Broom Holder

First of all, you will need the right kind of mop and broom holder. The holder should be made of metal, strong plastic, or wood.

That’s because the holder is holding up not only your broom and mop but also the extra weight of all the water they will pick up after each use.

Check the holder to make sure it will support the weight of the mop and broom.

Remember, wood mop and broom holders are more expensive than plastic or metal holders, but they are also much sturdier and can hold up to 50 pounds of weight on each broom.

How to Hide Mop Pads

One option is to use a laundry hamper or laundry basket that can be tucked away in a closet or under the bed.

Another option is to hang them on the back of a door with Velcro straps.

A third option is to put them in an old sock and tie the end of the sock closed with a knot.

How to Hide Steam Mop Machine

Yes, you can. You can hide it under a couch or behind a piece of furniture.

The machine is small and lightweight not have any problems with it.

If you have a closet or an area in your basement, you could store it there.

How to Hide Mop in Car

A mop in a car is an absolute no-no. Your car would smell awful and every time you open that car, people around would come running thinking there is a dead body inside.

Again, this is a disgusting idea. Don’t do it. A mop is your most used household item .

So, all you need to do is to place the mop carefully in your house . That is all you need to do to hide mop in a car.

However, a mop can be hidden in a car by first securing it with a bungee cord or rope.

Place the mop in the back of the trunk and cover it with a towel or blanket.

How to Hide Mop Color

You can use a few different methods to hide the color of your mop. One way is to cover the head in a black garbage bag and then tie it tight around the handle.

You can also spray paint or dye your mop, but this will make it more difficult to clean.

How to Hide Mop Through Walls

Put it in an empty laundry basket. Then take the laundry basket and place it on the other side of the wall.

If you are looking for a way to hide your mop, this is one option.

How to Hide Mop Stick

You can also use a broom closet or under the sink.

How to Hide Mop Kit

you can buy a mop bag and disguise it into a sports bag or carry it in your hand when it’s raining. You can also use a hidden mop holder.

This way you don’t have to carry anything in your hand when you are cleaning.

​Final Words

After using your mops, you should store them in some way so that they don’t remain in anyone’s sight.

There are some methods and ways to hide mops that provide systematic storage as well as safe containment.

These tips should be followed if you want to get the most out of your equipment.

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