Using Mop and Glo (3-Step Tutorial For Sparkling Floors)

Mop & Glo is a versatile multi-surface floor cleaner suitable for various surfaces like tile, laminate, hardwood, marble, vinyl, and natural stone. To use it, sweep or vacuum the floor, apply a small amount of Mop & Glo, spread it evenly over a small area, let it dry completely, and for hardwood floors, spray a light coat onto a cloth for wiping. In case of build-up, ammonia can be used to remove it by mixing ¼ cup of ammonia with a gallon of water and mopping the floor.

Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to your floors that will help them look better?

One of the secrets to shining your floor is using the proper materials.

There are many floor cleaners out there, but Mop & Glo is one of the best to use.

Mop and Glo is a multi-surface cleaner that has revolutionized the way that people clean their floors.

It has all the qualities of a good cleaner being able to remove any dirt, grime, hair, oil, wine, food, mud, blood, ink, paint, adhesive, or any other stain or dirt from your floors.

It is always safe to use on sealed or unsealed floors.

It is also suitable for use on stone, tiles, ceramic tiles, linoleum, laminate, marble, wood, terrazzo, rubber, sealed polished concrete, synthetic floors.

How to Use Mop and Glo

How to Use Mop and Glo (3 Steps)

It is advised to give the floor a light cleaning using your vacuum or a broom if necessary.

However, make sure to avoid sweeping the floor in one direction only (for example, sweeping from the front of the room toward the back).

Instead, sweep the floor in a “U” shape, so that it is completely vacuumed in all directions.

How to Use Mop and Glo


Pour Mop & Glo directly onto your floor. Since it’s a concentrate, you only need a small amount.

The product is made of 100% natural ingredients, you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals.


Now use a damp mop, sponge, or rag and spread this liquid evenly over your floor.

If at any time there is too much liquid for one swipe, you can go back over it until you have reached sufficient saturation.

Use your mop to lift and squeeze excess water from your floor.


Scrub with a clean, damp mop.

Rinse your mop as you go for full absorption and continue doing so until the liquid runs clear again indicating that all dirt has been absorbed into that wiping surface.

Allow the Mop & Glo to dry completely (about 10-20 minutes).

For best results, perform this entire process once per week.

What is Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner?

Mop and Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is a natural cleaner that can be used on just about any surface in your home.

It is made of plant-based ingredients, which are safe to use around children and pets.

It also smells good!

This product contains no ammonia or bleach, so it is safe for you and your family.

It also leaves behind a long-lasting shine, so your floor does not have to be left dirty.

To clean a sticky floor like a kitchen or bathroom, spray a little cleaner onto the area, then wipe it up with a wet cloth.

To remove stubborn stains, spray some cleaner on the stain, let it dry, then vacuum it up.

The Mop and Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner has many uses on floors, tables, sinks, countertops, glass surfaces, bathrooms, windows, tile – pretty much anywhere you need to clean.

What is Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner

How to use it on different surfaces

Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on tile and grout

Tile and Grout cleaning with Mop and Glo are easy because this product comes with special tools designed specifically for cleaning these areas.

The first step is to wet down the area by pouring enough onto the floor to cover the entire area.

Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on tile and grout

Then apply the Mop and Gloo directly to the tile and let sit until dry. Once dried, buff off with a soft cloth.

For extra protection against scratches, place a plastic sheet over the cleaned area before placing the furniture back into position.

Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on hardwood floors

Mop and Glo can also be used on hardwood floors.

To use Mop & Glo on hardwoods, simply spray a light coat of cleaner onto a clean cloth.

Then wipe the floor as you normally would.

To finish off the job, apply a generous coat of hardwood floor polish.

Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on hardwood floors

Using Mop and Glo on Laminate Floors

Mop and Glo work well on laminate floors.

The only difference with using Mop & Glo on laminate is that you’ll want to apply two to three thin coats.

First, apply a thin coat to the floor.

Mop and Glo on Laminate Floors

Then, let the first coat dry completely before applying a second coat. That’s all there is to it.

No more than one or two coats should be needed for most laminate floors.

 Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on vinyl floors

The only difference with using this product on vinyl is that you only need to wet the floor once.

Then, walk in place while applying the cleaner. Rinse the floor afterward with clean water.

  1. Vinyl floors are porous. Therefore, you will need to apply more of the product than you would with a non-porous surface, like wood.
Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on vinyl floors
  1. Moisten your mop and use it to apply the product. Don’t rub the mop against the can. Instead, wet the mop, then wring it out before use .
  1. Allow the product to air dry. Don’t try to speed things up by leaving the Mop & Glo on the floor for hours. It takes time for the product to fully dry and cure.

Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on marble floors

  1. First, use a damp mop. Do NOT use dry mops on marble floors. The reason is that dry mops can leave behind static electricity. Which can result in scratches on the marble floor.
Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on marble floors
  1. Second, use a clean cloth. Avoid using paper towels or thin cotton cloths. They can leave lint residue on the marble floor.

Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on linoleum floors

rinse the floor cleaner off with lukewarm water. If you notice any bubbling, go over the bubbled areas with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on linoleum floors

 Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on stone floors

I’ve used Mop and Glo on stone for years. And it works well.

I was able to remove up to 98% of the stains from our floors using this method. You can do the same thing with Glo.

Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on stone floors

All you need to do is spray a little on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe away the excess with a dry cloth. (It’s just as easy with Mop, but that’s another post)

Using Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on brick or concrete surfaces

  1. For wood floors, mix 1 part Mop & Glo with 2 parts water.
  2. Mix until Mop & Glo is fully dissolved.
Mop and Glo Floor Cleaner on brick or concrete surfaces
  1. Apply to the wet floor using a mop.
  2. Wring out the mop completely to remove excess solution.
  3. Mop floors in a back-and-forth motion, do not press down on the mop head.
  4. Let stand for 5 minutes.
  5. Mop up excess solution. 8. Buff with a dry towel or microfiber mop. For best results, use Mop & Glo every other day.

How it works

Mop & Glo’s formula contains a powerful cleaning agent that dissolves dirt, grease, and grime.

The solution is then lifted to the surface using a mop.

Finally, a non-toxic antibacterial agent is applied to help prevent future stains.

Cleaning Tips

To get the most out of Mop & Glo, follow these simple steps:

Cleaning Tips
  • Use a damp mop. Dry mopping can lift the solution from your floor.
  • Wash the mop in hot water after each use.
  • Let dry completely before you use it again.
  • Use new cloth for each room.
  • Rinse the mop in warm water and dump the water into the sink..

How often should I use Mop and Glo?

I recommend using Mop and Glo every 4-6 weeks. That way, the cleaning solution will stay fresh.

However, if you have pets or little kids, you can clean the floor more frequently.

How often should I use Mop and Glo

As has been noted in the comments section, some users clean their floors once a month.

So there’s no “right” amount of time to clean your floor with Mop and Glo. It depends on your family, pets, and how much you walk on the floor.

For example, my husband and I both have dogs. This means we clean the floor every week.

If we didn’t have dogs, I wouldn’t clean the floor as often.

Also, my daughter is 2 years old. She loves to walk around the house, especially in her shoes.

For most homes, I recommend setting up a schedule where you clean the kitchen once a week, the living room every two weeks, etc. And stick to that schedule.

What if My Floor Isn’t as Dirty as When Mop and Glo Were Last Used?

If you notice that your floor isn’t as clean after using Mop and Glo, don’t worry. Just let the product sit for 24 hours, then use it again.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to use a mop and Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.

With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your household cleaning duties when using a great product like mop and glo.

So what are you waiting for? Get a bottle of mop and glo today.

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