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Steam Mop vs. Hoover Floormate

Steam mop and Hoover Floormate are floor cleaners with a top rating that deciding the best mop is not very easy. With busy schedules, the need for such floor cleaners has become inevitable for homes and establishments.

However, when it comes to determining or zero in a choice, a must to consider is steam mop vs. Hoover floormate.



A steam mop and Hoover floormate appears similar overall and also share similarities in their work. Both look very much like a vacuum stick, that it is hard to consider them a mop. Yet, they are a bit different in design features to have a distinct feel.

  • The aesthetics overall for each look modern and sharp. The steam mops come in a variety of color combinations. The Hoover Floormate is also identical but mostly has more gray and less lime green color. On the Hoover Floormate, the green is a mere pop color.
  • Water tanks of both are positioned in the back and front of the unit. The water tank in the rear is for cleaning solution and water known as the clean tank. The water tank in the front stores dirty water and the debris cleaned up.
  • Removing the dirty water tank in a steam mop turns upside down the unit and shake it clean. At the same time, the Hoover Floormate’s water tanks are positioned on the mop sides. On pushing the unit, the user’s right-hand side has dirty water, and it can tilt down.
  • There are power buttons on the steam mop and Hoover Floormate unit handle, so turning off and ensuring easy access. The cleaning heads also feature clear casing that the users can see the scrubbers and brush roll showing cleaning solution or water and are set to clean.


Cleaning heads

A steam mop is different from a Hoover Floormate in the cleaning heads part. A steam mop uses a multi-surface brush roll and more suction, while the Hoover Floormate uses rotating scrubbers during floor cleaning.

Both steam mop and Hoover Floormate use water or cleaning solutions as floor cleaners. However, a steam mop allows the vacuum of large debris on area rugs and hard surfaces. On the other hand, Hoover Floormate fails to work as a vacuum.

Removing the brush is simple. Snapping off the cover allows pulling the brush along with the pull hook. Both units have a reservoir for a solution or clean water, sending a cleaning solution to the cleaning head. Then, the mop applies the key to the floor directly while cleaning.

Both, Steam mop and Hoover Floormate clean hard floor indoor surfaces. They can change their cleaning heads as per the floor types. A steam mop features three kinds of brush roll such as area rug, multi-surface, and hardwood floor. The Hoover Floormate features two types of cleaning head types: multi-surface and hardwood floor.


Height and weight

A steam mop is taller in size in comparison to Hoover Floormate. But in weight, Hoover Floormate is heavier than a steam mop.



A steam mop and Hoover Floormate both include accessories for their cleaning activities.

  • A steam mop has a pet brush to pick and remove from your floors the pet hair.
  • A steam mop has standard accessories that come as extra for wood floor cleaning and a specially designed brush for wood floors.
  • A steam mop has a specially designed brush for area rugs and also an additional area rug cleaning solution as standard accessories.

Hoover Floormate accessories include:

  • Hoover Floormate Cordless feature is the same as the corded version but uses a lithium-ion battery for power.
  • Hoover Floormate Edge sucks debris and dirt more while cleaning. It is appropriate for the edges of baseboards and wall cleaning.

Both the steam mop and Hoover Floormate have a multi-surface brush to clean different floor types, whether laminate, tile, wood, etc.


Cleaning Solution

Both have a cleaning solution. They include a bottle, but some come with bundles. There is a variety of cleaning solutions for area rugs, multi-surface, wood, etc. You can also save money considering making a homemade cleaning solution.


Cleaning Tray

A steam mop has a cleaning tray. Spraying some water and cleaning solution into the tray helps clean the unit and freshen up the brushes.



Both the steam mop and Floormate have a durable, washable filter. It is a must to wash the filter after a floor cleaning. You may pass it under cold fresh water and ensure to air dry fully.

At the same time, even if the filter is washable, there is a need to replace it as per the use, overtime.


Cleaning performance

The mopping test was good with a steam mop. It performed well by cleaning 100%, while cleaned honey to 90-95%, and soda hit gave cleanliness + 95%.

The remaining honey bits were removed after continuing the floor cleaning. The struggle was with soda, but it sucks up completely. The liquids push the baseboard to clean.

The Hoover Floormate performance was to do well with removing honey, mud, soda, and other debris. Floormate also struggled with soda, but the Floormate Edge was better in performance with floor edges.



The unboxing of a steam mop is simple. The pieces are wrapped individually, and so unwrapping them does not take much time. The Hoover Floormate also comes in individual wrapping that unboxing is a breeze.

Setting up refers to the assembling that requires sliding into the mop body the handle and screwing it. It takes less than 2 minutes.

The Floormate and the steam mop are almost similar. The difference is that Floormate lacks the area rug mode. It has one method of working on hard surfaces.

In case users need something else, they can press the clean boost button and extract extra cleaning power, but should not use this feature for all the cleaning out session.



The steam mop and the Hoover Floormate are easy to maneuver. As the difference in height or weight is not massive, portability is not an issue.

Both mops do not have the best cleaning angle or turning radius, so reaching hard spots may be a bit difficult. But, they have a direct drive head and so move forward once powered. The mop is easier to handle while cleaning.

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