Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying (6 Solutions Explained)

Two main reasons are a clogged nozzle and an empty solution cartridge. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate in the nozzle, blocking the spray mechanism. This can prevent the solution from spraying properly. If the solution cartridge is empty, the mop will not be able to spray. Make sure to refill the cartridge as needed.

If you are a Bona mop user, you know how convenient it is to have a spray mop for quick and easy cleaning.

However, it can be frustrating when your Bona mop suddenly stops spraying.

There can be several reasons for this issue, and in this blog post, we will explore the possible causes and solutions to help you get your Bona mop back in working order.

So, if you are wondering why your Bona mop is not spraying, keep reading to find out!

Why Is My Bona Mop Not Spraying

How To Check Bona mop if not spraying?

A Bona mop does not stop spraying without reason. A few steps you can do as a priority:

  • Check if your Bona premium spray mop is fully assembled, and check the mop head, lower and upper mop pole, and cartridge.
  • Take out from the mop the refillable cleaner cartridge. Use the bona hardwood floor cleaner if you are cleaning a hardwood floor and use the bona hard floor cleaner for a hard floor cleaning
  • Assemble A & B poles and push firmly down until both poles click in place.

If the poles are not locked in place, the spray function does not spray properly. So, push A & B poles hard.

Causes & Solutions

However, here are a few other common issues relating to Bona mop not spraying.


Leaking Mop

People experience water leaks with a mop, and this happens as the cleaning solution escapes from the cleaner cartridge on the mop.

It may occur when you are mopping or even when it is in storage.

It may be a design issue that the solution leaks out. It is not a prevalent issue; it happens with very few units.

To answer questions like what causes the leak in my mop, the following causes have been given.

Leaking mop head

A stuck mop head can cause leaking, before every use ensure there is no dirt on the mop head, excess dirt accumulated on the spray mop head can get stuck causing leaks.

Whenever a spray mop is leaking check the mop head and clean any dirt stuck to it.

Leaking cartridge bottle

A leaking cartridge bottle could be a result of improper placement of the cartridge or twists and turns when inserting the bottle into the mop base.

The following can be done to fix leaking bottles.

  • The first step is to pull the cartridge bottle out of the mop base, never twist or turn it.
  • Screw the white small cap tight
  • To refill the bottle after a leak, unscrew the grey cap and fill it with a solution of your choice, which could be a homemade solution, just clean water, bona hardwood floor cleaner, or heavy cleaning solution. This all depends on the types of flooring you intend to clean.
  • After refilling, push the cartridge bottle back down into the mop base. Never screw, twist, or turn to avoid leaks
  • Look out for bursts of bubbles which indicates that the bottle is fully engaged.
  • You still have to monitor the mop, to be sure no more leakage.

Improper water tank installation

The spray mop water tank has to be fixed in the right place to prevent leaks.

If the water tank is not in the right place, it can obstruct the flow of water through the right channel and cause a leak in other parts.

The user guide of the mop should be followed strictly during installation to prevent leaks.


Spray mop Leaves streaks

Bona is also a hardwood floor spray mop and is excellent for floor cleaning, but it leaves streaks at times.

The lines become noticeable with dark-colored hardwood.

The streak marks rely on the floor type. Some may disappear if you run the mop a few times in the same area.

Yes, it may get tedious, in case you have to mop a large area.

How To avoid leaving streaks and for a clean floor

When deep cleaning your floors, go for products that are safe for your flooring.

Some of the products to avoid are oil-based cleaners, polishers or floor buffers, steel wool, acidic cleaners that have an over 7 pH, and abrasive cleaners which in most cases contain tiny particles of different minerals or substances.

Get rid of dust, dirt, and debris before mopping

Before using your spray mop on your laminate floor, ensure loose debris, dust, and dirt is removed first.

Dust mop can be used in this case, a broom or vacuum cleaner.

Microfiber dust mop should be used because it is tiny and able to pick up particles and dust on the floor.

Do you know it is also non-abrasive and able to attract dust like a magnet?

For a deep clean use a wet mop

For a deep clean without streaks, use a microfiber flat mop.

Microfiber mop pads clean perfectly well with only water, it prevents the floor from getting extremely wet and avoids streaks.

A bucket is not required when using this mop.

It should be noted that too much use of soap to mop leaves residue that attracts dirt and causes streaks, the floor should be mopped in sections.

The last and not least step to take is to switch or rinse the mop pad more often for a sparkly floor.


Breaks on repeated use

Bona spray mop is sturdy; eventually, it has plastic parts. With repeated use, it tends to break.

You may experience Bona mop issues not spraying, such as the trigger connector coming off together or the trigger stopping working completely.

The mop head may be broken, you can source for the mop head and replace it.

Some problems are about the two poles falling apart with repeated use, which makes the feature of the spray irrelevant.

When you intend to disassemble the mop to fix it, just click open the cartridge to pull out the upper mop pole, and then the lower mop pole button.

Nevertheless, bear in mind, nothing lasts forever. Tools are sure to break down, and it is a matter of time.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that this Bona Microfiber cleaning pad is machine washable.

You need not strain or dirty your hands anymore.

The reusable microfiber pads have a unique design featuring dual-zone action of cleaning the blue outer fibers to break the grime, and the blue light fibers absorb and trap dirt more than 2.5 times the earlier version of Bona’s microfiber pad.

Other simple reasons that bona spray mop may not be spraying includes:


The mop spray trigger mechanism gives one good spray and gets stuck.

It does not come back and takes several seconds for the mechanism or the spray to get into its correct position.

It is not the problem with old mops that may be due to overuse of the mechanism.

Even the new mop head with regular use experienced this issue.


The simple solution is to take out the 34-ounce cartridge on the mop head and spray in the crevice wd40 and you will notice the plunger springs back to normal. It happens as the spring gets rusted and sticks.

Spraying wd40 is the trick, and it works on spraying into areas that have refill bottle plugs.

After spraying wd40, you may pump the trigger fast and you will notice the clog clears out and it works like new.

You can also spray in the place the bottle cap fits and press the trigger a few times, it will work smoothly.


Another issue with the bona spray mop not spraying at all or it sprays inconsistently.

This is mostly due to the refillable cartridge container that does not sit firmly into the mop head.

It requires pushing firmly the container inside until you see an air bubble coming up in the container liquid.



Pre-Mopping Prep: Why Vacuuming Is Essential For Clean And Shiny Floors

Before beginning the process of mopping, give your floor surfaces a thorough clean with a vacuum.

Remove debris, dust, hair, and other particles in the entire floor you intend to mop.

Make sure the bona hardwood floor, dark wood floors, and any other type of floors are clean.


Start From The Back And Use Bona Floor Cleaners For Any Surface

Begin cleaning from the back corner of your room and keep working backward.

Thus, you will not directly walk onto an area that you already mopped with the floor cleaner.

The bona floor cleaners can be used for finished floors, unwaxed floors, sealed floors, laminate surfaces, and unoiled floors, whichever flooring type in your home or office.

After use, empty the cartridge for maintenance, and store it in a dry place.

Why A Bona Spray Mop?

A bona spray mop is the best option for laminate floor cleaning.

Laminate floors are not water-resistant, and having a bona premium spray mop allows you to control the water you want to use for cleaning.

Its salient features are the attraction:

  • Accommodates any cleaning
  • 3-in-1 cleaning functionality
  • Easy and lightweight to handle
  • The holder locks the bottle securely in a place
  • Saves the environment and your money
  • Includes a reusable, washable microfiber pad.

Use the flathead screwdriver to tighten all the parts in their proper place as provided in the user guide.

Bona spray mop is a water-based cleaner. It sprays and dries ultra-quick, making it the ideal choice for finished wood floors.

As it dries faster, there are no wet spots. It sprays on your floor directly, and your mop wipes it immediately.

I usually go for the 16.5-inch wide mophead, it’s wide and cleans wide surfaces at a time.

Bona products are designed specially to protect the environment and your floor, is one of the best floor cleaners around.

Bona spray mop with the bona microfiber cleaning pad and the wide mop head makes it perfect for all floor types.

Never use hot water but warm water to hand wash the pad after use to ensure the pad is in good condition at all times, soap with water and a washing machine can also be used.

However, like all other products, the Bona spray mop also has issues. It does not spray.

As the main function is beyond its spraying, the question arises, why is my Bona mop not spraying?

Final Words

In final words, consider the Bona spray mop, because you need not carry the heavy bucket with water anymore.

Just spray and mop with ease.

With busy schedules and work-from-home routines, this machine featuring washable and reusable pads of Bona is a boon designed assuring effective cleaning action of your area, bona spray mop is a perfect hardwood floor cleaner and all other floor types.

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