Will Steam Cleaning Kill Carpet Moths (5 tips to kill all)

What does a steam mop do? A steam mop kills eggs, moths, and larvae. Moths flutter around homes. Moths love living near the water in trees. They get attracted to light and fly through windows.

The life cycle of moths is just three months, and it lays more than 300 eggs. If there is moisture a bit somewhere, it is the perfect condition to lay eggs.

The moth problems arise in places with more voids, attics, and fireplaces. The danger areas are tie cavity walls, air bricks, floorboards, under furniture, and fireplaces. The key to finding carpet moths is to identify the source.

Will Steam Cleaning Kill Carpet Moths

How to steam mop to kill carpet moths?

Steam mopping is effective in killing carpet moths because it uses vaporized water. The vapor is heated to some degree, and the machine runs as a mop on the carpet and furniture.

The steam mop’s heat meets the carpet fibers, breaks down the dirt on the rug killing the moths, and offers a perfect clean. Here are the cleaning steps:

Vacuum: It is an attachment that features plastic tubes that reaches all the nook and corners. It means none of the places are left behind, whether it is air conditioning units, air vents, floorboard cracks, or air bricks. If there is a chimney, it is a must to sweep it inside in the summer months.

Furniture: The need to move furniture is inevitable. Paying attention to the carpet edges and under the table is mandatory.

Never even leave any rolled-up rug or carpet. It is a must to run your steam mop on such, at least to eliminate the dirt and dust.

Spring clean: You may take out everything thoroughly from the drawers and wardrobe inside. Finish spraying the wood and also check your drawers and shelves. The female moths hate strong smells, so use essential oils, sachets, lavender bunches, potpourri bowls, and herbs.

Steam mops are safe and keep the carpet fabric without any damage. Steam mops turn water into hot steam, and by adding cleaning chemicals into the water tank, it works wonders.

Product Features

  • The advantage of a steam mop is that it dries quickly and offers 99.99 % cleanliness with sterilization. The high-pressure steam and high temperature penetrate the crevices deep such as the ground or the carpet, killing moths and bacteria, while it appears clean from the inside to the outside.
  • The steam mop is powerful and lightweight. It is easy to use the steam mop using one hand. You can easily assemble, push with ease, and lift it using one hand
  • Cleaning using the steam mop means it sprays strong steam such that the dirt is eliminated in length and the cleaning is done effortlessly.
  • The steam mop for the home offers the best convenience as it features interchangeable brush heads. Different sections are offering short or long tube connections. It may be adapted to varying cleaning ranges as per the water tank capacity.

What is the role of a steam mop in killing carpet moths?

The carpet fibers trap pathogens, germs, and moths, even before you realize it. The advantage is the hot water vapor steam that kills the carpet moths immediately. The steam mop is useful to kill dust mites, as well.

Especially, a pet owner should use a steam mop to drive away from the fleas and their larval fleas. The steam humidity may hatch some eggs, but by combining steam mopping as a part of regular vacuuming, your furry friends and you can enjoy a clean environment.

It may tempt you to add some carpet cleaner, but do not try it. Sometimes it damages your carpet and the steam mop. Using a steam mop is enough; it sanitizes your rugs, and there is no need to add chemicals.

Thus, you can help people with sensitivities or allergies. The steam mop is useful in following the direction as per the manufacturer.

Steps to using a steam mop to kill carpet moths

The foremost step is to test a patch on the carpet. If you are using a steam mop, you must identify and satisfy if your carpet is safe. The patch test will ascertain. So choose a small area and test the tolerance of the carpet to the water vapor high-temperature. Steam may cause damage and distort man-made fibers. The woven carpets tend to shrink with high-temperature exposure.

Keep space free from objects

Moving heavy furniture and objects is painful, but it is a must. Moving the objects allows the steam mop to maneuver in all places. It will remove the grime and discover stains under objects, even if you did not notice.

Vacuum carpet

There is a need to get to steam mopping, missing the vacuuming stage. But, it is impossible. A vacuum is the first step as it has powerful suction to pick the loose crumbs and dirt. If not, everything gets stuck to the steam mop head.

The advantage of using a vacuum is it captures hair that a steam mop can never do. Vacuuming is a must before reaching the steam mop to the carpet fibers. Thus it works to give effective cleanliness.

Attach carpet glider to the steam mop head

It would help if you connected the carpet glider to the steam mop head. There is a need to do so that the steam mops with carpet glider move with ease. Fill the water tank, and fit the carpet glider before plugging the steam mop into your outlet.

Doing it before keeps your hand safe from the hot steam scalding. Filling the water tank indicated is best, as it makes your job easier.

Start cleaning in straight lines

Missing a spot to clean is always possible, ensuring to clean along the carpet in straight lines. Start using the steam mop from the far corner, in straight lines, such that it is away from your doorway. Thus you can finish the portions without missing any spot. It is almost like mowing the lawn.

Carpet air-dry

Allow air-dry time for your carpet. It may take a few hours, depending on the carpet type. Steam makes your carpet saturated or overly wet, so you must allow it to air-dry completely.


Steam cleaning is a very good way to kill carpet moths and other pests that may be living in your carpets and rugs. Steam is a great way to clean carpets and rugs and it’s environmentally friendly, as well.

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