Bona Cartridge Stuck (5 Solutions Explained)

If you encounter a stuck Bona cartridge, try these solutions: twist and remove, pull up and unscrew, run hot water and use pliers, apply hot water or lubricating oil, or use needle-nose pliers or tweezers. Be gentle to avoid damage, and if the problem persists, contact Bona customer support for assistance.

However, the bona cartridge bottle gets stuck at times and fails to spray. The reasons are many for hindering the bottle with water spraying.

My analysis of this product revealed that Bona spray mop allows controlling water quantity where surfaces are like laminate.

The question is what to do when Bona mop stops spraying completely?

Does it means buying a new mop as a replacement or require some professional inspection?

Let’s read about the Bona cartridge stuck, the causes, and fixes:

Need a Fast Solution?

Hire a professional plumber. Plumbers have the experience and tools necessary to remove a stuck cartridge quickly and easily. Plumbers typically charge between $10 and $20 for this service.

5 Causes and Solutions

Bona mop not spraying has solutions to fix. However, knowing the reason for this problem is essential to find the solution and fix it.


Not fully assembled

Bona mop assembling is important. Check the mop assembling is correct. The spraying problem happens if the locking of the poles is not proper.

The two poles do not separate if the assembling of the Bona Mop is incomplete.

The solution to assemble in the right way the Bona mop is:

  • Take the cartridge refillable cleaner out.
  • Check the poles for their locking system. If the poles lack assembling, first push them firmly down and ensure the poles lock properly. Then, check the trigger to check for tension.


Faulty Spray Trigger

Users report triggering of Bona mop spray and it happens in older mops as the trigger gets jammed.

Cleaning with a jammed trigger is impossible. Thus, the reason is a faulty spray trigger.

The solution is not tricky. My findings show that the simplest way of fixing is to take out the trigger cap and spray WD-40 on it.

Allow the WD-40 to sit for a while and to work its way around. Finally, to see how it works place the trigger cap and check it’s working.


Wear and Tear

Bona mop or any mop does not last long. Regular usage results in wear and tear of the Bona mop.

There is no assurance of the Bona mop to last for a specific period.

The wear and tear are as per the frequency of using the mop, storage, cleaning style, and upkeep.

The solution is to clean the head that undergoes wear and tear with usage.

The same is with poles and the mops’ plastic parts break.

You can do nothing and the solution is to purchase a new mop as plastic repairing is not a solution.


Leaking Cartridge

The bona mop cartridge starts leaking such that the solution while cleaning escapes.

As the mop is stored in a place, the cleaning solution leaks.

The leaking cartridge may be due to improper storage, design problem, or cartridge leakage.

The solution is to check the user manual to learn the storage method properly and check for damages to the cartridge.

You may repair it, but the best idea is to consider replacing the leaking cartridge.


Nozzle blockage

The bona mop features a spray bottle and it stops working when there is nozzle blockage.

It damages the inner tube or piston seal, hindering the spray coming from the spray bottle.

The solution is to hold firmly the bona spray bottle and twist a quarter of its top and remove the bottle from the mop.

On removing the spray bottle, clear the nozzle blockage.

Sometimes it is not removable this way, and if so investing force using needle-nose pliers is required to turn the bona spray bottle top is the requirement.

Remove the mop cartridge by pressing the eject button. Unscrew the cap and pour into the cartridge cleaner bottle the cleaning solution and place the cap back on your mop.

Tips to check If Bona Mop Not Spraying

A Bona Mop gets stuck or refrains from spraying with reason. It does not stop just like that.

However, based on my firsthand experience, try these few steps as a priority:


Check the Bona spray mop assembly, the upper and lower mop poles, the mop head, and the grey cartridge.

Check the poles A & B assembling and push them down firmly for both poles to click in place.

It gives a small click sound when fixed.


Take out the refillable cleaner cartridge from the mop.

Use the appropriate floor cleaner of bona while cleaning.

For instance, use Bona hardwood floor cleaner to clean a hard floor using a Bona mop .

It is essential to ensure the poles lock in place. If not, the spray function fails to spray properly.

Why use a Bona Spray Mop?

The right option for laminating the entire floor is a bona spray mop.

The laminate floors require a premium bona spray mop as they are not water-resistant flooring.

The spray mop has control over the water that you use for floor cleaning, thus ensuring safety from slipping or falling.

The Bona spray mop has salient features:

  • Features 3-in-1 functionality for cleaning as efficient floor cleaners
  • Accommodates any type of cleaning and laminate floor polishes
  • The holder locks in a place the bottle securely
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, assuring sparkly floor
  • Includes a washable, reusable microfiber pad
  • Saves your money and the environment

Bona spray mop sprays as it is a water-based cleaner. It dries fast and it is ideal for wood floors. As it dries quickly no wet spots are visible.

It sprays directly on the floor and immediately the mop wipes.

Choosing a wide mop head is helpful as it cleans at a time the wide surfaces.

Bona mops protect the floor and the environment.

With its wide mop head and microfiber cleaning cloth pad, it is suitable for all types of floors.

Avoid using too hot water, but washing the pad with warm water ensures it is at all times in good condition.

You can use a machine-washable microfiber cleaning pad to clean the Bona microfiber cleaning pad or soap with water and clean it by hand.

Final Words

Considering the Bona spray mop is beneficial as you need not lift heavy water buckets.

Spray and mop to enjoy cleaning benefits. With work-from-home schedules to busy schedules, the Bona spray mop features reusable and washable pads.

Their design ensures effective cleaning and a clean floor that bona spray mop is ideal for all floor types and is an appropriate hardwood floor cleaner.

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