Bona Mop Head Broke (3 Causes & Their Solutions)

If your Bona mop head has broken, you have various replacement options, including purchasing a replacement Bona mop head directly from their website or other retailers, microfiber spray mop replacement heads, Bona mop replacement pads, Nitty Gritty Roller Mop Refill, or Kitchen + Home PVA Sponge Roller Mop Head Refills, all of which offer different features and sizes.

Bona mops head break due to various reasons. With proper maintenance, the mop heads last for 15-30 washes.

The mop heads in domestic environments with hardwood floors need changing, but less regularly.

The recommendation is to clean the mop heads and the mist spray bottle after every use.

Following the process of extra cleaning solution ascertains no multiplication of bacteria.

Need a Fast Solution?

For a fast solution to finding a Bona mop head replacement, there are several options to consider. The official Bona website is a great place to start, offering a wide selection of mop heads specifically designed for their mop systems.

Online retailers like Amazon and Walmart also provide compatible mop heads, so reading product descriptions and customer reviews is important.

Local retail stores such as home improvement stores, supermarkets, and cleaning supply retailers are worth exploring too, ensuring you bring your Bona mop handle for fitting.

Finally, third-party manufacturers offer alternative mop heads that may be more affordable, but researching the brand’s reputation and reading reviews is crucial.

How long do Bona mops last?

A Bona mop is lightweight and convenient for mopping. It allows quick and effective cleaning.

It is safe and handy for all flooring types, including hardwood. It offers a sparkly surface and is excellent at working.

The best part is the ease of using it, the refillable cartridge, and the shine on the wood floors that lasts for weeks.

The entire floor stays dusted and is free of debris that does not need cleaning often.

After putting it to the test, one thing is certain Bona mops are good offering the spark after cleaning.

It offers top-quality cleaning, but the bona mop head breaks and fails to spray correctly.

It is due to faulty spray.

There is a need to clean the mop head or change it, but how often is unknown.

As such, there is no rule for premium cleaning solutions; it is as per the working conditions, the mopping environment, and the Bona Premium Spray mop heads and their spray functionality.

Looking into mop maintenance is the best practice ensuring using the correct system of mopping to clear the mess of cleaning by eliminating dingy water.

Bona mop head broke: Causes & Solutions

What are the causes and solutions for Bona mop head broke?

After trying out this product, the following are the causes and solutions:


Plastic parts

The bona mop has plastic parts, and the spray mechanism parts break over time.

It does not break very often but after more than 300 times cleaning, the parts, especially, the Bona mop head break.

The reason is the spray fails to work appropriately. It becomes shaky and causes leakage.

Solution- The mop has plastic parts and it will break after regular use.

The solution is to use it at scheduled times so that the parts last longer and work as efficient floor cleaners.


Faulty mop

Basically, the Bona Spray mop is good .

Yet, avoid using it for too long time, the mop becomes faulty and fails to work.

It is because the Bona Premium Spray mops head breaks.

Solution- The breaking of the mop head refers to the part break down and it stops the functionality of bringing out the amounts of solution spray, the liquid cleaners.

The bona mop head breaks if the mop is faulty.

Check the mop head and the mop handle, while buying to ensure proper functioning.

The solution for the mop head breaking is to buy a new Bona PowerPlus Premium Spray Mop.


Very heavy

Bona mops are heavy in comparison to other Bona mops that are non-battery.

The mop head features fast and long strokes that pull the mop front and back, featuring built-in spray.

With batteries, the mop head adds more weight, that using the spray button difficult, and the bona mop head cracks or breaks.

Solution– The bona mop weight is unavoidable as the batteries add to the heavy cleaning weight.

With regular use, there is the strain on the bona mop head and it triggers breaking the spray trigger and the head.

The solution is to mop slowly. Slow down the mopping so that the spray pore works, and stop the agitating mop head.

Does the bona mop require replacement?

The bona mop requires replacement once in two to three months as cleaning preference.

It is an approximate time but may require later or sooner replacement when the mop head looks dirty.

The need to replace the mop head is essential as they are worn-out hardwood floor cleaners and a soiled mop does not do an efficient cleaning job.

The reality is the floors are cleaned when the mop head is good, and the broken mop head fails to clean the floors.

The issue may be leaky water containers or great mop head size.

A 16.5-Inch wide mop head on average has per 100 square centimeters around eight million bacteria.

There are a hundred billion bacteria reaching your floors straight, ready to spread and multiply, if careless.

When to clean mop heads?

As indicated by my tests, proper maintenance and care get the most out of the mop pole. The recommendation is:

  • Wash each time- Washing the mop after use is the best . If you find it is heavily soiled, use a washing machine to clean it. Keep the washing machine at a high temperature. If the debris is not much in the mop head, you may consider soaking the mop head for 10 minutes in a disinfectant.
  • Ascertain the mop featuring microfiber cleaning cloth is dry after washing. Leaving the mop to air dry is important after wringing the head. Position the squeezable spray pump lever upside down and allow the manual spray function to air dry.
  • Use a mop bucket featuring dirty and clean water sections, or use a mop, soap with water, and clean with two buckets of water as an efficient cleaning job.

Things to bear in mind

Increase and maintain the Bona mop’s longevity. A few tips are to offer hands-on experience.

Following them makes your bona mop last longer, offers the best cleaning performance, and works efficiently.

Storing securely

The bona mop needs to be stored securely.

It is because improper storage damages the mop pole button and parts.

The right way of storing is by detaching the Bona mop parts after each use.

Wipe the parts using a clean cloth, remove excess water, and store them to keep the parts secure.

It keeps it safe from damage; remember to store it in a clutter-free area.

Assemble accurately

Most time, improper or poor assembling causes issues with spraying and leakage.

It is the reason you must assemble Bona mop parts.

Any poor assembling and loose connection reduces the existing parts life such as the mop head.

Avoid rough use

Designing a bona mop helps in regular use. It is required for the floors’ deep cleaning.

Yet, the recommendation is not to overuse the mop .

Using it once a week for floor cleaning with cleaning materials is enough.

The spark will remain.

With frequent and rough use, the cleaning mop head is damaged and the spray nozzle does not work properly.


The best cleaning benefit is in learning to use a bona mop after assembling.

You should use it with utmost care and ensure to learn the right methods of floor cleaning using the bona mop.

Learning the troubleshooting of problems and cleaning chemicals is a way of knowing the ways to keep the device functional and clean.

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