How Long Do Mops Last (3 Months To 5+ Years)

Planning to buy a mop?

It is important to choose a mop that is functional and durable. That means the mop has to last long and provide value for money.

If you choose a mop that is priced heavily and only lasts like three months, that isn’t the best buy.

Here is how long each type of mop lasts.

How Long Do Mops Last

Robot Mops Durability

Robot mops are the new thing and are the quickest, most automated version of a mopping system.

They operate on battery, have small attached water tanks, and can help scrub off grime and clean spills immaculately.

The biggest benefit is that while all of this is going on, you don’t have to be involved at all. Robot mops operate on their own.

Their battery life usually lasts about 90 minutes, but the whole system usually comes with a warranty that lasts from a year to ten years, depending on the brand and the offer.

Of course, since they are a bit more expensive, robot mops are expected to last longer.

However, this also pertains to how you use them and whether they are cleaned and maintained properly. If you use them roughly or break them, their durability is going to be much shorter.

Bear in mind that they are more easily broken than they are electronic gadgets. To make a mop last long, always clean it after use and store it as advised in the manual.

Spin Mops Durability

Spin mops are huge mop sets that are fashioned in a way that makes it seem as if the microfiber material is spinning.

The material is dispersed under a handle and with little effort on your part, you can spin the mop to get into tough corners and clean stains.

The spin mop is great to help you clean tough surfaces and is also great for hardwood floors.

The durability of this mop depends on how often you use it and the moisture bucket that it usually comes with. On average, a spin mop is expected to last about a year or six months.

Again, this depends on how you use it and how often. If you use it without care and let it sit in the moisture bucket for long periods or use it to try and clean very tough surfaces, it is likely to wear out much sooner than expected.

Make sure you use it properly and for ideal results, and since the mop is very reasonably priced, try to change your spin mop every three to six months.

Steam Mops Durability

Steam mops are also a new addition to the mop family but aren’t as new as robot mops.

Steam mops let out steam while you set a moisture level to fight away hard stains on floors and perhaps on furniture as well.

They are known to be highly effective and a bit on the more expensive side. Therefore, again steam mops can last several years but it is ideal to buy a new one every year or two perhaps.

However, if you use it sparingly- like once a week, it can last much longer.

Again durability depends on how well you maintain the item, how often you use it, and the brand you choose to use.

Usually, more expensive versions are more durable, while cheaper kick-offs may lack in quality at times.

Some users have claimed that steam mops are a bit difficult to use for them, but those who are familiar with using them and comfortable at the same time, claim to have gotten excellent results.

The steam mop is a favorite amongst homemakers.

Wet Mops Durability

Wet mops are the more traditional handle with a towel-like mopping material model. They help you swerve to wipe off surfaces that require a highly moisturized mop.

They aren’t ideal for hardwood floors that sometimes require a more dry wipe but are great for marble, tiles, and other similar surfaces.

The wet mop is probably the cheapest amongst the lot and, therefore, shouldn’t be expected to last that long.

It can easily last about a year as well, depending on maintenance and use, but it is advisable that a wet mop is changed every three months or sooner.

For example, if you have a family of six and four of them are children who are spilling drinks and drawing on the tiled floors all day, your mop may be used several times a day.

Therefore, the mopping material will get worn pretty quickly.

In this scenario, you may have to change your mop every month or buy two a month.

It is also ideal for keeping a wet mop for different rooms and perhaps keeping the one used in the bathroom and for wiping away baby mess separately as it can also leave a stench.

You will have to wash your wet mop too to keep it clean regularly. With proper care and handling, you can use these types of mops for a long time.

​Sponge mop Durability

The sponge mop is very popular, and people love it because it can be used to clean roofs, walls, and surfaces.

The sponge at the end of the mop can absorb spills, liquid, and also help scrub surfaces perfectly. It is an old addition to the mop family but a very beneficial one.

The sponge mop is also rather economically priced and as before, it depends on how often you use it and how well you clean it.

You can expect the sponge mop to last about a year, but it should be changed every three to six months.

If the sponge mop is being used in a commercial setting or a household with plenty of members, it should be changed more regularly.

It is also advisable to purchase different sponge mops for walls and others for floors.

If your sponge mop is drenched in vivid colors because of what it has cleaned up over time, it isn’t advisable to use the same one on walls.

​Final Words

Most mops can last a year, while electronic gadgets like the steam mop and robot mop can be expected to last longer.

Always remember that durability is based on how often you use something and how well you clean it than anything else.

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