Bore Mop Explained: Its Uses & Guide for Proper Utilization

A bore mop is a dense, thick cotton mop designed for cleaning the bore of a gun, effectively polishing and drying it down to the chamber. It is particularly useful for applying cleaners and oils, creating a foaming action when lubricating the bore, and is suitable for quick field cleaning without using patches or bore snakes.

A bore mop refers to a thick cotton mop. It should be in the same diameter as the gun bore. Gun owners require it.

People owning firearms know about bore mops. The bore mops are gun cleaner mops that push front and back the bore.

The bore mop works great as they soak the bore and easily saturates the bore.

Having or owning a gun may be a matter of pride, but it also means you should take good care of your gun.

Especially, cleaning the gun is mandatory using the bore mop so that you can fire easily. In case the gun appears dirty, it means it lacks attention.

The lubrication is not enough. If it lacks enough lubrication, it means the function gets affected.

It may not function correctly, even if your aim is perfect. It may be dangerous for anyone around and also for the gun owner.

As a matter of safety, you may consider cleaning your bore using the bore mop.

What Is a Bore Mop Used For

Steps To Use The Bore Mop

Spray Solvent

As the first step, spray some cleaner or solvent inside the gun bores. You may use the bore mop featuring phosphor bronze as a cleaning rod.

The bronze brush comes attached to the rod. Using it many times is helpful as it helps in loosening the shot and powder residue.

Remove the brush

Pushing the mop should be done with care so that it reaches each gun chamber.

Once the bore mop is inside, give a twist so that the boring map enters inside.

The pushing is required as it comes as a tight fit. The design is such that it fits tight.

Expect squeaking and resistance

As you are using the bore mop, there may be some squeaking, and also, you may experience resistance as you try pushing them with the rod through the bores.

While cleaning, the mops may get soiled heavily , and if so, you must responsibly dispose of them.

However, if you have to clear some light residue, you may push into each chamber another mop and a rod through.

However, if you own a multi-choke gun, ensure the choke tubes are fitted before considering gun cleaning.

Final step

Finally, spray inside the bores some gun oil and run them through it using the same mops.

It will coat the bores with clean oil in a thin film and safeguard them in the storage place.

Keep the mops safe so that you can use them the next time for gun cleaning . The bore mops do not get soiled much, so keeping them safe is enough.

Choosing of Bore Mop

Choosing a bore mop is a crucial step. You can find a bore mop useful for gun bore cleaning as soft cotton swabs.

These mops will be ideal for removing the excess solvent and fouling.

It is also good for oil application to the gun bore. The gun cleaning swabs are pure cotton to 100%.

It is tested and designed 100% to face the toughest environments and situations.

Bore mops are Bore Tech’s densely packed 100% cotton mops useful for applying oils and cleaners to the bore and polishing and drying the bore.

The mops feature threads and non-brass cores, preventing copper fouling false indications while using the bore.

It must have the proof-positive Bore Tech’s bore mops as these bore mops are of high-quality made with proper attention to each detail.

It is a must-have bore mop in the range box of every shooter.

The bore mops are available from .17cal to .50cal. The bore mops are a must as they do not hurt the bore.

Always insist on buying a bore mop with brash buses as they are safe to 100%, while you get stainless steel brushes, but it may scratch the bore.

As there are different brushes available, no matter what type of brush it is, ensure it is softer than steel while used in the barrel so that it does not harm the rifling.

Considerations While Buying a Bore Mop

There are various brushes to fulfill the required cleaning in a bore. However, with the right tools, it ensures you get the best result.

Buying a bore mop or brush as per gauge-specific and caliber with the stem’s size indication is recommended.

It provides you enjoy each time the right grab of the brush.

You can always look for a core wire so that it is corrosive-resistant, featuring better bristle retention offering a tighter twist and good brush life.

While buying a bore mop, you know the use of it. So, it is best to buy a bronze-phosphor compound (Nylon and bronze).

It is a common choice, and some specialized brushes now come with chamber brushes featuring steel bristles.

Though the steel once is handy, people wishing to have the bore safe do not prefer the steel type.

Instead, brass is softer and does not scratch the bore.

People reaching for a bronze brush enjoy a superior clean, but this relies on user preference.

People like nylon brushes enjoy the cleaning and the scrubbing power it offers.

The nylon brush is suitable to remove the fouling and sweep out loose carbon instead of scrubbing and removing the tough stuff.

Concentrate on the solvent types.

  • Brass brushes are good with solvents designed to remove lead, powder, carbon deposits, metal fouling, and rust.
  • Nylon makes a great choice as you can clean using solvents such as copper removers. These chemicals are safe; they do not break nylon.

You can use bronze brushes also as per the copper remover you choose to use.

It may give a false read as the copper removers are ammonia-based; it turns green or blue, while they react with a bronze brush than copper in your barrel.

The brush length is also an important consideration. Make sure to buy pull-through gear for gun cleaning.

Longer bore mops or brushes attached to the cable do not fit the action.

While the smaller bore brushes offer limited breach actions. As the gauges and calibers are different, it is not easy to decipher the brush size.

As all firearms are not created equal, buying a suitable brush length is a must. It should allow you to pull as you normally do.

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